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11/23/2011 - 4:44am 2. Ohio State
Yes, the NCAA

2. Ohio State

Yes, the NCAA might still come down hard on the Buckeyes for the rules violated during the Jim Tressel era. Short of the Death Penalty, which won't happen, that shouldn't scare away anyone from applying for the job. (It might, but it shouldn't.) Consider this: Miami won a national title in 2001, a little more than five years after it received crippling sanctions from the NCAA. Alabama won a national title in 2009, seven years after receiving crippling sanctions from the NCAA. Ohio State is in better position to bounce back than either of those two programs, regardless of what the NCAA does. Ohio State owns a state loaded with excellent players. As an added bonus, many of those recruits come from high schools with small college-quality coaching. Ohio State enjoys a recruiting advantage no other Big Ten school -- with the possible exception of Penn State -- can duplicate. As any reporter covering the recent scandal knows, the fan base's passion is unmatched by anyone outside the state of Alabama. The program brings in more money than everyone but Texas ($451.9 million over the past five years), so the coach essentially has a blank check for facilities and staffing needs. When Ohio State officials go in search of a new coach in 2012, they should have no shortage of willing candidates -- no matter how severe the NCAA's sanctions.

11/23/2011 - 4:41am why meyer is taking the tosu job and miles and harbaugh said no… - a list of the college footballs best coaching jobs. Tosu job in number 2 on the list and ann arbor is 12

11/23/2011 - 1:28am Some of you guys drive me

Some of you guys drive me crazy. Half the people that post stuff on here have no clue what there talking about. And on the arguement that meyer won his 2 nc because of tebow and isnt a good coach isnt a valid arguement. You can take pretty much any champion in the history of college football and say well the only reason they won is insert star player of that team. Sound like a bunch ppl that are scared and that are trying to convince yourself its not gonna work. Hes won everywhere hes been hes gonna win at osu theres gonna be no harsh sanctions. Just need to let osu worry bout osu and worry bout beating them cuz its only been done once in 10 years

11/23/2011 - 1:13am Really there are still people

Really there are still people out there that think osu is gonna get hit with severe sanctions? 3 year bowl ban ? Come on your just making yourself look like an idiot for saying that. Anyone who believes thats will be disapointed because its not gonna happen