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12/11/2012 - 5:37pm how dumb

how dumb is it that anyone even looks into this crap.  college hoops is the most volatile sport there is as far as rankings and seasons go.  we are only nine games into the season with over half of those being cupcakes.  i have watched michigan play a lot and i am very impressed with their team no doubt.  they are athletic across the board and have the depth and shooting and ball handlers like never before since the 90s.  however, we have not even been truly tested from the bigten schedule when we play teams and coaches that know us better than anyone bc they play us year in year out.  lets wait until at least half way through the conference schedule before we start to draw major conclusions on michigan.  GO BLUE!!!!

12/11/2012 - 5:26pm devin gardner

devin gardner would have easily done better than what bellomy showed.  I dont buy this crap that he was not prepared bc he was a wr in the offense and knew the play calls and he was a qb last year in the exact same offense.  i would have taken my chances on having gardner in there with a small package of 10 plays that he is comfortable with than have bellomy in there throwing ducks not even 5 yards in front of him.  it was obvious he wasnt ready for that situation and atmosphere. gardner had played in all types at that point at wr and qb.  im not guaranteeing it but dont you wish we at least could have had a chance.  our defense was shutting down their offense until they got worn out in the 4th from lack of offensive ball control

12/11/2012 - 5:21pm I totally agree

I totally agree with you because who knows what is really the reason they have norfleet at safety?  I believe it could even be a case where maybe he giving some type of scout team look for our qbs to throw against bc of his speed.  SC has a great def and offensive coordinators will do anything to challenge their qbs in practice to make sure they are prepared for the game.  on the other hand, it does worry me the lack of recruiting at the safety position even though it is an easy position to transition someone into if they are athletic and fast and like to lay the wood.  bring back ernest shazor!!!