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08/27/2013 - 7:03pm Can we

Just start sending this video as a letter to future recruits. No words, just the video.

04/20/2012 - 6:36pm Why can't he play both?

With the depth we have at safety, he can rotate in there and still be fresh enough to play wide receiver where we can also rotate guys in and out. If he can handle learning both routes and schemes, then I don't see why he can't do both.

03/10/2012 - 12:11pm I want the most difficult road possible

Which means a win over Ohio State and then a win over Michigan State. In my opinion, that's the only true way to settle the three way tie for the B1G championship, and I think we can win both.

03/03/2012 - 2:34pm A couple of notes

A couple of notes after the Minnesota game:

Minnesota is locked into 10.

As it turns out, Penn State is not locked into 12, they can still get 11 with a win or a Purdue win.

03/02/2012 - 12:37pm Rule change

That link is for 2008 tie breaking procedures, the new rule says that 2-0 is the same as 1-0.

Michigan State is still locked into the 1 seed though. Michigan and Ohio State are locked into 2/3 or 3/2. Wisconsin is locked into the 4.

Purdue and Indiana are playing for 5/6. Iowa and Northwestern are playing for 7/8.

2012 rules

12/31/2011 - 4:39pm Potential points

If you click on an individual entry you can see possible points remaining right under their score below their picks.

09/20/2011 - 4:36pm Turnovers


WMU - 3 MICH - 1

ND - 1 MICH - 1

EMU - 2 MICH - 2


WMU - 3 MICH - 0

ND - 5 MICH - 3

EMU - 2 MICH - 1

09/18/2011 - 1:00am We might be 3-0, but some

We might be 3-0, but some teams like Clemson and Illinois got their third wins against ranked teams this week and may leap frog us into the top 25. I still think we get in, but around 23-25.

09/01/2011 - 1:09pm I'd say you're reaching a bit

Nebraska probably had that game scheduled before they even thought of joining the big ten. Middle Tenn. State usually does pretty well in scheduling big conference opponents around the country. Not sure about Tennessee Tech, but if they're the only oddity, it would just be a coincidence. 

08/30/2011 - 11:49pm Minnesota Over USC

Just sayin'. It could happen.

08/24/2011 - 12:20am Coach Hoke

Coach Hoke wants to win a big ten championship. The last time we won one outright we gave up just over 16 points per game. So it'll be a while before these coaches are even just ok with where the defense is. 

08/23/2011 - 12:36pm I was looking forward to...

I was looking forward to seeing what stokes could do this year, but this could open up the opportunity for Michigan to hold a spot or two (with Posada exiting) for 5 stars wanting to wait until signing day to commit. So... I'm more or less ok with it.

08/22/2011 - 9:29am Maybe we're reading this the

Maybe we're reading this the wrong way. Mattison said he wanted 6 "starters" on the d-line. So maybe Big Will is good to go and brink is getting extra time with the 1's to get ready for the season because he is a freshman?

08/17/2011 - 1:44pm But if Pryor never told OSU...

But if Pryor never told OSU about the additional violations, but did tell the NCAA, then OSU's reasoning for suspending Pryor for the entire season if he would have returned is moot. They said that the reason he would have gotten a whole season and the others only got 5 games is because he didn't cooperate with NCAA investigators. 

08/16/2011 - 9:06pm I think everyone is missing the obvious answer here

Just tell your neice, "This is Michigan!" and then calmly walk away thinking, "man, I don't know what I was getting so worked up about, that wasn't so hard."

08/15/2011 - 8:19am It wasn't as bad as...

The headline ESPN used this weekend that started with "Michigan QB Robinson 'all right'"

08/13/2011 - 6:20pm Lewan vs. RVB - check it again

No doubt Lewan got the intial push, but the sustained block came from the handful of jersey  Lewan had in his left hand and a pull down to throw RVB off balance. 

08/10/2011 - 6:07pm And then....

And then.... he registers for classes and finishes his degree there.

08/09/2011 - 10:24pm The Announcer just said

The Announcer just said "One thing about this Michigan defense... It's like the Michigan defenses of old." Forshadowing the 2011 season?

08/08/2011 - 7:10pm Don't forget to include....

Don't forget to include....the phrases "Tremendous" and "This is where the magic happens". And maybe a picture of Hoke pointing at something.

08/08/2011 - 6:51pm I wouldn't use the TD Jesus picture...

You might want to get a screen grab from the unveiling video if you want the jersey on the sign. The denard picture is too blurry as well. 

On a side note, if there are photoshop experts here, you should enter the android police 404 page contest. I'm thinking a scene with an NCAA investigator saying, "There seems to be a page missing from these emails" and the Ohio State Compliance Director going, "I can't seem to find the page you were looking for."

08/07/2011 - 11:49pm Yes! As a bonus, this would

Yes! As a bonus, this would also give the defense more reps. Very excited to see what they can do this year in a 4-3.

07/29/2011 - 2:07pm What if....

...everytime we got within 30 yards of the endzone, things went like this: 

Coach Hoke:"Alright Wile, you're up!"

Wile:"but coach, it's first and..."

Coach Hoke:"This is Michigan!"

Not only would he have the most points of any kicker in the history of college football, but then we could put him in on kick returns as well. He'd be a lock for the Heisman.

07/26/2011 - 10:44pm  

I'm gonna go


I'm gonna go with...We'll always have Illinois, since he performed admirably and that was my first trip to the Big House (I'm from Columbus). Definitely wish him the best at SJSU.

07/03/2011 - 10:59pm That would be awesome.

That would be awesome. [email protected]