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12/20/2011 - 8:37am Hey now

I will be the one sort-of defender of the ACC Network. It's got the worst announcers on the planet and awful production values, but it is most certainly in HD. My local CBS station actually ran the 12:30 ACC Network game every week, so I had to watch the beginning of every single CBS SEC game in standard definition on the auxillary channel. That was some Estonian garbage.

I don't think the Miss State parallel is really comparable here. Thomas can hurt you, but he goes from pretty good to awful the second he feels pressure. Clemson dominated VT up front with basically no 2nd string to speak of on the D-line. Martin and Van Bergen should dominate inside. Clemson dominated inside and got to Thomas on the outside pretty much by speed rushing the whole time. VT's O-line can get a push at times, but they're not going to dominate in short yardage, and they're too slow to completely neutralize a quality pass rush.

The wideouts are nothing special. They don't really have a dominant guy that will command attention. Clemson basically sold out to contain David Wilson and keep him from cutting back. If you're expecting a brilliant gameplan from Mike O'Cain or Bryan Stinespring, you're going to be disappointed. O'Cain was infamous at Clemson for saying he was confused by Duke's defense in a presser after dropping a game to them in 2004.

If the Michigan O cracks open a decent lead, VT doesn't really have the guns to make a comeback at all.