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01/19/2012 - 10:06am MRI's - devils advocate

Brian - I wish you well with the ACL surgery, if/when it should happan down the road, and good luck with the rehab.  

There is a difference in who you see in terms of specialist for the confidence in clinical exam and ordering expesive imaging studies.  A good orthopedist can feel an ACL tear with his knee exam better, because he does the exam more frequently and has a better reference experience.  Whereas, a primary care FP or internist will have less frequent experience in doing the knee exam, because he dealing with a wider range of patients with different problems.  

If everyone got an MRI for any knee injury, the waiting time for MRI scans would much longer, and the costs much higher, since you would be scanning alot of normal knees.  

Moral of the story, if you are worried about the knee, get thee to an orthopod first, since he will be more likely to pick up an abnormality on physical exam, and you can rest assured he will get the scan done in timely fashion.

I agree about going to St. Joe's vs. UM, despite having trained at UM for medicine, St. Joe's has a lot more equipment capacity for its size.  UM is using its MRI scanners alot of different purposes.

I know this sounds wishy-washy, but it it is reasonable standard of care.


01/19/2012 - 9:51am careful about your language!

Are you a lawyer or a sideline pundit?

11/27/2011 - 10:44pm Another view

While this interpretation does not follow computer algorithms, Michigan's drop in the rankings may have something to do with not covering the betting spread, which was 8.5 - 9.5 points.  So Michigan won, but not convincingly and OSU appeared stronger than Nebraska, which Michigan beat handily the previous week.  

I wonder how many judge pundits use a method involving cover - not cover record, instead of win- loss ratio.  I would have to go back to records to compare MIchigan record, but they have had some close games.  If nothing else, our punter needs some practice catching snaps.

10/06/2011 - 2:55pm Fwiw steve's cancer was an islet cell cancer

Most cancers of the pancreas are an carcinoma cell type and have a dismal prognosis. Steve Jobs had an islet cell cancer of the pancreas, which overproduced a gut hormone like glucagon or insulin. And is not so quickly lethal. Sad to hear about his death, since he has been such power influence in all our lives. It is ironic to think th web began on NeXT computer at CERN

10/02/2011 - 2:50pm Polls are fine for the moment!But the real reward is in the path

Good polls are more a symbol of expectations.

For me, the pathway to Big 10 championship is more enticing.

While every Big 10 game is valuable, I think most people are waiting for four key games:

1) MSU game - to determine bragging rights for the state of Michigan,

2)Nebraska game - not very popular, but beating Nebraska is essential to winning the Legends division.

3) the Ohio game - it just feels good to make Jim Tressel eat his words.

4) If we can pull it all together - Big 10 championship game in Indianapolis - probably playing Wisconsin, unless they make a mistake. 

Also the Illinois game will be interesting after the triple overtime win last year.

Go Blue!

09/11/2011 - 8:18pm Stay Hungry - indeed!

It's good to know that Michigan got noticed by coaches and journalists after the Notre Dame game, since ND has a potent offense, when they are not using it to shoot themselves in the foot.  

I will be happy for MIchigan to linger at this rank for the next three games.   While I respect SDSU they are not seriously considered by pundits, and it will give Michigan fans a chance to see what we might look like on offense and defense in a couple years.  While I like EMU as a small college, it is a couple quantum leaps from the Big Ten, and it will serve to only expose any glaring deficiencies and a chance for the offense to recover from the ND and build their confidence until they meet a Big 10 oppenent.  Northwestern without Dan Persa should obviously be less a threat on offense than with him, but I would like to see us play NW with Dan Persa in order to develop our defense.  

MSU is the first serious opponent in the Big 10 that would earn us a leap in respect amongst others and ourselves.  I am tired of losing to MSU the last three years, and our defense needs to show us they can handle Kirk Cousins and Edwin Baker effectively.   It can serve to show the defense, where we can meet the challenge, and  out of respect to MSU, Kirk Cousins and Baker will be more popular in the NFL draft someday, when they met a strong Michigan team - win or lose.  Minnesota has not been traditionally a serious threat, and right now, I hope Coach Kill gets well soon.


Right now -  4 B1G 10 teams are in the top 25 - Wisconsin, Nebraska, MSU and Ohio, and three other teams have received votes - Michigan, Northwestern, and Penn State.  I would like to see 6 B1G 10 teams in the top 25 sometime this year, if the football gods deem them worthy, 

I wish a restful and quite 9/11 to all!

09/11/2011 - 2:38am Love the muppets!

You can never have too much muppets!

Rest now until next week.  

Watching Michigan football can be strenuous!

09/08/2011 - 10:09am Fine Review!

Fine Review from UFR as always!

I would be interested in a chart looking at Denard's performance during the first half, when conditions were relatively dry versus the second half (quarter), when conditions were decidedly wetter.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile diving that second half into two periods, one before the first lightening delay and the second afterwards - granted, the numbers are small, but Denard seemed to be more inaccurate during the wet conditions.

I will nitpick about one video - where you attempt to demonstrate a run by Toussaint for 11 yards, but it actually shows WMU offensive play for several yards againsts Michigan's defense.  You can find the correct video further up the page, but it would be nice if you could fix it.

08/28/2011 - 1:54am Well done scrimmage review !

Not that we would expect anything less.   If only we could bring GERG Robinson back to coach the scout team for the defense, it might raise morale for the scrimmage!  

But fantasies aside, punting should be less valuable against Western Michigan.

Against Notre Dame, I would hope a little trickery would not be out of character.  One begins to appreciate Tate Forcier's ability to pooch kick on demand.  

I would not expect many cards of strategy to shown during the Western Michigan game; instead, just establishing fundamentals.   See Denard run, See Denard pass and complete, see Denard fake run and pass, see Denard hand off to Shaw and run.  A boring west coast pro offense for Denard would be a good change of pace.

As for the defense - can we get some magic dust to activate Will Campbell as a pass rusher and run tackler.  Just a thought!


08/24/2011 - 2:29am Block M looks great!

Looking forward to the HD capable scoreboards for big, awesome highlights and replays.  Glad to see all the work come to fruition on time!

08/23/2011 - 3:05pm Good Luck Tony!

Sorry to hear he is transferring.  If weight is a problem, hope he gets in better shape.  He sounds very talented and should do well elsewhere!

Sorry to hear about Tim and TomVH leaving - when is the mgoblog draft?

08/23/2011 - 2:13pm Thanks Tom!

Thanks for all your hard work and insight!  Looking forward to your posts over at ESPN!

Go Blue!

08/23/2011 - 1:05pm fine view from Section 20!

I've always been partial to section 20 around row 40, where I have had the privilege to sit and watch Michigan footballs for a long while.  That is the virtue of Michigan stadium - having a decent view of the field almost anyplace!

08/23/2011 - 1:02pm Sorry to see a good receiver go!

There are times when I would appreciate something more informative than a few terse lines, that only announce the departure of a former team member.  I wish Jeron Stokes my best, and hope he lands on his feet someplace else.  In the meantime, I hope everything is okay on State street.

08/23/2011 - 5:35am a tough road to hoe -

Speaking as a physician, who has gone down this road - the first two years are usually preclinical sciences, which are done in blocks with exams for current subjects all occurring on the same day.  See the michigan medical school site for the schedule of subjects.  

I welcome Heiko to the site, but he will be quite busy with preclinical subjects of study for the next two years.  Depending on his subject for his Ph.D.  additional coursework may be required, not to mention time in the lab and library.  

Note to Brian - I hope you will keep an open mind as to other volunteer pundits.  Mgoblog readers have come to expect in-depth posts with a quantitative, statistical flavor.  Your paternalistic tone is not unexpected, but I think you find in the clinic as well in real life, it is not lightly received.  Not that you should go out and hire Greg Robinson for witty defensive commentary, since we probably are glad to be done with him.  

As to USMLE exams, there are three parts to the USMLE - which begins with step 1 usually at the end of the first two years, testing the preclinical sciences.  Prior to 1994, there were two sets of medical boards - NBME and FLEX, which had slightly different schedules of exams.

I look forward to your commentary and your insights.

08/08/2011 - 6:43pm Respect JoePa's privacy please

As a physician, I wish you wouldn't post an x-ray image, that seems to insinuate the nature of JoePa's injuries. He seems to be doing quite well in terms of function.
<br>I wish him all the best in terms of a speedy recovery. Let us be thankful for all his efforts as Penn State's coach.

07/30/2011 - 1:42am from a different era perhaps OT

As a member from that earlier era from the 1970's, I remember that when I rowed crew, which is no less physically demanding than football, we had and still do have freshman crews for the first year and then varsity crews thereafter. Football also had a freshman team and varsity/JV teams but only the varsity played on saturday.  Often the freshman teams would scrimmage unofficially, but that was held elsewhere.  

I think having a freshman year of ineligibility would be good, if done consistently throughout the NCAA, not just within select conferences.  For lineman and defensive players, the freshman year allows the player's body to mature and develop with weight training.  The respective squad can begin to learn the playbooks, so they can be effective the next year, and  no make so many rookie mistakes.  I don't think you need to increase the number of scholarships, so long as things are done consistently.  

Also, watching the freshman games might be extra source of minor revenue, especially for major rivalries, as a sign of what is to come in the future.

07/28/2011 - 2:40am It's probably wiser for RichRod to Caddy than actually play golf

Consider all the kibitzers, who would jump on any poor shot or error Rich Rod could make. I just hope his friend has a decent day playing golf.  Also no TinCup moments, such as breaking a golf iron over his knee, or refusing to lay up for a green surrounded by bunkers or water.

I know it is Rich Rod is in season for punditry, but I do wish him well, since he did bring UM Football Denard Robinson and an exciting offense to watch the last couple years.  I just wish he had picked a better defensive coordinator and recruited better for the defense.

07/28/2011 - 2:11am Kind of reminds me of Larry Bird playing at Indiana State!

Hoosiers can be quite loyal to Indiana, and it does not suprise me that Gunnar Kiel stays withing state.  If he does well there, he might end up at the Indianapolis Colts for the NFL.  

Remember Bob Griese many years ago went to Purdue and helped lead them to the Rose Bowl and Big 10 Championships.  I don't remember anytime recently when IU has been a factor for the Big 10 championship in football.  

No doubt recently IU has been a lower tier team for football, but perhaps Kiel's early commitment to IU will attract other good talent there.  

Recently, the lower tier of the Big 10 has included IU, Purdue, and Minnesota, and perhaps Illinois. It would be nice for the Big 10, if everyone could raise their quality of game, and perhaps change the current pecking order.  Maybe OSU will be more humble, if they have poor recruiting season the next couple years, and thus lose some of their smugness.

Also I would love to see Indiana beat Notre Dame!

07/28/2011 - 1:50am slightly OT - who attends the BBQ at the Big House?

Slightly OT - I was curious who attends the BBQ at the Big House?

Presumably, it is a private affair, but in  addtion to michigan football staff, possibly current football players and committed and potential recruits, do any other michigan staff or journalists or general public attend?

My simple google searchs don't reveal any images or videos immediately available.  Are any public photos released?

I assume recruits arrive at Schembechler Hall and then walk over to stadium via the practice field and possibly the locker room.  There is presumably some michigan security to prevent unwanted guests.

Just curious, and trying to put things in context.

07/26/2011 - 11:28pm oops, my mistake!

Sorry for mistaking SJSU for SDSU, my fault!

07/26/2011 - 10:32pm glad to see him find a new program!

Too bad he has to sit out one year per NCAA rules, it would have been interesting to see play against Michigan this year.  Despite his flakiness in recent past, I think still has good potential as a QB, and hope he can turn his career around at SDSU.

07/26/2011 - 10:10pm Next questions- national anthem

Given that Terrelle Pryor's stock value and eligibility for the NFL supplemental draft seems in doubt, the next question will be for 2011-2012, will Pryor need to sing the USA national anthem, i.e. the Star Spangled Banner, or the Canadian national anthem, i.e. O' Canada.


07/25/2011 - 4:06pm My pregame ritual

Brunch/Breakfast at Zingerman's.

A stroll down to Sam's Store for the bandana of the day.  

Walk down Hill Street and State Street to check out the frat's.

Drumline show is great, when there is time.  

check out the new commemorative bricks.

Say a prayer for Maize 'n Blue, then head on in to find our seats and check out pregame warm-ups.

Please ignore the other side until it matters!

07/21/2011 - 3:26pm Sigh!

Let's get this petulant nostalgia behind us.  I would be interested in ten years to hear from Coaches Mattison and Hoke about the scene that they found.  However, confidence and other intangibles make a big difference, and GERG seems to be on the short end of the stick there.

Let us look forward to better times and brighter fortunes.

No comment on the music, Mr. Misopogen, but far be it for me to rain on your parade.  Cheers and good luck!


07/11/2011 - 2:34pm Addendum - no malware warnings on mobile Safari

P.S. - No malware warnings on my iPodTouch with mobile Safari with iOS version 4.2.1 - Not sure if they access the google malware database.  While Safari, Firefox and Chrome all use Webkit on Mac OS X, this does not seem like a Webkit bug, rather a Google malware database effect.  

07/11/2011 - 2:11pm Safari too!

I am getting malware warnings on with Safari 4.1.3 with mac OS X 10.4.11 on old iMac LCD with PowerPC G4 chip.  Since I don't have an intel chip, I threw caution to the win and turned off the warning and posted here.  I get similar warnings with Safari on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with intel chips.  

When you click through the warning to Google entry for the site, it seems benign.  

good luck!

07/09/2011 - 1:09am Vacate wins vs. Vacate points

I don't buy Mandel's argument that vacating the 2010 wins for OSU is sufficient.  

While Jim Tressel may have made a critical judgement error, several OSU players should have ineligible for the Michigan game and the Sugar Bowl.  While rewriting game history might seem strange, if you are going to vacate the win, why not vacate the points and other statistics related to the ineligible players, especially T. Pryor. 

T. Pryor has been flagrant in his disregard to NCAA rules, selling memorabilia, and then dropping out from his senior year, and run off to the NFL, assuming some team will pick him in the supplemental draft.  

While punishing OSU probably should include a post-season ban for a couple seasons and the loss of several scholarships.  I would think some direct penalties involving the players involved is warranted.

05/14/2011 - 8:52pm 2012 will be better, but play it cool!

Not worried about ESPN's rating.  Middle of the pack or better is fine for the first year with Coach Hoke.  It is a rebuilding first year.  The defense has a long way to go, given recent history.  I am not worried about the offense, but they will need to adjust to the new style.  Now if we can just rely on kicker to score the occasional field goal.  That would be a good change.

That would taste great, and be less filled with ambivalence.

05/14/2011 - 8:46pm worthy memory for a classy guy

great idea to remember Lloyd Carr!  

05/13/2011 - 11:58pm Post RichRod fugue

Well as far as Tate is concerned, I think he is still reeling from his academic debacle from Michigan.   I would guess those incomplete grades turned into dismal grades of D's or F's and he could not pass the academic sniff test.  A couple semesters of junior college might help him get over the academic hump, and then perhaps he will land on his feet someplace else, but he needs to figure out his life, if he doesn't end up back in college football, let alone the NFL.  That is a tall order for a young kid, who has had high expectations from his parents and peers for many years, and if he is a head-case, then perhaps he needs some serious counseling.  

I hope you guys get the post RR sarcasm out of your system, sometime this decade.  No wonder he has taken a year off to recuperate and let the dust settle.  

As far as Michigan football goes, this year of rebuilding, may not be as satisfying as some would expect.  How would everyone feel, if we lose to ND this year for the first time since Lloyd Carr left?

01/06/2011 - 7:28pm Consider Vic Fangio for UM coach or defensive coordinator...

if Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford.  He would address UM's main problem - poor defense.

01/06/2011 - 6:53pm More fun, more possibilities!

Let's consider the possibility of hiring the Stanford defensive coordinator -  Vic Fangio. Defensive Coordinator of the year!   If JH goes pro, here is our chance to get JH's main man for DC.  He can address our pressing needs to improve our defense - unlike GERG.

11/05/2010 - 4:03am After the storm of Freep and the NCAA

Oh, the horror, the horror! 

That was what Rosenberg et al. were hoping Michigan would be saying at the end of the Practice-gate jihad.  Well, I hope the Freep can kiss good-bye any thought of another Pulitzer prize!  Let us just remember the Freep publisher/editor relishes to troll for trash against Univ.of Michigan sports, and relish the fact there are alternatives such as the Detroit News and even sometimes

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Let light our own fire of disdain and delight.  We have many talented recruits on offense, and many of the young defensive recruits are promising, but a little green yet for the field.  A couple more good freshman classes can reload the ranks of our defense, and a new DC & coaching staff, who can keep a discrete silence, and tell the reporters to go to hell would be welcome.  Let's rebuild the defense that can shred Offensive lines, and stick like glue to receivers and tailbacks.    

We have seen the apocalypse of 2008 and the apocalypse of now - time to move on!


11/05/2010 - 3:49am thoughts on DC new staff

I am reluctant to believe that changing just defensive coordinators will magically transform underclassmen athletes into a honed defensive squad.  There are some fundamental issues:

1)  Many people blame it entirely on GERG, because lack of leadership, which may partially true, but if anything he may be just too fancy for his subordinate coaches and underclassmen players.

2) GERG never had a chance to pick his own defensive coaches, and most of them came with Rich Rodriguez from WVU.  There seems to be constant lack of development in the defensive squad.  If anything, they seem to cobble together some fundamentals, and try to throw together a squad for games that seem to lack any cohesion or confidence.  Hence, the defense fails to wrap up tackles in space, and cannot provide tight coverage in either man-to-man or zone configurations.  

3) Progress will first begin with developing the younger players against the offenses they will see, not Rodriguez's spread offense.  The Rodriguez spread offense perhaps has been Michigan's worst enemy for developing a good defense, because it is so variable and explosive.  Defenders can't get any confidence or sense of achievement.  At best, the defenders just try to avoid screwing up badly.

As a result, if GERG leaves or does not leave, it is time for many of the defensive and Special teams coaches, who came from WVU, to leave.  I would talk to Ron English at EMU, and see if he would be interested in a trial at DC, and who he would like to bring with him in terms of coaching staff.  His record at EMU has not been great, but he was effective while he was at Michigan.  More importantly, he would bring a fresh squad of defensive coaches.  I am afraid the WVU-bred D-coaches are not developing the fundamentals in the young players, and allow too many bad habits to fester, e.g. the wandering Obi Ezeh.  This Michigan defensive squad had some confidence earlier in this season, but crumbles too easily, not to mention injuries.  

Whoever leads the defensive coaches must be a good recruiter, and can be respected by Rich Rod to lead the defensive squad.  We will lose a few seniors, but there is still a lot of defensive recruiting needed.  Now that we are out form under the spectre of the NCAA investigation, and assuming Brandon does not release Rodriguez at the end of this year, we will need at least two years to build a solid defense, but anything would be an improvement over the last two years.

Perhaps, Rich Rod should consider an offensive scout team that is specifically coached to research opposing team offenses and train the defense against them, instead of trying to run down Denard or Tate.  It will let build confidence and focus them on what will matter on Saturdays, instead of being cannon fodder for our offense.

Release the special teams coach - they just have not developed the placekickers or return specialists. Both groups are walking on eggshells, hoping they will not screw up, instead of focusing on nailing the next challenge.  Avoid tantrums and give the team a set of progressive goals and challenges that will bring them up to a respectable level.  Give me placekicker, who can hit 80-90% at up to 40-45 yards, and it changes the equation on offense.  Touchdowns are great, but field goals after grinding out 6-8 minutes of a drive extend leads and maintain momentum.  Along with the spread, a good offense and scoring will help our defense.  

I am reluctant to feel that Jim Harbaugh will solve all our problems on defense overnight, rather it may delay development, if there too many departures during a transition.  

10/10/2010 - 6:19pm Greg Mattison is Defensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens

After leaving Michigan in 1998, he spent 6 years at Notre Dame from 1998 - 2004 on the Defensive coaching staff, then joined the Florida Gators Defensive coaching staff in 2005.   He was defensive line coach for a couple years, and in 2007 was the co-defensive coordinator and line coach for that year.  In 2008, he joined the Baltimore Ravens.  

See his CV here -

BTW - Greg's son, Bryan Mattison, was the captain of the 2007 Iowa Hawkeyes football team, and currently played on the Baltimore Ravens scout team.

10/09/2010 - 7:39pm It's not fun to lose to State! Now let's move on!

Denard's 3 picks were partly his fault, because they were poorly thrown balls, but I give a nod to the State backs/safeties, because they were in close coverage with the Michigan receivers, and crept up to pick off the ball.  Those three picks made the difference in the game in terms of points. 

On the defense side, I was bummed to see State take advantage of the D  on the run a couple times and had a couple good catches for points.  However, at least GRob made an intervention to provide a 4 man front and get some pressure on Cousins.  Got to work on tackling.  Bell looked like a little tank at times. 

I was bummed to see Vincent Smith not be able to pick-up a couple yards on a 3rd down situation. Hopkins looks like a better choice, and looked better today, but not sure why he did not play more later in the game.  Shaw is okay, but State was good on defending the run, and seemed to have a DE keying on Denard to contain/tackle him if he ran with the ball. 

I wonder what would have happaned if RchRod had put Tate and Denard in the backfield, and tried to flea-flicker play and then passed Roundtree or Odoms. 

Special teams - punter was okay with usually good distance except for one punt.  Kicking - XP both okay.  FG Bruickheizen made the short FG fine, but the second one at the end of the first half, which got deflected looked a little low, and may have had a lousy snap from center.  Not sure, it would made any difference with  a great kicker, but getting a field goal at the half would have helped a little.  Not good to leave any points on the field.

Note that this is the first game that Denard has not rushed for at least 100 yards.  I have give a nod to State for containing him them.  Denard was not as bad as last year with passing, and made good short passes, but with the long balls, he made mistakes, and seemed to be attempting passes, where he got picked off better.  Hard for him to practice against good coverage with our current secondary.  We need a good Rudy on the Defense for the secondary, who can provide solid coverage, and keep Denard honest.  Denard looked like a good sophmore quarterback, and we know has great potential but I hope he can hang in there the next couple weeks. 

Note that Illinois beat an unimpressive Penn State this week.  I would be interested in watching the film on their game, since the Illinois defense seems to better than expected, and I would not take Illinois for granted as a win.  Beating Penn State may be easier.

We're heading uphill next week with game against Iowa, since their defense is one of the best against the run at least in the Big 10.  I hope Rich Rod presses the team in practice to avoid the sloppy play and push for breakaway plays.  For the Defense, I think playing the four man front was better in terms of pressure on Cousins.  Interested to see Brian's comments in the UFR.

Michigan may be in the bottom of the top 25 rankings, but I would not be suprised if there was a major drop in rankings, since State's victory was fairly decisive.  Let's not jump on the new coach bandwagon yet.  Just hope there is no bad news from the NCAA COI anytime soon, since it seems to pop up at the worst time.

P.S. Sorry to hear about Odom's foot injury, possible fracture.  Hope he can make it back in time for OSU!

10/03/2010 - 1:41am BSU helmet image

Just FYI - here is the Boise State University Bronco's helmet


The other winged helmet is worn by the Delaware Blue Hens, not Delaware State:

Princeton had the winged helmet first in 1935 when Fritz Crisler was there, but stopped using it in 1938, when Crisler left to go to Michigan, where Fritz Crisler began the Michigan tradition of the blue and maize winged helmet.  Princeton started using the winged helmet again in 1998, see below :

the original Princeton helmet:

the current Princeton helmet:


See the wikipedia article on the winged helmet for the gory details:

10/03/2010 - 1:15am No, I mean Kirk Ferentz

Here is the Iowa Hawkeye's website for Coach Ferentz, which clearly lists him as Kirk Ferentz.

10/03/2010 - 1:07am University of Chicago left the Big 10 in 1946

University of Chicago was a charter member of the Big 10 in 1896, and left the Big 10 in 1946.  Michigan State University joined the Big 10 a few years later in 1950 to make up for Chicago absence.  University of Chicago left the Big 10 after they decided to  de-emphasize varsity athletics after WWII.  So, no more football or basketball varsity teams at all.  

Ironically, Enrico Fermi's original nuclear reactor to produce plutonium was built underneath the football field at  Alonzo Stagg Field stadium in 1942, which was the first artificial nuclear reactor, and kicked off the Manhattan project.

10/03/2010 - 12:56am I should say Kirk not Kurt above

After seeing the replies, who thought I had mistaken Coach Ferentz's first name, but after checking, I find I was correct;


which confirms Kirk Ferentz is the coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes, not Kurt Ferentz.

Oh, btw, here is a youtube video of Kirk Ferentz discussing Boise State earlier this year:

Kirk Ferentz discusses Boise State

I stand by my original post above.

10/03/2010 - 12:47am source for Ferentz quota on BSU

see this article for source on Kurt Ferentz considering BSU as an option for Big 10 expansion.

I posted the topic, because Notre Dame has been discussed ad nauseum, but adding only one team is awkward for schedules a two division Big 10 conference

10/03/2010 - 12:33am Don't be hard on Tate

Tate was not the only source of problems, when he came in today.  The offense was less potent on third down situations that desired, converting only 2 of 7 3rd downs for a first down.That lead to a lot of 3 plays and punt under Dilithium despite his insane performance.  I hope the Shaw returns next week for MSU to provide a good running option.  I don't think MSU defense will so prone to lose containment for long runs as our previous opponents.


I hope that Demetrius Hart does commit soon to Michigan, but I am concerned with Denard handling the ball so much for running option reads that he might feel there are better opportunities at other universities like Auburn.  Denard had a balanced running / passing day today, but I want the RB's to be more productive, in order to provide better performance on 3rd downs and less pressure on Denard to do the whole offense.


Nonetheless, it is amazing to watch Denard break these runs so frequently and then also make big time pass plays.  I hope his knees hold up.

Tate seems to be a good back up punter - maybe we should have him start practicing field goal attempts.  If not for kicking, he would be dangerous as a  ball holder that might allow for a viable fake field goal  play.  I hope we get a good kicker for field goal attempts soon.  We may need it in a close game at the end.  

09/18/2010 - 3:39pm Regarding D

At least we are not playing U of Toledo this year.  UMass is a much better team overall, just sucks to not blow out a D1-AA team!  

Long weeks ahead for the D  before they play the next three games!  There needs to be consistent improvement from everyone to be able to beat Indiana and MSU, let alone Bowling Green!

08/30/2010 - 4:17pm No mention of Carvin Johnson?

I assume that the spur position is considered more a hybrid linebacker-lineman,  but he seems to more a hybrid safety-linebacker.  Still I would like to know more about Carvin Johnson.  If nothing else, we'll know more in a week.

As for Brian's mood, I suggest that he rent the original movie M*A*S*H, and start humming the theme song - "Suicide is painless."  I respect pragmatic assessments, lest we have false expectations, but he still seems to be mourning the broken right ankle of TW.  Time to move, and give these freshman a chance to learn like one did in residency at MGH -

1)  See a procedure.

2)  Do a procedure.

3)  Teach a procedure.

For the football secondary - that would be:

1)  Tackle a receiver.

2)   Cover a receiver and break-up the pass.

3)  Intercept the ball.

08/27/2010 - 9:32am a second response


I will offer a second response to address your individual points:

Before you levy "emotional" at everyone who wants The Game to remain in its rightful place, why don't you actually show how moving it will change a single thing? How will it make Michigan better? How will it make the Big Ten more marketable?

You're not acting "rational" if you apply zero rational process to your argument. The Big Ten could have 100 teams in it by the time we're 60 -- still, nobody has demonstrated decisively or even suggestively that moving The Game does anything positive for Michigan, Ohio State, or the Conference.

My characterization of people's responses including your response as emotional should be obvious, since most people regret the loss of the traditional Michigan-OSU game at the end of the regular season.  I do not consider myself a lawyer, instead a physician, who has reasonable training in science and math.  I consider argument based on logical premises and experimental data, instead of rhetorical arguments as in the realm of lawyers and politician.  They are different standards, one that assumes a dispassionate objective mood, and the other depends on the emotional response as well as the objective one.  Since it is apparent, you don't like my tone, I will take my lumps, if I must, but there is a reasoned, and understandable rationale for moving the game earlier.  

First and foremost, the Michigan football schedule and season should be for the players, the team, and not necessarily  for the entertainment of the fans.  I believe if Michigan can win football games during the regular season, and during bowl games, the fans will be happy  They depend on the Michigan - OSU rivalry as a standard for a winning season.  Beat OSU, and we will generally do okay, usually that means winning the Big 10, being ranked well in the polls, and go on to play in post-season bowl games like the Rose Bowl.  Since 1990, with the addition of Penn State, there have been another historically competitive football program, and Michigan has been fairly successful in these games, but the date has not mattered.  Now with the addition of Nebraska, the Big 10 plans to add a championship game.  

For the Michigan players, it would be harsh to say, you can only play OSU once by being in the same division, and if you lose to OSU, you probably will not win the division, and then not go on to play in the championship game.  Put OSU and Michigan in different divisions, and still play OSU annually in the regular season, then allow for the possibility of playing OSU again in the championship game, if Michigan and OSU are the two best teams in the Big 10 conference, as it was in the days of Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes.  If OSU and Michigan are not the top 2 teams, then Michigan plays the other best team in the championship.  Simple logic - should be easy to understand.  The Michigan and OSU rivalry should continue, and in doing so, in either case, the loser of the Michigan-OSU game is less likely to play in the championship game, but the possibility of a Michigan - OSU matchup in the championship game is not possible if Michigan and OSU are in the same divisions.  

As for the nature of the Michigan - OSU rivalry,  the Big 10 expansion with Penn State and Nebraska offers historically competitive football programs, that rival Michigan and OSU.  In the past the best Big 10 team went to play in the Rose Bowl against the best Pac - 10 team and a long time ago that would often decide the National Championship.  In the last 10 years, the SEC conference has been dominant  in national championships, bowl game records and in inter-conference bowl games.  Previously Michigan has had a good record against the SEC- 20-5-1 overall, and since 1994 7-1, beating Auburn, Alabama and Florida twice in bowl games.  OSU has been lousy against the SEC with 0-9 record overall.

Regular season games between Big 10 and SEC teams have been rare in the past few years, but this year OSU plays Miami (Florida) and Penn State  plays Alabama.  Michigan has not been to a bowl game since the 2008 Orange bowl game against Florida, which it won, sending Lloyd Carr into retirement and the beginning of the Rich Rodriguez era.  

Over the last decade, Michigan and OSU have frequently been decisive games, but that remain the case regardless of the date or position in the schedule.  Michigan - OSU games are usually one of the most physical games of the year.  Injured players from the UM-OSUM game would not have time to heal  in time for the conference championship game.  In the past, injured players had a chance to heal during the 4-6 weeks preceding the bowl game usually played around Jan. 1.   That changes in 2015, when realignment takes effect.  If Michigan and OSU beat each other up, and then go on to play Penn State or Nebraska or some other team, they may not be as strong for the conference championship game.  So move the UM-OSU game 6 weeks earlier in the schedule, so that most players would be able to compete in the championship game unless they sustain serious injuries like Troy Woolfolk this year or Dave Molk last year against Penn State.  

Secondly, there is an emotional letdown after the Michigan - OSU game, that takes time to recover from, whether you be a player or fan.  The rivalry is still there, people will still go to the game except for the most stubborn fans.  However, I doubt it will affect overall attendance at all.  

Furthermore, if the Big 10 expands further, such as adding Notre Dame or another team like Pitt or Syracuse from the Big East, there will be additional competitive teams to consider.  The conference record of 9 conference games will decide who goes on to the Championship game, and it makes sense to split the two most recognizable old BIG 10 teams, i.e.  Michigan and OSU in different divisions.  However, with greater parity between the various Big 10 teams, the competition will be closer.  If you crave the old days of the Big 2 and the little 8, those days are over.  Just consider the 2000 football season, when there were three co-champions - Michigan, Northwestern, and Purdue, and OSU was a close 4th.  The Michigan - OSU game decided which of the two teams would be co-champions, but every Big 10 team had at least two conference losses.  Only a rare team will have a perfect conference record in the future.  

However, I have seen traditions continue and I have seen them end, and an individual's emotional reaction have been similar to what I see above. Let's watch the 5 stages of Kuebler-Ross mourning of individual loss progress.

So your experience has trained you as a Freudian psychologist. That's cool. I'm marrying one in a few weeks. But the way she would deal with a grief progression would be to identify the cause of the grief. You, instead, are minimizing the cause's importance by applying a psychiatric diagnosis: "you are experiencing grief; you must be crazy, therefore your argument must be crazy." This is the opposite of correct.

My experience with traditions goes beyond the Michigan - OSU game.  I grew up in Ann Arbor, and have followed the Michigan Wolverines since 1970, attending the 1972 Rose Bowl game, where Stanford beat Michigan 13-12.  I still have season tickets inherited from my mother.   However, I have known the Harvard-Yale rivalry from attending undergraduate college up there, and saw the Ivy League split off from NCAA I-A football in 1981, because they chose not to offer athletic scholarships competitive with other football programs like Michigan or OSU.  That rivalry may seem irrelevant to midwesterners, but out on the east coast, it matters a great deal.  They still still play the Harvard - Yale game as the last regular season game annually, and the rivalry has lasted longer that the Michigan - OSU by many years.  Does the date matter, perhaps, but the rivalry goes on regardless of the date in other sports.  

My consideration of the Indianapolis 500 is partly personal, having attended the 500 mile race annually since 1964, and I have the popularity of the race fade since 1995 after the split of the schedule into two different leagues - ChampCar and IRL, which only got back together last year, when both league were teetering upon financial thresholds, and this year has seen them cobble together equipment and schedules.  Next year's race in 2011 will mark the 100th anniversary of the race, but its popularity against NASCAR races has dropped markedly.  As the Indy 500 is a midwestern tradition, it reminds me the loss of tradition to a more southern based NASCAR racing league with different equipment and personalities.  Not a straw man - just personal experience, which I find relevant.

As for your jibe about being Freudian psychologist, that description is bit obsolete.  The proper term would be psychoanalyst or psychiatrist for a physician.  A Psychologist  has a Ph.D, whereas  I have an M.D. along with M.S. in a basic sciences major.  Most providers in behavioral medicine generally have gone way beyond Freud and organize their assessment around a general mental status exam and the DSM IV-TR, along with clinical testing.  Psychoanalytic therapy is only one modality of treatment, and rarely used in serious psychopathology.  I dont' think you need psychoactive medication, do you?!   I trained in Internal Medicine, and my father is a retired psychiatrist.  I am pretty sure he would laugh at your characterization.   As for the Kuebler-Ross stages of grief, seeübler-Ross_model for review.    In considering your source of grief, the idea is not to perpetuate an obsession, which interferes with constructive behavior, but attempt to have realize the contradictions, or better yet, break through your self-imposed barriers.  Maladaptive behavior should not to be supported or coddled, but dealt with firmly. As for just having a regular anniversary event like the Michigan - OSU game, it's okay, just don't emphasize it out of proportion.   


However, we live in the real world now, (emphasis added) and as offensive that may seem, despite the question of money.  I am sick and tired of seeing BIG 10 Football be considered the bridesmaid to the ACC and SEC or even the Pac 10 in the BCS bowl championship, whether it be the current arrangement or a playoff.

This is where you fall apart into true trolldom. "You are living on fairy world" is not a valid argument, unless you are actually physically arguing with a Care Bear. What you don't do here -- AT ALL -- is show why moving Michigan-Ohio State to early October or whatever would make the Big Ten more palatable to SEC fans? 

Trolldom - I find the common internet definition is an  e-mail message or posting on the Internet intended to provoke an indignant response in the reader.

I am not trying to egg anyone on with this response, but I am not convinced that fixating and obsessing upon the date of the  Michigan - OSU game will help either team to compete in post season games.  You may not relate or agree with my opinion, but I consider a bigger picture than just winning the Michigan - OSU game as a winning season.  As I described above, the recent Big 10 - SEC record in post-season bowl games has been poor, and OSU has a perfect losing record against SEC teams in bowl games 0-9.

Pat Forde of ESPN had a recent article that describes it curtly - "SEC has no peer on the field" (… )  There is little mention of the Big 10 there, because there is little to say in favor of it.  

The point is not make the Big 10 more palatable to SEC fans, because they first must learn to respect it.  Winning games against the SEC teams in bowl games will help earn respect.  Playing and winning regular season games against the SEC would help, but the Big 10 has rarely played SEC teams during the regular season in the last decade, although OSU will play Miami (Florida) and Penn State will play Alabama this year.  If only Michigan would follow suit, and schedule a few games down south, they could help add to the respect, especially given Michigan's good record against SEC teams in bowl games.    That is not meant to be inciting indignation, just stating the facts.

Moving the Michigan  - OSU game to an earlier time, allows us to showcase the best rivalry earlier, when it allow people to see them play, and then perhaps allow them to play again in the championship game, and make them more popular as bowl game choices.  In the past the Rose Bowl has been the ultimate bowl for the Big 10, but since the onset of the BCS bowl schema, the Rose Bowl is only in rotation with 3 other bowls for the National Championship game, which has been dominated by the SEC  at least since 2006.  If the NCAA switches to a playoff of the top 4 teams with a series of three games to decide the national championship, presumably, the Big 10 champion will be amongst them, and believe allowing the best team to compete with healthy players is better than having Michigan - OSU beat each other silly, then lose to another team in the championship game, and then have them proceed to a lesser bowl.  As for OSU, they need to show they can compete and win against SEC teams, as well as Michigan in the past.

Bowl games are usually interconference games, but what if Michigan and OSU were #1 and #2 in the nation, would anyone not want to see them play for the national championship, even if that were a event as rare as a blue moon.


Right now, given Michigan status of rebuilding and being a Tier C team in the Big 10, who hasn't made it to any bowl in two years, it does not have the clout at the bargaining table.  Meanwhile, I don't see OSU worrying about the GAME, because they want to be #1 in the USA.  They can beat up on Michigan once a year, but they want to go on to bigger and better things.

Here you are absolutely wrong. I read OSU message boards. They still talk about Michigan more than anything else, literally. The prevailing argument between Buckeye fans right now is whether they want Michigan to get good again so it will be more meaningful when they beat us, or whether they want us to continue sucking because our tears taste so nice. You are wrong about the Buckeyes -- they care A LOT. In case you didn't notice, they even cared so much as to show up in droves last year, when Michigan was playing just to maybe get in a bowl, and nobody thought The Game would be competitive.

I have read the OSU blogs and message boards, too.  There is one poll that does strongly support maintaining the game as the final regular season game.  However, they are also concerned with new football uniforms, the opening game, and the prospects of Terrell Pryor as a Heisman trophy candidate.  They certainly enjoy beating up on Michigan every year, since Michigan has not won the game since 2003, and that is not a tradition I want to see continued.  However, OSU also needs to move beyond the concept of a winning season being a year, where you beat Michigan.  Sooner or later, Nebraska or Penn State or perhaps Notre Dame will get their number.  I believe Brian Kelley, formerly of Cincinnati, will offer a potent spread offense, that will give OSU and Michigan a run for their money, if not this year, then in years to come.  OSU always loves to beat Michigan, it makes them feel warm and fuzzy and full of themselves, then they go lose in the national championship game, and they say - well, we beat Michigan!  Let's end the complacency!


Michigan still has to await the decision of NCAA COI, and while most feel the current self-imposted penalties will suffice, we could easily see Rich Rodriguez put on probation or receive worse penalties.  That will lead to another coaching change, and while that may be welcomed by some, it may mean also another mass exodus of good players on offense and defense, and another phase of rebuilding.  That will not help our leverage at the bargaining table.

What bargaining table are you talking about? And what NCAA violations are you talking about? How is the practice thing, which started before RR and which Brandon has been backing RR on throughout, gonna suddenly turn around? This is Rosenbergism. Losing is the only thing that could get RR fired -- if you've been paying attention at all, this is a non-story and an even bigger non-story to Dave Brandon. Plus, you don't connect it at all to your argument for moving the game up. What the hell are we bargaining for? In the event of Michigan sucking for the next nine years, how would that at all change the meaning of the Ohio State game being played a different week?


    Two separate issues are discussed here.  The bargaining table here has been the Big 10 annual meetings, where all the Big 10 athletic directors along with Jim Delany meet to discuss plans for future expansion, what to do about schedules, rules, and what to do about the TV networks, including the Big Ten Network.  Although, the athletic directors vote as equals, Michigan has carried a significant clout from the TV revenues it has generated in the past.  During the last couple years, more of their games are showing on the Big Ten Network, instead of ABC or ESPN.  The Michigan - OSU will probably always be an ABC game, and it will be showcased more favorably earlier in the season, where it will carry higher ratings and thus earn more money for the Big 10.  In contrast, the traditional UM-OSU game at the end of the season has been anti-climatic lately, and its ratings have not popped off the chart since 2006.  People are switching channels after the first half, going to other more interesting games at the end of the season.  

    Second point - NCAA COI investigations - the NCAA COI continue to deliberate after the hearing in Seattle.  Rich Rodriguez has serious problems, if they place a "show cause" order, which subject the University of Michigan to further penalties, if they cannot show why there is not a reason to believe that Rich Rodriguez was not responsible for major violations.  Michigan has admitted to the first four major violations and only contested the fifth charge focused on Rich Rodriguez and his leadership role as coach.  Now that there is separate investigation at WVU including charges against Rich Rodriguez along similar lines, there is probability, not just possibility that he could be named as repeat offender, and the University of Michigan would have to show the burden of proof against his involvement in the other charges, and would have to convince the NCAA why not augment any penalties against Michigan, let alone Rodriguez.  These are major violations, not minor, secondary violations, which don't warrant a separate investigation.  If a "show cause" order is placed against Rodriguez, Michigan will have real reason to release Rodriguez as coach and begin a search for a new coach, even in the middle of the season.  So Rodriguez could win 10 games this year, beat OSU, and go to a good bowl game, but with a "show cause"   order around his neck, he could become a true pariah in NCAA football.  We will probably know about the outcome of the Michigan investigation in 4-8 weeks, but nothing is certain.  With an ongoing investigation at WVU, the COI committee may defer their final decision on Michigan and Rodriguez until they have completed the investigation against WVU.  That only makes sense, since they first have to determine if Rodriguez was responsible for violations at WVU during his tenure, and then they would go on to determine his responsibility at Michigan.  The WVU investigation is just beginning, so I would estimate another 3-6 months at least until it is possible that everything is cleared, if the ruling is favorable.  If they conclude the investigation in December or January, then the decision could cascade just before the February recruiting deadline.  If it happens after the deadline, who knows what will happen, if ruling is unfavorable.  I hope the above does not happen to Rich Rodriguez, but nothing is certain right now.

    Just consider this article from (… )

    Jim Delany was at the Michigan-NCAA COI hearings in Seattle, partly to support Michigan, but also to listen to the arguments given by both sides, so he can gather information.  If Michigan gets a penalty like USC, they could lose scholarships or bowl game privileges, which I would consider unlikely, if there is no "show cause" order or if Michigan releases Rodriguez as coach,  but may occur, if the opposite is true.  Michigan will be on probation, regardless, for 2-3 years, and they will be under close observation.  Secondary violations, normally not a problem, may become relevant.  All these factors contribute to how the rest of the Big 10 can relate to Michigan football, and what revenue streams they can generate and what expectations for a winning season.  Please, what ostrich hole have you stuck your head.  Rosenberg is no one I care to support, nor any of the other "journalists" at the Free Press, but I do not trifle with NCAA COI since the USC decision.  

    As for the date when Michigan - OSU plays the game, if the OSU athletic director supports and change, and Dave Brandon tries to argue to maintain the date, but Michigan is under probation, who do you think wins?  The Big 10 can't be seen by the NCAA as supporting a team under serious penalty.  In addition, part of the penalty for the Michigan investigation might be moving the GAME from the final regular season game, although that might be done covertly as a silent quid-pro-quo.


    Perhaps the change of the date will be temporary, and in a few years, the athletic departments will return the date to its traditional position.  I doubt 2010 will  be the last time Michigan and OSU will meet at the end of the year.  They will probably still have 2-3 more years of the THE GAME being at the end of the season before they change the date, but I could be wrong.  

    Um, what are you trying to say? You're wrong about the timing, which is pretty clear: in 2011 the Big Ten goes to divisions and The Game is moved. If it's moved back to the end of the season, it would be because of fan outrage, meaning the outrage on MGoBlog today is justified.



      Incorrect, Nebraska may join the Big 10 in 2011, but all the schedules are in flux between 2011 - 2015 until a ninth conference game is added.  Most of the recent discussion for future realignment  centers around 2015  and thereafter.  That leads me to believe that Big 10 expansion is not finished.  Between 2011 and 2015, we may see other teams added into the Big 10.  If the goal is a 16 team conference, there may as many as four divisions, and that makes it difficult to decide the champion with just one playoff game.   With four divisions, three games may be required.  All the Big 10 needs is to poach Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, and perhaps Texas A&M or Missouri, and there you have 16 teams.  With more teams in the Big 10, 9-10 conference games would be expected, but that would still leave 2-4 teams, who don't play MIchigan during the regular season, but might meet them during championship playoffs.   All the more reason to place OSU-Michigan earlier in the season, and showcase the championship games separately from THE GAME.    Call it speculation, but a 16 team Big 10 conference was widely discussed in the press and in the blogs this summer.  We will have to wait at least a year or two to see how the Big 10 goes.  I mention that the move may be temporary, only to acknowledge the emotional response I have seen here myself.  My own thread contained similar arguments to what have been offered on other blogs.  You may not agree with all the reasons, and I certainly have felt the outrage in loss of points, but I don't think points on a blog matter to the Big 10.
      There may be other teams that may join the big 10, such as Notre Dame or Pitt or Syracuse, who could add to the competition for the Big 10 Championship.  However, the days of the BIG 2 and the little 8 are over.  Besides, whoever wins the Michigan-OSU game will ruin any perfect season for the other team, and will likely knock them down in the race for the Big 10 crown, and that will happen regardless of which division they play in.  

      Again, you're defeating your argument. If Michigan-Ohio State being played every year makes the likelihood smaller that they will meet in the championship game, that is an argument against moving The Game, since the only time there will be any value to moving The Game would be in the rare instances when they would meet again. If this is going to almost never happen, it means the move is almost never going to pay off. If the days of Michigan and Ohio State dominating the rest of the conference are (the days) truly over, then separating the teams into different divisions to enhance the appeal of a Michigan-Ohio State rematch in Indianapolis is an excercise in futility. The whole point of the move is because these two teams are expected to keep dominating the other 10 like they did the other 8.

      The purpose of moving the Michigan - OSU game from the last game of the season allows the Big 10 to showcase the game earlier, and allow new rivalries like MIchigan - Nebraska or Michigan - Syracuse to develop, and then perhaps allow a rotation of the final game between Nebraska, OSU, and another team in cycles to placate the old alumni, but keep things fresh.  

      One cannot expect Michigan to always play OSU in the championship game, but it looks good to allow for the possibility.  Putting Michigan and OSU in the same division just won't happan.  That has been reported from Dave Brandon, Barry Alverez from Wisconsin  and hints from the athletic director.  Sometimes is better than never, and the occasional championship game between Michigan - OSU makes a nice compromise allowing the regular season to maintain its special appeal to fans without diminishing it as commonplace.   



      My response may appear [too] rational for some here, who would pillory me for confronting their emotional reaction to their emotional attachment.  I try to be considerate most of the time, but perhaps some people to the listen to the Eagles and "Get over it"! 

      This is where you earn your neg-bang. Nobody here likes things that are "too" rational. We dislike things that are "not" rational. Like, for example, the entire irrational argument you just presented.

      Me and the guy from Alt 85 have this problem: we both hate it when someone arrogantly parades themselves as "The Truth" when they're wrong. You're like the Texas lady who said "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me."

      You, like the Militantly Anglophonic Texan, are being very arrogant in calling your post "too rational" then dismissing any dissent from you as double-emotion ("emotional reaction to their emotional attachment.") The only response you will brook, apparently, is for anyone who doesn't think you are a complete truth-speaking fucking Grade A genius to go listen to Take it Easy until that realization becomes apparent. Yet you are also wrong, since you have not been at all rational -- you made a completely and obviously irrational argument -- while debating an argument that is entirely rational: "The iconic stature of the game is itself more valuable than the sum total value of moving it."

        I will simply say that these are arguments and experiences that I believe and I feel are reasonable.  You may not agree with them, but at least consider their merits.  A lot of things in life are not appealing or pleasant, but you would wise not to dismiss them entirely.  I am certainly not some evangelist of the Christian faith here, and want to consider a plurality of views.  It appears you are the more inflexible one, who asserts that Michigan - OSU must play each other on the last regular season weekend in November, and anyone who say's otherwise, let them feel my wrath as in the Old Testament.  I am fortunate to have the background I have, but I trying to be considerate of your views, in return, please be considerate enough to hear me out.  I do not need to hear your Sturm and Drang.   The point of the Eagle's tune - Get Over it can easily be understood, if you read the lyrics - here is the link:
        Another view about message boards and blogs, I find apropos comes from the West Wing:  CJ Cregg is the presidential press secretary has discovered that Josh Lyman has posting response on a website called, which discusses administration policy to his chagrin:
        C.J., it's a... crazy place. It's got this dictatorial leader, who I'm
        sure wears a muumuu and chain smokes Parliaments. 
        [makes a smoking gesture with his fingers]
        What did you go there for in the first place?
        It's called
        C.J. gives him a pointed shove in the direction of his office. They walk a
        few paces and stop outside the doorway.
        Let me explain something to you, this is sort of my field. The people on
        these sites?  They're the cast of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
        Donna picks up her jacket inside the office and walks out between the two
        of them.
        C.J. [cont]
        The muumuu wearing Parliament smoker? That's Nurse Ratched. When Nurse
        Ratched is unhappy, the patients are unhappy. You? You're McMurphy. You swoop in there with
        your card games and your fishing trips...
        [shrugging defensively] I didn't swoop in, I came in exactly the same way
        everybody else did.
        Well, now I'm telling you to open the ward room window and climb on out
        before they give you a pre-frontal lobotomy, and I have to smother you 
        with a pillow.
        The West Wing - 
        Season 3, Episode "The US Poet Laureate"  
        The script transcript for the whole episode may be found here:
        Now, to put this passage in context, I respect Brian as an insightful writer and solid Michigan fan, who steadfastly supports Michigan, and loves the Michigan tradition.  I usually favor his views, and will also miss the Michigan OSU games at the end of the season. I find myself at risk sometimes here, when I discuss my own views and have not been heard here respectfully, or with tolerance.  Perhaps, I should follow the advice of C J Cregg, and finish my post  now and leave before the inmates begin to run the asylum.
        Knowing is not enough, you must apply; willing is not enough, you must do.

        Yeah, Bruce Lee. Didn't Yoda say about the same thing? Didn't Goethe say something similar too? And Balzac? And Newton? Hey, you can quote me with a similar sentiment: "All the potential energy in the world won't move a pin unless it's converted to kinetic." -Misopogon. But how in the hell and Columbus, Ohio, does a quote about the tangible value of collection versus application apply to playing Ohio State before Michigan State?

        As for Bruce Lee, yes, others may have something similar, including Goethe, the phrase is just one I enjoy, and have in my signature file.  Something that goes back to the USENET days of message threads and the early internet.  A time when free discussion was valued and cherished.
        08/27/2010 - 6:41am reference to full response

        see full response to Misopogen above under the title "a second response"

        08/26/2010 - 11:44pm follow-up

        Your arguments are a series of  non-sequitors (i.e. and trivial pursuits, which are not convincing to me, nor would they to Dave Brandon or Jim Delaney.  So, if you can't deal with the reality of the situation. go fish!

        As for your pseudo-exam book, most of your speculative scenarios are vague and other reference are based the history of the wolverines, while coached under Bo/ Gary / Lloyd, which is an era that has ended.  Only one coach remaining from the era, Fred Jackson, and even the Strength and Conditioning coach (Mike Gittleson) is retired, works for an athletic equipment company, and gives conditioning seminars at Michigan State University and other colleges and universities.  Mike is a great guy, but retired since the hiring of Mike Barwis.    

        I cannot help but feel a little pity for most of you, who seem to labor under the nostalgic impression, if not delusion, that Les Miles or Jim Harbaugh are going to beat a path to Michigan's door, if Rich Rodriguez leaves.  Both of them are signed fairly long-term contacts with buy-out clauses for early of termination of $4 million or more, similar to Rich Rodriguez at WVU.  There is too much uncertainty about University of Michigan now to predict what their behavior would be.  However, I believe Dave Brandon has a much firmer hand on the tiller than his predecessor, Bill Martin, who certainly knew how to run the athletic dept. with a profit, if nothing else.

        Which DSM IV-TR diagnosis should I give you:

        1) V 62.82 Bereavement

        2) V 62.89 Phase of Life problem / Religious or Spiritual problem

        3) 309.3 Adjustment disorder with Disturbance of Conduct

        4) 296.40 Bipolar Disorder with most recent Manic phase (unspecified other clinical features)

        5) 290.11 Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type - Early Onset with Delirium

        remains debatable, and should be considered private information between your provider and yourself, according to HIPAA regulations, and I do not wish to be even considered as a possible provider, because of your antagonistic remarks above.  As for any substance dependence or self-medication - that will remain your little secret.  (for your reference for DSM-IV TR - see, but the original source is copyrighted by APA and not available for reference on the internet).


        Bottom line- I am entirely happy to discuss the future and situation of Michigan football and the Big 10 conference championship game, but let 's maintain a firm understanding of what is relevant now, and not what was assumed in the past, while Lloyd Carr or Bo Schembechler were coaching.  It's a whole new world out there, and the change has only begun.  

        08/26/2010 - 5:46pm follow-up


        I have read your response and feel that you are just as emotionally invested in nostalgic beliefs as anyone else.  No one can be truly rational to this upcoming loss, since it breaks your routine as far as college football glory appears.  Your view of a winning season begins with beating OSU, and from there we proceed to bigger and better things, like Big 10 championships, bowl games, and top 10 ranks.  However, if Michigan can't get it done against OSU, it is unfulfilling.

        My argument with regard to changing the date of the GAME, considers it futile to have two back to back games with OSU for the end of the year and then for the championship.  The last game will not be as competitive, because of losses from injured played and the deja vu feeling.  The common argument that that Michigan and OSU should be in the same division and play to determine, who will go on to the Conference championship game.

         You seem to labor under the belief that Michigan and OSU will have equally dominate records, when they square off, that was last true in 2006, and for the last two years, Michigan was out of the running and OSU already dominate.  It would be nice, if Michigan could play a spoiler role, like Purdue did last year, and I would applaud a Michigan victory this year as sweet, redeeming success for a team that deserves, if only because of the challenges they have met so far.  

        Moving on to the BIG 10 versus the ACC and SEC, the Big 10 conference will not begin to morph into its new alignment until 2015.  During that time, we may see the additional teams, perhaps Notre Dame, perhaps other teams, but I doubt we will see the addition of a team like Texas or Alabama.  That means that the Big 10 has four historically dominate college football teams, i.e. Michigan, OSU, PSU, and Nebraska, along with other college teams, which had previous Rose Bowls wins or national championships, i.e. MSU (1965), Minnesota (1960, 1934-36 national champions, although lately they are lucky to win the Little Brown jug game against Michigan even in 2008).  The Big 10 usually has 4-6 teams go on to post-season bowls, but usually don't win the majority of the games, although last year was better.  The dominate team has been OSU for the last 5 years, beating Michigan every year, but OSU has not done very well in post-season bowl games, although they did win last year.

        Now Michigan has laid claim to a total 22 National championships under various schemes (see…), and ignoring Princeton's 28 championships, Yale's 27 championships and Harvard's 12 championships, Notre Dame has had 21 total, OSU 13, Nebraska 11, PSU 7, where as Alabama has had 17, Miami 9, FSU 7, LSU 7, and Tennessee 7, not to mention many championships by GA Tech, Florida, George, and Auburn and even Clemson.  However, lately in the last 10 years, SEC teams has owned the top rankings, just ask Pat Forde. 

        The Big 10 started the BIG 10 network to compete against SEC, ACC and Pac10, and perhaps Big 12 for TV rights with Fox, ABC, ESPN, and other networks, in search of eyeballs.  It allows the Big 10 flexibility for TV appearances, and perhaps a vehicle, if college football teams are ever broadcast real-time on the internet.  

        The Big 10 teams have to complete for recruits, and one need only look at ESPN, rivals, or scout rankling of team recruiting to see that Michigan lags behind lately other teams, in contrast to earlier years.  OSU, PSU, and Nebraska have been doing better, but Alabama, Texas, USC and Florida have been consistently been recruiting higher ranked players.  

        In order to compete better against, ACC and SEC, the Big 10 has to first compete better against each other, and force the dominate team to earn the right to be champion better, and later to be better able to complete in BCS championship bowl games, or at least post-season bowl games.  Bo had a great record winning regular season games, and a good record against OSU, but not so good when playing in the Rose Bowl or other bowl games.  

        I will continue my response later.

        08/26/2010 - 3:48pm UM-OSU Rehab

        I share many of your sentiment's about the thought of moving the date of THE GAME to earlier in the season.  I have been a Michigan fan for over 35 years, with enough experience at THE GAME to rival most here.  I have seen Michigan at its best and seen it at its most frustrated recently.  

        However, I have seen traditions continue and I have seen them end, and one's emotional reaction has been similar to what I see above.  Let's watch the 5 stages of Kuebler-Ross mourning of individual loss progress.  Why should I dare say this in this blog?  I will probably lose another 20-25 points, as I did for posting a speculative post about why moving the date of THE GAME might not be considered the fall of Western Civilization.  see this thread….

        I could list another series of changes at Indianapolis Motor Speedway or Ivy League Football, but most would consider it irrelevant or even offensive to consider any comparison to THE GAME.  However, we live in the real world now, and as offensive that may seem, I am sick and tired of seeing BIG 10 Football be considered the bridesmaid to the ACC and SEC or even the Pac 10 in the BCS bowl championship.

        Right now, given Michigan's status of rebuilding and being a Tier C team in the Big 10, who has not made it to any bowl in two years, it does not have much clout at the bargaining table.  Meanwhile, I don't see OSU worrying about the GAME, because they want to be #1 in the USA.  They can beat up on Michigan once a year, but they want to go on to bigger and better things.

        (See these various OSU football blogs:








        Michigan still has to wait for the decision of NCAA COI, and while most feel the current self-imposted penalties will suffice, we could easily see Rich Rodriguez or the university put on probation or receive worse penalties.  That will lead to another coaching change, and while that may be welcomed by some, it may mean also another mass exodus of good players on offense and defense, and another phase of rebuilding.  That will not help our leverage at the bargaining table.  Not to mention if Michigan gets banned from post-season bowls.

        (Which would you consider worse, a post-season ban for Michigan from bowls for 3 years a la USC, or  rescheduling the GAME from the last regular season game of the year.)

        Perhaps the change of the date will be temporary, and in a few years, the athletic departments will return the date to its traditional position.  I doubt 2010 will  be the last time Michigan and OSU will meet at the end of the year.  They will probably still have 2-3 more years of the THE GAME being at the end of the season before they change the date, but I could be wrong.  

        There may be other teams that may join the big 10, such as Notre Dame or Pitt or Syracuse, who could add to the competition for the Big 10 Championship.  However, the days of the BIG 2 and the little 8 are over.  Besides, whoever wins the Michigan-OSU game will ruin any perfect season for the other team, and will likely knock them down in the race for the Big 10 crown, and that will happen regardless of which division they play in.  

        My response may appear to rational for some here, who would pillory me for confronting their emotional reaction to their emotional attachment.  I try to be considerate most of the time, but perhaps some people to the listen to the Eagles and "Get over it"! 

        If you are serious about saving the GAME as the last game of the regular season, then we better get some support from the OSU fans in addition to our own fans to make it happan.