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11/19/2016 - 4:31pm That was supposed to be a

That was supposed to be a pass to Butt. He got tied up on his route.

01/12/2016 - 11:18am Just read the NPR interview (linked above)

The player, whomever he is, is quite clear about why he keeps playing: he absolutely loves the game. He hates the NFL as an organization but loves playing football. Walking away from it is very hard.

11/21/2015 - 3:52pm I will be there!

I'm taking my dad, the guy who got me hooked to Big Ten football as a kid (it was Minnesota back then, since he is an alumnus). He's still a Gopher fan, but he's come to root for Michigan as well since I came here. 

Anyway, he's coming for Thanksgiving and was really eager to see the game. It is a bucket list item for him, and I was really glad to get good tickets.  I could not be more excited about how it's shaping up! It will be a special day no matter what, but it will be just amazing if Michigan wins it!

Go Blue!


11/07/2015 - 5:47pm Thanks!


11/07/2015 - 5:44pm Describe please. Exactly what

Describe please.

Exactly what happened. All i knew is that Butt was all by himself out there. No replay in stadium.

10/30/2015 - 10:50pm Comeback by the Crimson. 1920

Comeback by the Crimson. 1920 Rose Bowl champs!

10/10/2015 - 2:07pm Got one extra in section 33

I've got an extra in section 33 in the 50s. I'd like more than $20, though!

08/06/2015 - 3:28pm Agreed.Another factor is that


Another factor is that the team has been unusually young for the past two years. The overall level of experience is getting higher, as few players have been lost to graduation.

10/10/2014 - 11:33am Yeah

Yeah, I get it.  They "support the players" in their minds, even though their actions -- booing during the games, boycotting the kickoff -- hurts the morale of the players. 

Why is it that the players and student body president sound so much more mature and thoughtful when talking about this issue than us supposedly mature alums with "perspective"?

10/10/2014 - 11:28am Simpleminded

Actually, it is far more simpleminded to think that the only way to protest or make one's feelings known about the AD is to boycott the kickoff.  It's like you guys are making it some litmus test of manhood or something.

I mean, people on this board are actually attacking former Michigan players for wanting to show support for the team. Has it occurred to you that they understand what it's like to be this situation far more than a bunch of angry, entitled people who complain on the internet?

It's really so simple. Nobody wants to win more than those guys on the field. Nobdy hurts more when they lose.  And, many of them have said they want the fans there showing support. Instead, we get these silly rationalizations that participating in the boycott is somehow seeing the bigger picture, that it is supporting the players by getting regime change in the AD.

10/10/2014 - 11:13am There are many other ways . . .

I don't understand the mindset in which people think that the administration somehow is blind to the fact that people want change in the AD and that the only way to communicate frustration is to boycott the kickoff.

Neither Schlissel nor the Regents are living in a vacuum. There is no way that they don't understand the level of anger and the nature of the complaints. That does not mean, however, there will be firings in the middle of the season (at least in the case of Hoke). 

And, if you think they don't get it, there are many other ways to make your feelings known. I suggest sending good old snail mail. Unlike email or online petitions, it piles up physically in their offices.

Boycotting the kickoff or booing during games, however, does affect the players, no matter what they may say. 

10/08/2014 - 1:19pm It's just the same thing all over again. . .

I was not in favor of firing Rodriguez. I thought Brandon should have made him get a new defensive coordinator and shelled out properly to get a good one. Instead, we got the "process," which was about the worst thing that could have happened.

A big part of the problem, though, was us.  Fans always think some savior coach is right around the corner. We are impatient. Some are so impatient, that they find it incredibly important to boycott games to get firings immediately. Nothing less is acceptable.

Hoke took over a team with lots of talent and a favorable schedule. He brought in a defensive coordinator who turned the same players a decent defense, rather than a terrible one. Even the field goal kicker who had missed everything under Rodriguez suddenly became very reliable. This brought us to HOKE POOPS GOLD.

RR was never as bad as the fans thought, and Hoke was never as good. So we are now looking for a savior again, and the CC threads are taking over the board. With all this protesting, boycotting, and nastiness, who pauses to ask "What coach in their right mind would want to step into this shitstorm?" This is where we are part of the problem.

So, we hire someone new who inherits an offensive line that is just coming to age. Things improve! Coach X poops gold. But the lost recruiting class of 2015 comes back to haunt us, and four years later we are calling for his head. . .

10/07/2014 - 9:10pm Actually. . .

I'll bet people who go to cross country meets are there to support the team. It's not like there's THAT much entertainment value.

In the end, if it's just an economic transaction to you, then just don't go to the game like you might walk out of a bad movie. But booing, protesting, and repeatedly demanding the immediate fiiring of everybody means there is emotional investment (i.e. fandom), and this negativity does hurt the players.

10/07/2014 - 8:49pm Being a fan

I attended the Minnesota game with my dad, a graduate of the University of Minnesota and a longtime Gopher fan. When the Gophers took the jug, I knew he was happy, but he he didn't say much because he knows very well what it is like to go through a season like this one.

When he still lived in Minnesota, he had season tickets and suffered through lots of losses. I remember once he took me to a game against Penn State when the final score was 63-0. Yet, there is always hope for the new season, and a true fan never stops supporting the team.

We are all frustrated because we want Michigan to win, but boycotting games or kickoffs, booing the team, and turning this board into a toxic cesspool of whiny and entitled "fans" doesn't do any good. How many times do players have to say that they need our support EVEN MORE now? They have not quit. Don't quit on them.

In the words of David Molk, "Unless you’ve been a fifth-year senior here, you don’t know. You didn’t live it, you didn’t feel it, you didn’t see the pain, you didn’t hear the anguish, you didn’t hear the hate. There was a time we got booed by you guys, and that hurts."

We are in the middle of the season. The time for evaluating the future of the coaches will come. For now, just support the guys who are working their assess off to win. Be a fan.


10/05/2014 - 11:52am The PI was not a good call

but Rutgers intercepted the ball a few plays later, drove the field and scored. They weren't hurt at all.

10/02/2014 - 8:33pm Hindsight

That is so easy to say in retrospect, after having seen many replays and analyzed the situation carefully, and then actually knowing what happened to Shane. 

In the heat of the moment, the coaches are thinking of many different things. I found Nussmeier's account entirely believable. He watched the pass, then saw that they got a roughing flag and thus a first down, yelled at Morris to see if he was okay, and Morris waved him off. His next thought is "Okay, what play should we run next."

Edit: All that said, during that same time, I was yelling at the coaches to take him out. Not because of his head, because I had no idea he took a head shot, but because of his ankle. 

09/30/2014 - 9:39am Totally agree

The helmet off rule is really stupid. It does not protect the player, and it gives the other team an incentive to try to pull off someone's helmet in the pile.

09/30/2014 - 8:16am "Everyone saw the concussion"

I never wanted Morris to start to begin with, I certainly wanted Gardiner back in after halftime when the game was still winnable, and I was furious that Morris was still in once he started hobbling around. But the idea that everyone in the stadium knew he was concussed is just BS.

Who watches the quarterback after he throws the ball? I certatinly didn't. One wants to see what happens to the pass. Yeah, I saw Morris hobbling around after the play, but I had no idea that he took a hit to the head, and I'll bet only a small fraction of the people in the stadium knew that.

If you were watching on TV, then of course you knew what happened. There were several replays and the announcers went on and on about it. For people watching at home, or people watching video replays after the fact, it seems obvious that he was concussed. At the time, I just wanted Morris out because he was (a) ineffective and (b) hobbling on his ankle.

I am not excusing what happened on the sidelines. Hoke should have been informed, but I believe that neither he nor the trainers saw the hit.

09/21/2014 - 3:41pm What else can he say?

If the answers are repetitive, it's because the questions are too. Hoke's obligated to give these press conferences, and it's not like there is much else the press can ask other than different versions of "What went wrong?" The need to execute was also the common refrain when Rodriguez was coach. There's really not much else they can say.

He could, I suppose, call out particular players: this guy missed a block, this guy had poor ball security, etc. But what's the point?

It is execution.  Seems like the team is killing itself with mistakes. This produces very strange stat lines, where the game is not close in terms of the score but otherwise looks pretty good. They outgained both Notre Dame and Utah, had better third down efficiency than Utah, had a significant edge in time of possession against both Notre Dame and Utah. Yet, they kill drives with turnovers, penalties, and mistakes.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a team lose two games so soundly and yet finish with stat lines like that. 

08/08/2014 - 8:31am North Dakota sucks!

Growing up, I always hated Nebraska. I still do, even more so after the past two seasons.

But now that you mention it, North Dakota is totally lame. Periodically, some of them get the idea that if they take the "North" out of their name, the state economy will benefit. You see, the problem is not that it's just freakin' cold up there, the problem is that North Dakota just sounds too cold.

Seriously, though, the NDSU Bison do well in football for a small state team.

03/11/2014 - 8:49pm Hey, don't forget Political Science!

Political Science #4 - LINK

02/13/2014 - 8:01am Really?

So I'm sure you hated Burke's three-pointer against Kansas then.

SU, just like Michigan, hung around in a game that they looked to be losing. They put themselves in position for that shot and made it.

That's basketball, and what makes it awesome/heartbreaking.

12/13/2013 - 9:00pm Yeah, FUCK cancer.

Cancer, you got three of my four grandparents, you tried for my dad and then for my wife. So, FUCK YOU!  We are going to kick your ass!

12/06/2013 - 2:37pm Thanks, Brian!

As a frequent lurker, and rare poster, I am with you.

And I want to say "hear, hear" when it comes to talking about recruits.  We may think of this site as just a place to talk about our favorite university's teams, but what we say as fans reflects upon the school.  If we look like a bunch of jerks, these kids will go elsewhere when it comes to making what is a very big decision in their life.  

10/17/2013 - 2:59pm Agreed

Yeah, that's true.

10/17/2013 - 2:35pm Two things

First, there was clear pass interference on the throw to Butt on 2nd and 13 in overtime #2.  The LB slaps Butt's right hand away (heh!) just before the ball arrives.  The last replay angle shows this clearly.

Second, while I agree with Space Coyote that there's no way Borges can predict PSU would come out with a formation that stacks the box, I think the point is that Gardiner has not been given an option to check into something else and/or the play gets in so late that there's no time on the playclock to signal in a new play.

06/12/2013 - 4:18pm It's not like aid disappears for mid-to-upper income people

That 60k is basically like hospital prices.  Very few people actually pay that.  Harvard means it when they say that if you get admitted, they will make it financially possible for you to go.  

As noted on the link I posted, by 2016 families with incomes $150k and less will have an expected parental contribution of 10% of their income or less.  They don't say it directly, but that implies families with even higher incomes will get at least some help. 

Besides, our speculating about it is a bit useless.  The only way to find out is to get admitted and see what the final aid package is.  It would be stupid to not apply based on the assumption that it is unaffordable.  In my own experience, Harvard was the cheapest option, except for substantially lower tier schools.  That's not to say it was easy on my parents or that I had no debt, but they are pretty good at working with you to make sure you can go there if you get in.

Besides, for people who live out-of-state, it's another ball game altogether.  Out-of-state tuition at Michigan is quite pricey.

06/12/2013 - 3:21pm Cost probably not what you think

Harvard's financial aid is so good that, depending on your income, it could very well be the cheaper option.  If a student is admitted, the college will provide enough aid so that the student will be able to attend.  It's that simple.  For many families, this means a full ride.


05/30/2013 - 10:59pm I'm in

I would happily pay to support the developer directly to get rid of the ads.

04/19/2013 - 10:22am He got back

in the stolen SUV and drove through the police lines.

04/08/2013 - 2:37pm I wouldn't go THAT far

"The refs were busily working hard to help Syracuse the last three minutes of that game."

Fans of the losing team will alway gripe about the calls, sometimes even with justification.   Perhaps fans of the winning team can just be happy they won, particularly when the close call went their way at the end.

For example, the 4th foul on MCW, with 1:40 to go, was a bad call, plain and simple.  That gave the ball back to Michigan, nursing a 4-point lead at the time.  It also made MCW vulnerable, and he had his 5th foul 20 seconds later.  When Triche went out too, Syracuse was down to an inexperienced (redshirt) freshman handling the ball on the last possession.  

Overall, foul calls were 19 on Syracuse and 11 on Michigan.  It seems the refs generally let them play, and what they did call does not seem heavily biased against Michigan.

Enjoy the victory and hope for another one tonight!


04/07/2013 - 10:30am X's and O's

I'm not an X's and O's guy, but each half seemed like a different game.  In the first, Michigan's offense looked great.  In the second, it was more of a fight.  Perhaps Beilein had a strategy to attack the zone and Boeheim made adjustments at half.  Anyway, Michigan got only 25 points in the second half, compared to 31 for Syracuse.  

Only three teams all year held Michigan to 61 points or lower in regulation: MSU, OSU, and Wisconsin.  Two of those three were losses.  The other was a 1 point win.  SUs zone is tough.

Great win Wolverines!

04/07/2013 - 10:14am I didn't enjoy his pain

Felt bad for the guy -- he could hardly watch the end.

Sure, his 5th foul was a good call (1:14 left) , but the 4th one was iffy at best.  At that point, they had the ball down four with 1:40 left.  It was a pretty crucial turnover.

04/07/2013 - 10:07am Pretty tame stuff

I'm thinking about what these boards would look like if the game went the other way, and I can  imagine a lot worse!

04/07/2013 - 10:04am Stauskas

Well, one thing they talked about was that Stauskas would have to deal with a mismatch. Some people on here kind of scoffed at that, but clearly they had a point. He was a non-factor and saw few minutes.

What had to kill them, though, were the three point daggers from Spike and another 30 footer from Trey. No defense can stop that. And their shooters were not on. Southerland had some open looks but only 1 fell in if I recall.

04/06/2013 - 4:52pm Syracuse's run started . . .

in the Big East tournament.  They have made it to the Final Four on the back of really great defense, holding opponents to a record-low point total.  Of course there will be hype.   If the media weren't hyping the zone, it would be something else.

I don't think many Syracuse fans expected to get to the Final Four this year.  Last year, sure.  In February this year, no way.  They were beatable during the season.  So was Michigan, with 7 losses, including one to Penn State.  They are still both beatable now.  They have both been playing a lot better in the tournament than they were in February.  

As wonderful as that amazing win against Kansas was, we are able to root for the Wolverines today because Kansas missed a free throw and Trey hit a 30-foot three-pointer.  in that same round, Syracuse was using heavily-favored Indiana as a punching bag.  I look forward to seeing whether the hype about the zone is justified, but I won't dismiss it just because SU had 9 losses (all of which were to NCAA tournament teams, btw).

04/06/2013 - 4:25pm I've been following SU all season

I've been following SU all season, and I am having a hard time figuring out which team will show up tonight. The one that gave Louisville it's only home loss?  The one that had Lousiville down by 16 in the Big East tourney with 16 minutes to go, or the one that gave up that 16 point lead and eventually lost by 17.  The one that lost to Marquette, Georgetown (2x), and Pitt, or the one that handled Georgetown capably in the Big East tourney and made Marquette and Indiana look silly in the NCAA tourney?

Michigan has really been playing well in the tournament, but so has SU.  They have looked fundamentally different from the team they were in late January and early February.  It seems, however, that they could revert back at any moment.  

Regardless, we can speculate all we want about whether Michigan can break the zone.  Our opinions don't matter.  We'll find out soon enough!

04/06/2013 - 4:10pm Yeah, well a

bunch of other teams figured out how to beat Wisconsin, but they still beat Michigan in the Big Ten tourney.

Like Wisconsin, Syracuse has a system and they run it well.  That's not to say it can't be beaten, and Michigan definitely has the talent to do it, but predicting which way it will go tonight is not easy.

I feel like Michigan's play at the end of the Kansas game and throughout the Florida game has made people forget that this team sometimes struggles.  Crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen tonight.


04/05/2013 - 5:47pm Overreacting...

Triche is a good, respectful kid.  Went to a local high school.  No reason to put him down.

He thinks that they match up well against Michigan, and he's just saying what he thinks. Some reporter is using the quotes to make a catchy story.

The truth is that SU does create mismatches in size against most teams.  Michigan is loaded with talent, but SU has a lot of talent too.  I'm really not sure how it all plays out, since it really depends on which shooters get hot and how well Michgan's POY can break down the zone, but it is clearly well within the realm of possibility that SU's defense will make life very difficult for Michigan.


04/05/2013 - 5:36pm Actually

Actually Carter-Williams said that whether Michigan puts Stauskas on Fair or Triche, they plan to attack him.  Specifically, he said, "I'm not trying to knock Nik or anything, he's a great player and a great shooter, but if we attack him, he's going to have to work."

Doesn't seem that inflammatory or unreasonable at all.  If you had to pick spots on Michigan's D to attack, where would you go?  Even just reading this board over the course of the season, I've heard enough complaints about particular players' defensive skills to know where those spots are.  Syracuse's offense is not great, but defense is not Michigan's strong suit.

I hope Stauskas gets hot just like he did vs. Florida, but Syracuse seems inclined to stop that from happening.  We've all seen games where Stauskas just doesn't have it.  

04/05/2013 - 3:07pm On the one hand . . .

On the one hand, of course media hype is stupid.  It usually is.

On the other hand, Michigan struggled during the same part of the season that Syracuse did.  A lot of people are running the Orange down based on their 30-9 record, as if Michigan's 30-7 record is vastly better.  And, yes, while the Big Ten was strong this year, the Big East has plenty of talent and two of the Final Four teams.  During part of its rough stretch, the Orange were down senior James Southerland due to academic elgibility issues and then Freshman DeJuan Coleman was out for knee surgery.  They are both back, though Coleman is not seeing much playing time.  Before the rough stretch, SU gave Louisville its only home loss of the season.

Working at SU, I've followed the team pretty closely.  It's a bit of a mystery to me exactly what changed once the Big East tournament started, but they started playing really well.  I don't understand how they could lose to Georgetown by 11 at home, by 22 away, and then beat them in the tourney just six days after the 22 point loss.  But it was not just that game, something was different.  They lost to Marquette during the season but beat them handily in the NCAA tourney.  Indiana was not close.

People have made a lot about how Louisville's offense exploded on the Orange in the last 16 minutes of the Big East champsionship game, and that was amazing, but SU was ahead by 16 points before that started.  They were playing quite well.  The jekyll and hyde nature of the team is a bit strange.

I think Michigan is fully capable of shredding the zone.  If Stauskas shoots like he did against Florida, things will be good.  If Hardway gets hot, same deal.  Those things do not happen consistently, however.  In short, I find the outcome hard to predict, but I'm generally expecting Michigan to struggle but pull it out.




04/05/2013 - 2:55pm I'd like to hear the actual interview

Triche is not a smack-talker, so I'd like to see what he said in context instead of Meinke's tweets. 

04/04/2013 - 11:14am Agreed

It would be great if the hot shooting continued in the same way it was going in the Kansas game, but there's obviously no guarantee.  Syracuse also has some shooters that have been streaky.  Southerland went 9 for 13 from three point land against Arkansas, for example.  Triche had a pretty significant shooting slump in February, but he's also capable of getting hot.


04/03/2013 - 9:29pm Agreed ... SU is on a different level now

Many of the commenters on this board seem skeptical that Syracuse is for real.  If Syracuse plays like they did in February then, yeah, the game might not be close.  You are absolutely right, though, that SU's play since the start of the Big East tourney has been entirely different.  Impressive wins against several good teams, many of them the same teams that had beaten them badly just weeks before.


They have good play at PG, senior leadership, a tough defense.  I expect a close game.  Syracuse will probably not put up big numbers on office, but they generally don't need to.  The win vs. Marquette said a lot.  Marquette has been a tough opponent for SU, both in Big East play and in the NCAA tourney a couple years back.  They know the zone and have had success against it.  Yet, they were completely shut down.  Syracuse is simply playing better than before (and before includes a win at Louisville).


04/03/2013 - 8:12pm Recent 'Cuse play is different

Syracuse has not just had a good NCAA run.  The run actually started at the beginning of the Big East tournament, which it just seemed like they hit an entirely different gear.  Teams that beat them in Big East play, like Pitt and G'Town, were dispatched easily.  They had Louisville by 16 points before they completely fell apart in the Big East champtionship game.


Also, Syracuse beat Louisville at Louisville's home court this year.  


In short, I would not take their rough patch in February as being the essence of this team any more than losing to Penn State is the essence of Michigan.

04/01/2013 - 3:03pm And Indiana put up 50

And Indiana put up 50.  

04/01/2013 - 2:37pm Selection bias?

I wouldn't make too much of this one-sided highlight reel.  SU, after all, did build up a 16 point lead with 16 minutes left in that game.  Louisville had only 29 points after the first 24 minutes of play.

What followed was an amazing collapse in which SU ended up losing by 17.  Outside of those awful 16 minutes in the Big East championship game, SU has been playing at a very high level the past three weeks.

Moreover, this was Louisville's third game of the season against SU, and they play SU at least twice a season.  Like the other Big East teams, they have a lot more experience against this D.  It's not as easy to break down this D as the highlight reel makes it seem. 

That said.  Go Blue.

04/01/2013 - 2:20pm Allegiances to both schools . . .

Graduate degrees from the University of Michigan.  Prof. at SU.

If you had told me before the tourney began that one of these two teams would make it to the championship game, I would have been thrilled, and I am.  I've decided that I'll just take whatever comes.  The disappointment of one losing can be counterbalanced by the other winning.

SU looks like different team than it did late in the regular season. Except for 16 awful minutes against Louisville, in which a 15 point lead became a 17 point deficit, they have been playing at an entirely different level in the Big East and NCAA tourneys.

Boeheim says this is one of his best defenses ever, and that is food for thought.  It's not just a zone D, it's their personnel and that they play this D almost exclusively.  On the other hand, I don't think Beilein (unlike Crean) is going to show up unprepared for it.  It should be a great match.

Go Blue.  Go Orange.  (sorry, if it were football I'd be Blue all the way)

03/21/2013 - 8:42pm Sorry Jackrabbits

Sorry Jackrabbits, but today I root for my alma mater and not my home state's university. Any other day, though.

Go Blue!

signed: DakotaBlue

02/03/2013 - 11:03pm Time

The non-call did cost SF enough time for one play post-punt.