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12/26/2014 - 7:03pm Rarely post but logged in

Rarely post but logged in just for this topic.

I grew up in Detroit and love the sports teams, but comparing it to Chicago as a city is laughable. I've lived in Chicago for 2 years and currently live in Manhattan. They all have bad parts, but Detroit has nothing that is comparable to Manhattan and some parts of Brooklyn in NYC or Old Town, River North, Lincoln Park, etc in Chicago.

Chicago has 4-5 sq miles of "nice parts" - anywhere from the loop to Wrigley. What exactly are Detroit's "nice parts"? A couple of blocks near the stadiums and the casinos?

Nothing wrong with living in and/or loving Detroit, I just don't understand the defensiveness when people point out that it is obviously a less desirable city than Chicago.

12/01/2013 - 10:16pm I rarely post here or even

I rarely post here or even use my account, but had to respond to this one. First of all, of course they control their OOC schedule. They scheduled a historically mediocre Cal program and 3 cupcakes. That's fine, I suppose, so long as you dominate your schedule (e.g. Florida State). Notice that no one is arguing that FSU shouldn't be in the MNC despite playing in the ACC.

Ohio State has played a horrendous schedule; their toughest opponent was 9-3  #21 Wisconsin at home and the second toughest was probably Iowa at home. Despite this awful schedule, they've found themselves locked in several dog fights this year. A botched snap from losing to 1-7 Northwestern, a game vs 3-5 Michigan that they virtually tied in regulation but won on a 50/50 two point conversion. 

When only two teams are given a chance to play for a MNC, you need to be able to look beyond who has the most "W"s on their schedule. This is why Northern Illinois, Fresno State and teams from weaker conferences don't get NC bids when they're undefeated. If Ohio State dominated their weak schedule, I'd say your comment that "all they can control is how they play on Saturdays" has some validity, but they've actually looked pretty bad more than a few times.

Do you honestly think there aren't 10 or so other teams who would go undefeated with their schedule? Heck, even MSU went undefeated with a similar schedule except for the fact that they played a mediocre ND team on the road, which gives you a sense of how easy it is for any above average team to go undefeated in this conference right now. 

10/08/2013 - 10:52am Just FYI, the Tiges have made

Just FYI, the Tiges have made the playoffs in 3 of the past 7 years. Not 5 or 6.