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12/09/2009 - 2:22pm Rivals was so high on Marvin

Rivals was so high on Marvin Robinson at the beginning of the year, as he had all those great offers. But as soon as commits to Blue, they start dropping him right down the list. I think they know of the really good ones, but after about 100 or so, they are doing a lot of guessing. Just my opinion.

11/14/2009 - 11:50pm Good points

I think he came to Notre Dame because he bought into the lie that Charlie Weis made Tom Brady into who he is. He thought Weis would make him NFL-ready.

If you look at the draft, I think he will be the top QB in this year's draft, if he comes out early. Teams will be skeptical with Bradford's injury, Tebow has some skeptics as well, and McCoy hasn't shown great consistency. We won't really know until the combines and all the other stuff before the draft, but I think he will think he could be the top QB taken, which isn't really saying a whole lot this year. I could be wrong.

The line might have some depth, but they really haven't been all that impressive this year and next year's line will be even less experienced.

As I said, I might be wrong about all this, but it seems to me like there is a good chance Clausen won't be back next year, especially if Weis is gone.

11/14/2009 - 11:37pm Clausen ain't coming back

I really don't think Clausen will come back next year, especially if Weis is gone, for a couple of reasons:

1. When he committed to Notre Dame, he mentioned doing solely for the purpose of playing in the NFL.

2. They will lose at least three, maybe four, of their offensive lineman after this year, and I don't think he wants to come back next year and take a beating in the pocket like he did his freshman year.

3. The two leading candidates seem to be Kelly or Meyer, neither of whom run offenses that play to Clausen's strengths.

But you never know...

11/14/2009 - 4:17pm Or Danny Hope, or Dantonio...

Or Danny Hope, or Dantonio...

11/14/2009 - 3:19pm You just said you were done

You just said you were done with this team 10 minutes ago.

11/12/2009 - 5:51pm Awesome, thanks everyone.

Awesome, thanks everyone. I'm glad he is at Michigan. He looks pretty good playign without any experience.

It is interesting that they said a lot of the same things last year about Taylor Lewan and he got four stars. I'm pretty excited about seeing his potential.

11/10/2009 - 8:30pm He's a ND homer. Not

He's a ND homer. Not suprised by his comments.

10/31/2009 - 11:05pm It used to be only called in

It used to be only called in the NFL a couple of years ago, but them the NCAA made a rule change in the off-season and have started calling it the last two or three years.

10/31/2009 - 10:40pm I think we would have seen

I think we would have seen the redshirt freshman quarterback on the next Illinois possesion instead of Juice. But they weren't going to put the kid in the game starting a drive on his own one yard line. So, the game could have been completely different, but I guess we will never know...

10/31/2009 - 9:01pm #52

Leach is number 52. They must have left his jersey in Ann Arbor, or he ripped it up or bled on it during warmups. Otherwise, very interesting thoughts. I also think Rodriguez needs a little more time. This guy can change the way the game is played in this conference.

10/31/2009 - 5:25pm You don't put Minor in until

You don't put Minor in until fourth down?

10/31/2009 - 12:44pm Don't forget how Iowa

Don't forget how Iowa destroyed South Carolina last year in the bowl game.

10/31/2009 - 10:40am I agree with you, but if they

I agree with you, but if they win out, how can you deny them? Winning in Columbus remains a big hurdle for them. A playoff system would really help all this, as Fowler mentions every week.

09/07/2009 - 6:20pm I think if Weis doesn't get

I think if Weis doesn't get at least 9 wins this year, we will definately see Kelly in South Bend. I don't think Meyer would come up here, but you never really know.

08/13/2009 - 9:28am Sorry meant to post

Sorry meant to post this:…

07/29/2009 - 5:43pm okay, thanks.

okay, thanks.

02/04/2009 - 1:30pm Peterman

Rivals is reporting that he has already signed his letter of intent to Syracuse.

01/28/2009 - 2:48pm I loved what Barnum did last

I loved what Barnum did last year on Signing Day. I wonder sometimes if he still would have done that if we had lost to Florida in the Capital One bowl.

01/16/2009 - 7:31pm Sanchez

And he'll draft Sanchez in the first round.

01/16/2009 - 6:21pm Golf?

I heard he might become John Daly's swing coach.

01/16/2009 - 6:16pm Remember the rumors from last

Remember the rumors from last year that Michigan was trying to contact Gruden and Stoops for the head coaching job? What a`crazy time!

01/16/2009 - 12:44pm Sanchez

Sanchez is not that good of a quarterback. He benfitted from a great offensive line, a great receiving corps (including a receiver from Michigan), and three or four solid running backs on a rotation throughtout the year. He is no Carson Palmer, leinart, or even JDB. He was just an okay quarterback. With the kind of talent that USC gets, especially at the skill positions, they won't even miss Sanchez. He is overrated and that is why Carroll is criticizing his decision to go to the NFL. He is not ready.

01/16/2009 - 10:44am Lose to OSU?

They won't lose to Ohio State. OSU will still be trying to replace all those defenders and without Wells, they have a problem. USC will dominate them defensively and to be honest, Sanchez is not a huge loss for USC. Even though USC will have a lot of young defenders, they are loaded with talent. Unfortunately.

01/13/2009 - 1:10pm Roh

Many expected him to be in the Top 100 after his performance in the Under Armour game.

01/08/2009 - 8:23pm J.T. Floyd?

I thought Floyd transferred out.

01/08/2009 - 1:02pm I've never been to a game in

I've never been to a game in Columbus, but I went to a Bengals(vs. the Patriots) game a couple of years ago and will never go again. I couldn't stand listening to the fans mutter incoherent insults about Tom Brady, etc. I've actually heard that the Browns fans are even worse. Its a wonder Braylon Edwards is doing as well as he is up there. The people in this state are just crazy.

01/08/2009 - 12:46pm Milford

I live in Milford (east side of Cincinnati). The only time the OSU fans really get obnoxious around here is during the week of the Michigan-OSU game. Most of them can't list five starters for the Buckeyes though, they just like to be annoying. Buckeye fans are some of the worst fans in all of sports.

01/08/2009 - 8:25am Cincy is a big basketball

Cincy is a big basketball town, so a lot of the Buckeye fans are a little soft, but there are still a lot more of them than I would like. There are quite a few of our Wolverine brothers down here as well. You see a lot of Michigan jackets, caps, etc. during the week of the Ohio State game.

01/07/2009 - 10:05pm It's tough. I grew up in

It's tough. I grew up in Flint area and settled down here after college. Every November I get hopeful that Michigan can get the big win against osu, but that hasn't happened yet since I've lived here. I survive by waiting for the day when we will own them again and I can go to work with my head held high. That and I try to get up to Ann Arbor for at least one game every year.

01/07/2009 - 7:58pm so do we go after both of

so do we go after both of them hard, especially if we can't get another quarterback in this 2009 class?