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05/17/2010 - 1:50pm hey wait a minute...

Not all wives are such girls when it comes to this stuff.    I'm a chick and thought there could have been more gore to fully demonstrate the perils that the Marines had gone through, but that might have been influenced by my conversations with a relative who was there.

I did enjoy the series, and liked how they brought the story home at the end... but I really feel like they could have added a bit more in the middle and used episode 9 as the final episode.  I know that with Basilone's early death that it would be hard to build up much about him, but Iwo Jima could have been more than a half hour snippet, easily.

02/11/2010 - 2:04pm I've also had a similar

I've also had a similar experience when traveling with my shirt on. A few weeks ago I wore my Worst State Ever t-shirt and had tons of people in the Boston airport just stare at me blankly, wondering if it was West Virginia (until of course, I was approached by a few men decked out in Michigan gear who quickly corrected them).

If you're flying somewhere alone and like to be social, put this shirt on. Airport friends come around in an instant, and if you're in Dallas maybe you'll also get free drinks.

I'm going to test it out at the bar, see if it's got the same effect on men.