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02/18/2015 - 11:19pm This Thread?

This is a 100+ post thread on a sports message board in which uofm fans continually reassure each other of how superior they are to msu despite getting soundly beat on the field the past several years.


I'd say that probably constitutes "little brother" behavior.

01/10/2012 - 9:42am Uh...USC in 2003

Begs to disagree.    

The AP poll is the longest running poll.  I'd also wager that the average person considers it the most legit of the human polls.  Does it factor into the BCS?  No.  But if the AP votes for a different #1 than the BCS you can be damn sure it'll be considered a "split national championship" that year.

10/28/2011 - 1:45pm The MSU case

I would just like to comment on the misconception that there was any type of "cover up" regarding the MSU case.  Unlike some of these other cases, the accuser in the MSU case never went to the MSU administration.  Instead she went straight to the Ingham County prosecutors office.  There she was interviewed and the DA opened an investigation.  After interviewing the accused and completing the investigation the DA decided not to file criminmal charges.  The DA was quoted as saying they dropped the case because in their opinion "no crime had been committed."  (It should also be noted that the Inham County DA has had no problem going after MSU athletes in the past.)

The report, including full interviews with the accuser and the accused, can be found online.  If you want, you can read them and form your own opinions.  (I will say that the actual police report does not entirely match what was reported by the Michigan Messenger.)

Again, my point is that a DA deciding not to file criminal charges does not equal a "cover up."  Nor does it mean that MSU coaches and administrators are turning a blind eye or accepting sexual misconduct.