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10/15/2014 - 4:33pm Pepper's return under certain hypotheticals

I apologize if this is somewhat unrelated to the original topic (it is Pepper's related however), but I am unable to post.

Quite simply put, if Hoke is canned, is Pepper's transferring? Is his return dependent on who would hypothetically fills Hoke's vacancy or does Pepper's truly value Hoke and his staff to the extent that he would jump ship regardless? It appears to me this occurs much more in college basketball than in football, but my gut feeling is the kid was more drawn to the allure of UMich's tradition and the university as a whole, rather than the fat man. I'm of course relying on truthiness to support my assumption that he will stick around.

10/15/2014 - 4:06pm Voting system

How do I upvote or downvote? Do I need to receive a certain amount of points? Sorry if I missed the explanation.

10/15/2014 - 3:58pm Yes

10/15/2014 - 3:48pm I'd suspect and prefer Bates

Bates seems like the safe pick and the most likely choice (I say speculatively). I'm sure Schlissel would admire the fact that he holds a doctoral degree and also taught courses at Miami (Ohio). The guy is also a native of Michigan, earned a scholarship under Bo while attending as an undergrad, and received his master's degree from UMich as well. His resume is polished, clean, and he also has clear ties to the university (he's a Michigan Man fergodsakes). Bates is not of the corporate world like DB; he's an educator. I don't see him micromanaging, imposing sickening corporate strategies, or squeezing the fan base out of every last nickel. Long worries me from the little I've read into his background. He's a politician, which could present challenges. He's more of DB's ilk, and I say speculatively, more likely to implement the corporate strategies we have unfortunately grown accustom to under DB's tenure than Bates. I know the chances of landing a Harbaugh are slim, but wouldn't a Harbaugh prefer an AD willing to lead from the rear opposed to being aggressively involved? Perhaps it's pure fantasy, but I'd imagine either Harbaugh would prefer Bates to Long. Can anyone provide a more informed opinion on this matter? I'd also hate to see Hoke receive even more money from this university, which I find completely undeserved to begin with, and likely to continue given their friendship, whether it be in some advisory role or as an assistant to the AD. I just find it despicable that despite Hoke's obvious incompetence; he could continue to hypothetically receive a substantial salary from the university. I'd love to see a poll posted on this board, with the aforementioned candidates being polled for preference. I imagine Long would be favored, but I think mistakenly so.