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09/10/2010 - 11:34am What?

No huge sale on the Vlad the Impaler shirts?

(Sweet deal. Ordering now.)

09/08/2010 - 11:22am Doesn't appear to be...

Doesn't appear to be a "closer to home" kinda deal either. TomVH says Vlad is looking at UCLA, Boston College, Duke, Oregon and Virginia.

09/01/2010 - 7:22pm 8 home games next year

Toughest road games in East Lansing and Iowa City. Gotta love 8 games in the Big House.

08/19/2010 - 12:42am All good


08/18/2010 - 7:23pm Only if...

Only if the drunk guy comes out of the stands and Harmon "jukes" him for the win.

08/18/2010 - 4:17pm "Gerrymander"


08/18/2010 - 4:00pm G-Rob's Emoticons

FTW. Maybe instead of actually getting angry on the sidelines this year, he can just have an assistant hold up emoticon cards for how he is feeling. 

08/18/2010 - 3:54pm As long as he shares...

I got no problem funding the habit. But you do make a good point. 

08/18/2010 - 3:53pm Excellent.


08/18/2010 - 12:21pm Can we get...

Can we get a t-shirt with Henri on the front and "YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH GIVE ME A FUCKIN' OTTER" on the back in the MGoStore? Please?

08/17/2010 - 7:07pm He's an Iowa "fan"...

Mercy = doubtful.

08/11/2010 - 5:55pm Welcome!

Welcome aboard Tony.

Say, any chance you have some interest in playing defense? Maybe in the secondary?

08/11/2010 - 2:23pm Is it sad...

That when you said "nm" my brain instantly went "of course the Tigs blew the lead"?

08/11/2010 - 2:09pm Good to hear that Demens and Jones are challenging...

Especially with Jones being injured last year. Here's hoping that a good LB playing time battle helps squeeze the best out of each of these guys, not only before the season but throughout the year.

08/10/2010 - 3:35pm Yes

Apologies to all for not spelling that out better in my initial comment. Had to type fast. Free pizza in the office.

I'm with you all: a big, mobile, physical line is something that can only serve to make this team better, as well as help dispel those rumors that the spread needs glorified TE's manning the line. As maizebluenc said, the trajectory is where RR wants it to be, now it's all about sustaining while continuing development.

08/10/2010 - 2:53pm Weight

Projected starting OL coming in at an average weight of 298.4 lbs. Not bad considering Rodriguez's reputation for having small guys on the line. Good weight and solid mobility sounds like a winning combination to me.

Somewhere, Mike Gittleson eats a pizza and wonders how Barwis does it...

08/08/2010 - 1:22pm Dee Hart

Guess we'll  be seeing him one way or another in 2012.

11/23/2009 - 6:41pm Apparently

Campbell's going to sign with the Windsor Spitfires, who drafted him last year.

Interesting choice, especially considering the Spitfires goalie this season is rolling along at a 2.40 GAA clip, and has a record of 19-2. If he heads to the NHL or AHL, Campbell's got a good shot in Windsor.

07/27/2009 - 3:33pm Dantonio

Seriously Dantonio? Let's let a glorified All Star game determine who the better conference is. But let's not stop at that. We need a Battle Royale of conference All-Star games, and the surviving team is the best conference.

Really ingenious.

02/09/2009 - 3:29pm Easterly

How about Daniel Easterly? The kid is listed at 6-6, but could play corner? He sounds like he might need some serious Barwisizing.

12/31/2008 - 3:18pm Even RichRod and his kid

Even RichRod and his kid looked bored. Ugh.

12/31/2008 - 3:15pm How are we feeling about 8-10 wins in the Big Ten now?


12/31/2008 - 3:03pm 42-31 Wisky

42-31 Wisky

12/31/2008 - 2:47pm Zach Gibson should be in the NBA...

...with the amount of steps he takes everytime he catches the ball. Jesus he's uncoordinated.