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12/19/2015 - 10:32pm No...It was pretty bad

No...It was pretty bad

06/22/2013 - 1:31am Well the Brown Jug has summer

Well the Brown Jug has summer specials on Sex on the beach. It doesn't sound manly but I will take whatever. I'm at pancharos to sober up now

11/10/2012 - 10:41pm Its pretty sad. I was in the

Its pretty sad. I was in the student section today and the frat guys standing in front of me were more interesting in the beach balls being hit around then the actual game.

04/13/2012 - 9:52pm I agree with his opinion.

I agree with his opinion. Though the string of Michigan QB's going to the NFL is impressive, the Rich Rod fiasco disrupted it. I expect that Michigan will re-earn the title of QB U under Hoke

03/19/2012 - 5:44pm Okay, thank you. I just

Okay, thank you. I just wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly when I do purchase the tickets

03/19/2012 - 5:31pm I transferred to Michigan

I transferred to Michigan this winter and I’m setting up my account now. I know student football tickets aren’t being sold yet, but are it normal to see this statement?

“Sorry, you currently have no applications available online. If you have not already activated your season ticket account using your account number and PIN, click on the link below.”

Because I have activated the account with my information.

11/29/2011 - 8:18pm I wonder what division he

I wonder what division he plays in; some of those DL he was up against were fairly large

11/22/2011 - 7:09pm .

During the game I noticed Alfonzo Dennard (cb #15) helping our players up a few times. Something I would not expect from the opposing team's "star" player.

11/18/2011 - 2:01pm I found this section

I found this section interesting.

"I hate to see these coaches standing on the sidelines with their arms folded over their chest looking so calm and removed during a game. Some of these guys never even call a play; they just delegate everything and their coordinators call the plays. All they do is decide when to punt and when to kick a field goal. All of the fun of coaching would be gone if you didn’t actually coach during the games."

This pretty much describes Hoke's in-game coaching style

10/04/2011 - 9:20pm "but I am a family

"but I am a family man"

Sounds like he doesn't want to go too far from home

08/28/2011 - 3:09pm Joe Bolden a punter? Maybe we

Joe Bolden a punter? Maybe we can use him  next year if Hagerup gets in trouble again

08/24/2011 - 12:06am A. Alabama

B. Stanford


A. Alabama

B. Stanford


D. Notre Dame

E. Florida

Unranked: Texas

08/15/2011 - 4:13pm posted from iPhone

Though I'm just a junior undergrad I was surprised to be put in row 93. Now I have to squeeze into a space next to my parents season tickets spot which is in row 24 on the opposite side of the stadium. Luckily I enjoy watching football sober or else that would have been a problem.

08/03/2011 - 2:19am posted from iPhone

Root against Ohio every time. We can knock Sparty off their high horse ourselves. We dont need help

07/14/2011 - 10:37pm posted from iPhone

He wants # 12 but Roy told Devin he will have to wait until he leaves.

07/13/2011 - 4:21pm [removed because I'm having

[removed because I'm having second thoughts about putting my email up on a blog]

07/04/2011 - 3:21pm I know im late to the party

I know im late to the party but if you happen to stop on by

jshhalm at

06/23/2011 - 1:56pm (No subject)

06/23/2011 - 1:51pm I enjoying the " Michigan

I enjoying the " Michigan State was really nice" part. Not what you want to hear from a prospect.

Then later says " Michigan was lovely." Thats more like it

06/23/2011 - 12:00am hmmmmm, lets check his offer

hmmmmm, lets check his offer list.

Michigan State Verbal Yes   None  
Akron No Interest Yes   None  
Boston College No Interest No   None  
Cincinnati No Interest Yes   None  
Illinois No Interest Yes   None  
Penn State No Interest No   None  
Pittsburgh No Interest Yes   None  
Syracuse No Interest Yes   None  
Temple No Interest Yes None  
West Virginia No Interest Yes   None  
I always ignore the star rankings and go straight to the offer list. He's a Big East/ lower tier Big Ten prospect. Move along, nothing to see here.
06/13/2011 - 8:27pm For inside linebackers, they

For inside linebackers, they have James Ross at #4 and Kaleb Ringer at #11. At outside linebacker they have RJS at #7 and Bolden at #16. Thats an impressive linebacker group.

05/26/2011 - 3:42pm .

huh. Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, MSU, and Ohio State. One of these schools is not like the others, one of these schools doesn't belong

05/07/2011 - 7:24pm All the insults towards

All the insults towards Michigan I found hilarious but I was somehow offended by this comment.

"They have the resources, tradition, intangibles (stupid helmets, big craphole stadium, etc, etc) to sell kids."

Don't talk shit about about the winged helmet or the Big House.

05/07/2011 - 7:04pm "you guys are making our

"you guys are making our fanbase look pathetic"


Haha, they found out

04/15/2011 - 4:23pm I can't go anymore so you can

I can't go anymore so you can have mine. I have two seats for Level 1, section 21 row 25, and four seats for Section 43 row 19. Just give me an email

03/28/2011 - 6:12pm My football team played

My football team played against De La Salle my freshman year of high school. They were up 42-0 by halftime before they put on the brakes for a 50-0 win. They were so much bigger, it was ridiculous. 

03/28/2011 - 6:10pm I thought it was spanish for

I thought it was spanish for "a whale's vagina."

02/16/2011 - 5:13pm posted from iPhone

I can't edit from phone. The players may have them, I mean

02/16/2011 - 5:11pm posted from iPhone

I may have them now. Some defensive players have tweeted about watching the ravens on film so the coaches are at least teaching them the basics of the defensive playbook

02/08/2011 - 9:16pm I feel dirty reading a

I feel dirty reading a buckeye blog

01/24/2011 - 4:52pm Yes, the satellite campuses

Yes, the satellite campuses Dearborn and Flint increase your chances significantly. When my friend went to his transfer orientation, 15 of the 18 students came from Dearborn. As I said before, 3.5 gpa is a magic number. Also make sure all of the classes transfer over and take your time writing the application essays.

01/24/2011 - 3:16pm You can do exactly what my

You can do exactly what my friend did to get into Michigan. He goofed off in high school and graduated with a 2.5 GPA and went to OCC aswell. You need to work your butt off this semester and tranfer to UM- Dearborn or UM- Flint. If you finish your first two years above a 3.5, you have a great chance to get in. Most Michigan tranfers come from those two schools.

My friend is now enjoying his junior year in Ann Arbor and I was accepted to UM- Ann Arbor last week.

If i can do it, anyone can. You just gotta work hard. Good luck.

01/22/2011 - 6:17pm concurrence has occurred

concurrence has occurred

edit: TomVH confirmed

01/20/2011 - 6:28pm This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with the OP but I just got accepted into Michigan! If I wasn't posting from my itouch I would post many kitten pictures

01/20/2011 - 11:11am You're just upset that you

You're just upset that you still need to change your username

01/01/2011 - 4:18pm Which TD? There are so many

Which TD? There are so many you have to be REALLY specific

01/01/2011 - 4:15pm Its now 52-14. Spread the

Its now 52-14. Spread the love

01/01/2011 - 4:13pm Did it feel good with your

Did it feel good with your penis?

12/20/2010 - 2:47pm Darn, I clicked this thread

Darn, I clicked this thread to post something along those lines. Good job.

12/20/2010 - 9:21am I'm not the only one who

I'm not the only one who finds this comment funny/dirty right? I guess I'll find out later, off to take my last exam.

12/18/2010 - 11:17pm QB's: Chad Henne, Drew

QB's: Chad Henne, Drew Henson, John Navarre, Denard, Forcier?

Wr's: Braylon Edwards, Mario Manningham, Jason Avant, Steve Breaston,

Rb's: Anthony Thomas, Hart, Chris Perry, Minor?

The greats kinda disappear after 2007

12/15/2010 - 3:48pm Are you trying to say that

Are you trying to say that Harbaugh's inaction is....telling? telling indeed

12/13/2010 - 4:42pm Yeah, but why two Purdue

Yeah, but why two Purdue QB's?! Now I really hope Notre Dame joins the Big Ten soon so we can get rid of these shitty changes

12/13/2010 - 4:24pm huh.

I honestly like this better

12/11/2010 - 5:42pm cool first post bro

cool first post bro

12/01/2010 - 7:37pm I didn't waste my time

I didn't waste my time reading this but whatever your ranting about clearly deserves to be ridiculed under the mgoboard, not the diaries

12/01/2010 - 2:35pm I find it hilarious how much

I find it hilarious how much they use the term scUM

11/29/2010 - 2:39pm It feels good to beat OSU at

It feels good to beat OSU at anything nowadays

11/27/2010 - 7:22pm I know there are a lot of Les

I know there are a lot of Les Miles haters on this board but I'm that desperate. Despite all the stupid things he has done, he still WINS games. He can cheat as long as he doesn't get caught just like everyone else. If they can't get Harbaugh or Les, then stick with Rich and see how things turn out.

11/26/2010 - 11:21am The negging says otherwise

The negging says otherwise