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09/02/2017 - 9:50pm Go Blue

the pit looked even better in person!! Go Blue!!!

08/04/2017 - 4:57pm consequences for sin?

Matthew 7:3-5

12/19/2016 - 2:46pm Antjuan Simmons

Does anyone know why we aren't persuing Antjuan Simmons?

10/07/2016 - 11:20am DPJ


04/14/2016 - 8:00pm jaybird x2

got these and a couple pair of beats. jaybirds are the better of the two when it comes to working out

12/23/2015 - 11:06pm Khalid Kareem...

why no post on him and his decommitting from Bama?

05/19/2015 - 1:48pm Prayers

Prayers for your wife Bro.

04/09/2013 - 4:16pm Please send invite to

Please send invite to Brooksfam31. Wisc or Iowa. Thanks

04/09/2013 - 4:12pm Did you give giff4848 HoSu or

Did you give giff4848 HoSu or Wisc?

02/03/2013 - 11:58am Send me one