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12/30/2008 - 2:24pm Superstitious

I'm not superstitious. But I am a little bit stitious.

12/30/2008 - 11:46am Otters

Yes, thank you for this wonderful post about otters. Also, thank you for not mentioning Will Campbell. Even though he really *otter* come to Michigan.

I'm sorry!!!! I couldn't resist!!!

09/22/2008 - 1:49pm Excellent Read!

Hilarious Wolvrine32! "Sheridan throws a pick so ugly it makes plants die" slayed me!

Also, congrats on the new addition to the family! Baby32 shall be singing The Victors right as the Rodriguez era swings into full force. Yay!

(Note: I work with Wife32, so it's significantly less creepy that I know this.)

Congrats, Good Luck, and Go Blue!!!

07/30/2008 - 4:51pm Nathan Magyar I used to work with Nathan's mom, Patti. And for the record, their last name is "Magyar", not "Maygar". Very nice family though!