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04/11/2012 - 5:30pm Niklas

Niklas switched to TE this spring. The staff feels confident enough that Ishaq Williams will come through in the future, and Ben Councell (RS Freshman) has a lot of promise too. Niklas's nickname is Hercules, and as you said, he is huge. 6'7 and just jacked. Basically, we looking to the NE Patriots for inspiration on offense this year. We will be doing a lot of 2 TE sets with Eifert just catching passes, and whoever comes out behind him pass blocking. Niklas has showed a lot of promise already, and hes definetly somebody to look out for down the road. 

04/11/2012 - 5:26pm I go to and

I go to and NBCsports with Kieth Arnold. I only comment on those two because that is where actual rational posting occurs. NDnations is the worst. The Rivals is good writing, but then the comments are dumb to me. It all depends for different fans, but I really enjoy the two i mentioned. They both do a great job. I havent done much with irishenvy. 

04/11/2012 - 4:30pm Im not sure anybody takes that place seriously any more.

Its a sad, sad place. As you said though, it is a place for a good laugh. 

04/11/2012 - 4:28pm I dont go to either of those

If you want rationale, I would suggest NBC sports with Keith Arnold. He does a great job. is also phenomenal and my personal favorite. Those both give the honest perspective while also a hint of optimism. Good luck to you all this season. 

04/11/2012 - 4:26pm Irish

Bennett Jackson has looked great. Everybody is raving about him. So basically it is Lo Wood vs Atkinson for the other CB spot. 

That point on the QB could turn on to be true (sadly for us). Rees is going to look the best in camp of course, because he has the most experience. But he has the lowest ceiling of all of them. You know what your going to get from Rees. Youll beat the ok and below teams. Struggle with good teams, and lose to the elite badly. Nobody wants rees. Crist did get screwed, and all us domers wish him the best. 

04/11/2012 - 3:10pm Notre Dame Fan here.

Sorry, but I have to make sure some things are more clear

1. Correct. Basically every one wants Golson, but he hasnt stepped up. Since Rees has the most experience, he looks the best, but literally NOBODY wants him to start. 

2. Lynch is back. I dont think many were to worried about him leaving. Certailny not 50/50. He is one of the few players on the team who is a beast. He didnt play against UM last year, but tore it up against MSU. Hes the real deal. 

3. Riddick is back at RB but will be more of a RB/WR hybid. That allows us to put 2 players out  of Wood, Riddick, Atkinson and Carlisle (Tansfer from USC) on the field at once. Excited about that. 

4. Notre Dame is not getting field turf. No idea where that came from. Tyler Eifert made a sarcastic tweet about it, but the boards would be BLOWING up if ND was getting field turf. This is just not true. However, BK does want it. 

5. I havent seen one National Championship prediction yet. Nobody expects to be that good. There are still some who expect BCS, but I would say the moajority expect an 8-4/9-3 season. Have not seen one post referring to Hoke & company paying recruits. Your recruiting ability scares us right now, and thats about the feelings on it. I also dont think any one expect to steal your recruits. We were working on Taco, but we have moved on other DEs. We have a great OL class of our own right now, so there not much to steal there. We really dont even go after many of the same players considering our systems are exact opposites.


It seems to me that you are visitind Stop doing this. That is where ND fans are delusional, and really uniformed pricks who expect NC's every year. They think we should just pay Nick Saban and he'll come like its nothing. They are horribly delusional and represent ND in a bad bad bad bad way. Please stop going to that place. 

Personally, I expect probably a 9-4 season. Rees starts the season. Defense is actually quite solid (even with the collapse against you guys last year) and just need to sure up the two CB spots. Losing MF3 hurts, and that will be a struggle. Golson really needs to get on the field. Hes the most talented to me. But we are NOWHERE near a NC contender right now. Cya sometime in late September. 

01/09/2012 - 5:31pm ND CLASS

ND graduates 3/4 of the D backfield. Needs to replace a lot. We lose another next year, and lose a couple back ups this year. Last year We pulled for DLine (Lynch, Tuitt, Williams, Springman, Hounshell, Niklas) this year its D backfield. On the redshirting, that is unknown. Tee Shepard wil play. If Darby stays with us (prolly wont) hell play. Then some of the safties will play. 

01/09/2012 - 5:27pm ND FAN HERE

1. ND preaches great academics. IK UofM has great academics, but ND really preaches this being a 40 year decision. ND boasts the #1 business school in the nation, and that brings a lot of positive attention. 

2. Tradition. You can hate ND, but its tradition is remarkable and only UofM has a better one (and it could be debateably tied)

3. Great Facitilities 

4. Faith. Those of the Catholic denomination love the fact that ND is THE Catholic University. (and manti teo who is mormon, thought it improved his faith)

5. Campus is beautiful. One of the best in the nation. 

6. BK preaches a good future, and kids are buying it. 

7. ND is just for some kids. For most it is not. But there a select few every year that love ND and what it represents.