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12/31/2010 - 4:28pm Mark it down

Michigan wins by 20. And if I'm wrong can someone tell me how to change my name on here.

12/16/2010 - 12:41pm wait.....did you hear that??

no??? I didnt either with all that damn crying!!!  lol

12/11/2010 - 8:11pm jeebus!

I'm so sick of these cry babies on here "there is already a thread for this". Look if you know what this thread is then dont fucking read it!  What the fuck is the harm in there being God for bid 2 whole threads on a subject. I use to love the message boards here but anymore half the post is about "there is already a thread about this",fuck get over it! "neg" me fucking day,i dont give shit about mgoblog points,plus I wont be posting on here more anyways. Peace out cry babies go fuck yourselfs.

12/05/2010 - 12:46pm I could not agree more

I get so sick of people posting " already been posted blah blah blah". sorry not everyone on here reads EVERY DAMN THING POSTED!!.

11/01/2010 - 12:31pm youmake a good point

but how would a coaching change help the problem?? I still say give RR one more year,bringin a new coach and system doesmore damage then good right now.

11/01/2010 - 12:02pm I agree with some of what you wrote but.........

you saying there will be no improvment on defense over the next 2 years is way off. We have 8-10 true freshmen and 4-5 redshirt freshmen playing! To me this IS the low point of the defense. I truley want RR back for one more year to see if this young defense can make the some jump our young offense did over the last 2 years. I think that is fair and if the defense is still this bad next year then I'm 100% on firing RR after next season.

10/31/2010 - 11:21am If RR is out after the year......

I would like to see us go after TCU's head coach. He seems like a good coach and its appreant he knows what defense is.

10/03/2010 - 3:50pm You nailed it

If he keeps this up and we beat msu and iowa it will be hard to over come him in the heisman race.

09/28/2010 - 5:23pm yost

Yost will be top 5

09/28/2010 - 5:07pm everytime I try the direct

everytime I try the direct link it shuts down after about 15 minutes. anyone else having trouble like that?

09/26/2010 - 12:02pm Thanks

I have no idea how I missed those on the mden site! My eyes must be getting bad lol. Has anyone seen the new rubber bracelets that look some what like a watch?? It has a circle in the middle of it??

09/23/2010 - 5:09pm hard to read into anything on wackbag

I know some think its a bit but I dont. I have already sent a email to sirius letting them know I will cancelmy sirius/xm if they dont get them resigned. I still love Ron and Fez but I'll go if [email protected] go.

09/23/2010 - 4:34pm RDDGoblue

Glad to see there is another Pest on here. Chip is the manbut I still like Ted the best. Have you heard any news on their contract??

09/23/2010 - 3:47pm OSU fans are just pissed

They are all upset because Shoelace is what they thought Pryor would be and he isnt. They all thought Pryor would be this unstoppable dual threat,the problemis he isnt that great at throwing yet. He is good as a runner but their fanbase knows deep down inside they would rather have Shoelace with 3 years left then Pryor right now.

09/23/2010 - 3:06pm If your a big fan

then please email or call sirius/xm and tell them to stop being a cheap ass and pay them before their contract ends next week! If they dont pay up [email protected]  will be done!!

09/23/2010 - 2:05pm yep!

Lennox that is one of the funniest things I've heard! Burr just killed them on that show. I talked to Bill after a show last year and he said he just got so mad he just lost it,glad it turned out the way it did lol

09/23/2010 - 1:48pm Bill Burr

Um he is a big time stand up comic. He was on the Chappell show and is on The Tonight Show often.


P.S. Stern is ok but I dont find him as funny.

09/13/2010 - 2:06pm oh ok

Thanks for the info. makes sense to use a walkon since the fb isnt used as much as some of the other spots.

09/13/2010 - 12:23pm I dont see this as all that bad.

Vlad hurts the depth this year  but both of these guys were not long term players. I think this class will be a good one and we need somemore scholies anyways.I dont like players to tranfer but sometimes its the best for the player and the program. I wish them all well but I think over all our program will be better also.

09/07/2010 - 8:57pm I am all in

and always have been! I just hope if the season turns they dont fire Rich after this season.

09/07/2010 - 7:45pm Thanks everyone

Glad some others feel the same way. 

09/07/2010 - 6:49pm Lets calm down abit.

If the season goes well we will have a great class but not out of this world. I'm not sure we even get into the top 5 with everyone we are in on. A top 10 class i think would happen which would be great,but I dont see a top 5 which I consider a out of this world class.

08/15/2010 - 12:43pm this guys whole reason why Michigan will be bad now and for

years to come is that Michigan cant recruit anymore! He said we have no Oline and that good players dont wont to go there. I said well why did we land Gardner last year and he said cause he liked Michigan. I said isnt that why EVERY kid commits to any school?? This guy is a fool!!

08/15/2010 - 12:24pm your right

he might not pay up but I do know where he lives lol. Even if I dont get the money it will be great just knowing that he was dead wrong!

07/26/2010 - 4:25pm cool!

That is great news as long as he goes blue. It would be great to get him and Bryant!

07/26/2010 - 10:56am see thats the thing

when they changed my oil the guy said i will notice some oil because when he changed it he said some oil went onto the plate that covers the under side of the engine. So i will notice some oil leak but its just the oil that leaked down onto that plate.

07/26/2010 - 10:42am It's a local place

the owner bought it from her dad.her family has owned the place for about 20 years.They have been really nice but i was getting a bad vibe when she kept talking about why it would take a week for a oilplug to come out.

07/26/2010 - 10:37am temp gauge

never showed it was running hot and about a minute after the oil pressure light came on the car died.

07/26/2010 - 10:36am suzuki

a 2005 suzuki xl-7

07/26/2010 - 10:34am I think they should try him at

the bandit or spur position if he has added good weight.

07/26/2010 - 10:32am yes

the only thing I had done was a oil change.

07/26/2010 - 10:31am well

the hood was so hot I couldnt raise it for about 30 minutes lol

07/26/2010 - 10:29am thats what i said

I said the plug must have been cross threaded for it to take a week to come out. I could not find the oil plug because it was on a major highway (52 east near Ironton Ohio),and about 5 miles back from where the car finally stopped.

07/18/2010 - 9:08pm yeah

maybe just alittle. lol

07/18/2010 - 9:04pm nope

i could really care less.

07/18/2010 - 8:48pm sorry

didnt know 2 question marks bothered you so much.

07/13/2010 - 2:26pm This woman is in Columbus

there's dicks EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  zing!

06/12/2010 - 11:30am as someone whowas at that game

I still give it to USC. They crushed OU and the game was never really close.USC with or withour Bush was the best team that year hands down.

06/03/2010 - 8:40pm no big surprises

I hate to say it but I dont think we will see any big surprises this season.I think we will go 7-5 or6-6. The offense will be ok but not yet great and the defense will struggle. This team is still too younge I think and we are a year away from having some really big strides. I hope I'm wrong but I just dont see anything that is going to just jump out and blow me away.

01/19/2010 - 11:44am Michigans defense

will be the surprise unit in all of the Big Ten next season.

12/30/2009 - 8:26pm why would these players be talentless??

Just because you add more players doesnt mean they wont have talent. Granted they will not be as good as the starters but you never know. Roy Roundtree didnt start and filled in very nice. I understand your point some what but just doesnt think it holds true.

12/28/2009 - 12:09pm ....

I like turtles

12/21/2009 - 3:50pm I have a

2003 Honda vtx 1300. Nice bike but is a tad too big for me really. I weigh 175,and the bike weighs

12/05/2009 - 7:09pm Heisman

he isnt winning it.

12/05/2009 - 2:47pm I thought I heard or read somewhere

that he is a pretty "dirty" recruiter and not that great of a guy. I could be wrong but I thought I had seen something along those lines. Which by all means doesnt make them true. So who knows.

11/30/2009 - 12:28pm hey it may work out well for us

Jefferson was there and the UCLA team trashed him,so he dropped them now.

11/25/2009 - 10:08pm Pryor winning the Heisman

has about the same odds of him being drafted in the NFL as a qb.

11/24/2009 - 7:15pm Hmmmmm

I remember when Winston came back and got hurt I was bashing him and said I was glad he got hurt and I got negged all day about it. I stated he was nothing but a punk bitch and always will be.Looks like someone was right! Just kidding but as I said in that thread,karma is a bitch. So long shit bag.

11/23/2009 - 9:26pm BG best player in Big Ten

hands down! not even close.

11/23/2009 - 7:47pm as a die hard skins fan

I second that!!