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01/28/2012 - 11:47am For the idiots that say

For the idiots that say things like "I hope JoePa rots in hell".

Joe Paterno always saw himself as an Indian in the grand scheme of things and not a chief. He may have been one of the most powerful people in sports and even in his state but he did not really get that. That is what made him what he was--humble to a fault. Some of the statements on this blog are downright disgusting. He reported what he knew to the police and University officials immediately. The county DA (Ray Gricar, who has been missing for several years BTW and declared legally dead last year) wanted to prosecute Sandusky and did not have enough evidence. Everyone of us would wish they had done more in retrospect. For all those who have nothing but criticism for Joe because of this, your next course of action is to donate all your worldly possessions to a "feed the children" or similar child welfare group fund and dedicate the rest of your lives to preventing children from dying of disease and hunger. After all you know those things occur and are largely preventable and since you demand that Joe Paterno had to use every fiber of his being to stop a terrible thing, you must practice what you expected of him to avoid being a flaming hypocrite. After all if you demand that from JoePa the world has every right to expect nothing less from you. But I'm sure you won't do that. Like I said you disgust me.............