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03/24/2013 - 3:06pm Whatever

If it doesn't affect anything then why do you care? I'm posting my thoughts just like everyone else. And no, I just joined this site. Dispute what I say not the fact that I said it. That is why this site exists.

03/24/2013 - 2:56pm Sub par player/What about character?

So even though he had an offer from Harvard, none of his stats are anywhere near "impressive" for college football recruits.  The fact that he played on the 7v7 team means very little, I mean I could know Denard Robinson and play on a flag fooball team with him but it won't make me a college football player.  It does not automatically make him college football material.  I mean, even Eastern Michigan showed very little interest according to 247 sports.  His name has got him this attention, no doubt.  He may be an above average high school athlete and knows the game of football well but once again a name and average ability to play this sport does not make a college football player.  I also hear that the character of the family especially his father and his behavior while a parent of student athletes at Shrine Catholic High School is questionable. This behavior is inevitably passed down through to the children. I do not believe, based on many accounts of the Wangler family's behavior, that Jack Wangler will have what is needed to be a true Michigan Man.  His father looks to have lost this quality over the years as well.