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11/17/2018 - 7:04pm…

11/07/2018 - 10:19pm It's not just Nike. It's the…

It's not just Nike. It's the University, through MDen, ensuring students cannot sell or profit off their likeness per NCAA guidelines. 

11/07/2018 - 10:14pm This is the most correct…

This is the most correct answer, and lots of places will sew/embroider/screen print a name on the back of a jersey. 


TECHNICALLY MDen cannot (and cannot sanction such) due to the NCAA. 


That said, if you want something accurate, go to eBay, not MDen.


Harbaugh's Nike jersey when he played here did not have a Jumpman. 

09/09/2018 - 4:21pm There's a fantastic bed and…

There's a fantastic bed and breakfast called the Margarita Inn in Evanston. I've stayed there a number of times. 


It's built in an old dorm. 

08/14/2018 - 9:05pm 2011 Ohio State



2011 Ohio State


2015 Citrus Bowl vs Florida

06/12/2018 - 3:40pm There is nothing more…

There is nothing more expensive than a cheap/free car.

06/12/2018 - 3:40pm Depending on certain things,…

Depending on certain things, your 94 might not have OBD-II; the computer is much, much simpler/stupider, and a Cold Air Intake (CAI) won't automagically have its colder air regulated/have your air/fuel mix adjusted accordingly.

It'll make a fun sound, though!

06/12/2018 - 1:43pm…

06/12/2018 - 1:41pm That makes one of us. This…

That makes one of us. This is a lot smoother of an experience to me.

06/12/2018 - 1:41pm ((I wish I was a little bit…

((I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...))

I wish I had the 1.8L engine instead of my 1.6L; there's actually aftermarket options out there for bolt-in improvements to the 1.8L, let alone a supercharger (I don't want to go turbo).

Everything else about my car I'm happy about; if it doesn't have it, I just...add it myself.


05/23/2018 - 10:28am My first car was a 1999

My first car was a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe with the V6.

I *loved* that car, right up until the rear rocker panels started to rust away.

It had a screaming 170 HP.

There was an asshole at my high school who dickwaved about his Grand Am GT 4-door, same-ish years, loved to talk shit about my lowly SE.

Do you know what the difference between the GT and the SE was, besides some exterior trim?

+5 HP. I kid you not.

Alternately, the ladyfriend's 2007 Toyota Camry is a trooper. Nothing seems to go wrong with it, and if something DOES, it doesn't seem to ever be that concerning or difficult to fix.

Compare that to the 1996 Audi we just sent to the biergarten up in the sky -- something was drastically wrong with the thermostat; and to replace the thermostat you have to assume ze service position: remove the front bumper, drain and remove the radiator and fans...

01/30/2018 - 2:13pm Miata wasn't there, as Mazda

Miata wasn't there, as Mazda wasn't :(

The Fiat 124 Spider was, so the Miata was there in spirit...

01/30/2018 - 2:00pm The only cars I was

The only cars I was interested in sitting in, they kept locked.

01/22/2018 - 2:22pm If this had been *any other

If this had been *any other situation* but Nassar, this would be run of the mill "yup, they used service X number of times when they were allowed to use it Y". Shockingly, people are asked to pay the difference.

That's my point. 

01/22/2018 - 2:09pm Flaming hot take: this is a

Flaming hot take: this is a non-story.

Student goes and uses service (beyond what is covered in tuition).

Student is billed accordingly.

Debate amongst yourselves if you feel that MSU should *refund* the student due to MSU's involvement/negligence in this particular situation. 

But the initial act of billing is (again, debate amongst yourselves the integrity therein) just how such healthcare systems work.

07/28/2017 - 2:01pm I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade

I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade during a high school grad party (my parents do not know this fact).

I then had a Guiness as my first ever "real beer" during freshman year of HS. Boy was that ever a rude awakening. I couldn't understand why anyone would drink that for fun, and the only way I was able to finish the 4-pack was using copious amounts of vanilla ice cream.

Experimented with lagers, which were _okay_, albeit a little gross. Still don't much care for Heineken.

Then I tried Blue Moon, which was my gateway to Oberon, which was my gateway to craft beer.

Now I'm a craft beer snob.

04/04/2017 - 11:01am Fastest: 2007 Mustang (V6,

Fastest: 2007 Mustang (V6, yup. I said fastest).

Slowest: 1991 Mazda Miata -- 0-60 is approaching 10 seconds.

But I bet on a track I can do laps around you in her <3

03/21/2017 - 12:09pm I have a 250cc Ninja, and no

I have a 250cc Ninja, and no desire to upgrade. She goes plenty fast, fastly, for my tastes.

03/21/2017 - 12:08pm See, I have the opposite

See, I have the opposite opinion. To each their own, but to me, those do not look good.

03/21/2017 - 12:07pm It's vinyl, it's not all that

It's vinyl, it's not all that heavy. Hard to do well, very, Especially if you want to apply it without silly things like "bubbles". 

03/21/2017 - 11:29am I have a V6 '07

I have a V6 '07 (non-convertible) and I love it to pieces. 

03/21/2017 - 11:13am Yup, I specifically got the

Yup, I specifically got the NA because they have a great reputation and who doesn't love pop-up highlights?

I'm not touching the air intake. IMHO the only benefits to a new air intake are if you also tune you car. Not gonna bother with that.

And yeah, I've been dealing with electrical system wonkiness for the last week. Hence, new alternator.

03/21/2017 - 11:10am Yup, my hope is that having

Yup, my hope is that having finally performed what amounts to "maintenance that should have been done almost 100k ago but god only knows what the previous owner did", she'll outlive a Civic.

We'll see about that one...

03/21/2017 - 11:08am You can buy special sheets of

You can buy special sheets of vinyl and literally wrap it around your body panels to get a whole new look while preserving the original paint (theoretically).

When you're "done" with it, it just peels off. Or if it's damaged and you need to replace it.

Here's a really cool "rusted" wrap on a Porsche.

Here's a chrome-wrapped Lambo.


03/21/2017 - 10:42am Wrapping is too expensive for

Wrapping is too expensive for my tastes right now, to get it properly/professionally done.

I do hope to install some go-faster stripes like...within the next 24 hours, though.

She doesn't need to look perfect -- that's what my Mustang is for. She just needs to look fun.

03/21/2017 - 10:29am Miata Is Always The

Miata Is Always The Answer.

I picked up a '91 a little over a month ago with ~170k on the odo and a service history of "probably not".

Since then, I've spent my weekends getting her ready for track days. New belts, new alternator, new battery, new spark plugs and wires, new wheels and tires, new roof, new mirrors, a quick-release steering wheel, shift lights, and a racing seat. Up next is new brakes and stainless steel lines, and some thermostat work.



02/09/2017 - 9:58pm First I'm hearing of this

First I'm hearing of this "massive fight" that "may have involved football players".

Closet I could find was this.

Anything else is pure speculation.

02/09/2017 - 9:56pm IIRC it was flat out

IIRC it was flat out cancelled last year. So it might just be a thing of the past :(

01/08/2017 - 10:40am This is super cool. Love

This is super cool. Love seeing you interact with the current squad!

12/21/2016 - 11:37am 2012 - Ohio State: For some

2012 - Ohio State: For some inexplicable reason, Michigan's playcalling shifts at the half to a run-run-run-punt, primarily up-the-middle strategy.

2013 - Ohio State: Devin Gardner comes out of our last time out to attempt a two-point conversion to win the the exact same formation as prior to the called time out. Thanks for nothing, Borges -- everybody in Michigan, Ohio, and freakin' China saw that coming.

12/06/2016 - 5:01pm On Tourneau's site, the

On Tourneau's site, the "cheap" watch is $475 (after a half-off discount). The expensive? $3,200 ...after a half-off discount.

Also, wtf do they need with a mini-helmet?

11/28/2016 - 4:06pm I personally displayed both

I personally elected to display both my signed jerseys using shadowboxes purchased at Jo-Anns or Michaels, and am quite pleased with the results.

11/21/2016 - 4:06pm I was there last year, it was

I was there last year, it was pretty solemn, as one would expect.

Which made it super cringy when people tried to take selfies with various people-that-showed-up.

Can we maybe discourage that kind of behavior this year?

11/19/2016 - 8:21pm That picture is *fantastic*.

That picture is *fantastic*. Can you please give access to a high-res version?

Edit: Nevermind.…

10/31/2016 - 6:19pm

10/28/2016 - 10:26am Roommate and I will both be

Roommate and I will both be there!

09/06/2016 - 5:06pm Man, if this was *Sunday* and

Man, if this was *Sunday* and not *Monday*, I'd be all over it. But I can't justify doing a 8:30AM ~1.5 hour long tour and then rushing off to work. I just wouldn't be happy.

09/01/2016 - 4:21pm Absolutely. Every scheme

Absolutely. Every scheme would have to adjust constantly.

They could afford to blitz entirely differently, or rush different linebackers, or have more d-line pressure, and our QB's pocket would fold more often, or the RB would have nowhere to go.

The *best case* scenario is a spare safety doing double coverage on a WR and the rest of the play was a ground play. But the smart move defensively is to always rush more linemen/linebackers.

Offensively? Same concept applies. That's one more route to cover with one fewer person. That's one WR that is ALWAYS open. Or perhaps one more olineman pushing against us. Sacks become much harder. Holes for RBs get wider.


09/01/2016 - 2:37pm Can we have them end this

Can we have them end this stupid trend started by freshmen last year of "You suck *bitch*"?

Like...the You Suck chant is already controversial enough (see: versus military teams).

And for the love of God, can't we be a classier body than that?!

08/30/2016 - 11:10am Do you happen to have

Do you happen to have video/gif from aforementioned pass/connection?

Or even game highlights? I meant to start watching just for Gardner and Gallon.

08/23/2016 - 10:05am Honda Civic is always the

Honda Civic is always the answer...for better or for worse.

08/23/2016 - 9:58am Well, let's see:
Chance to

Well, let's see:

Chance to plug a blog I started on automotive car culture in SE Michigan!

Went to Woodward last Saturday, the M1 Concourse events got rained out :(

Going to Hines Park Cruise this Sunday, and Frankenmuth Cruise in a couple weeks.

Got my catalytic converters fixed (FINALLY). Tore up my arms something fierce swapping out mufflers last night :(

08/23/2016 - 9:56am Pretty sure the Candian "Blue

Pretty sure the Candian "Blue Loonies" and their retrofitted ambulance is the ultimate tailgate vehicle.

08/19/2016 - 1:16pm They could have redesigned

They could have redesigned the entire thing. Close down the ramps, and change them to a true cloverleaf. Exit comes before entrance.

Exiting cars should never have to zipper merge with entering cars.

08/19/2016 - 12:57pm Preach.
I predict 3


I predict 3 accidents a week, still, minimum.

That entire bridge is a complete clusterf%(#$ and has no chance of getting better unless they tear it down and rebuild it.


08/18/2016 - 9:10pm Actually, Devin WAS involved with several projects

Actually, Devin WAS involved with several projects in the greater Detroit area.

08/15/2016 - 10:24pm Do you have a link for the

Do you have a link for the $20 tour? I asked for a tour and was quoted at like $100+ because of a small party.

08/04/2016 - 10:38pm I don't think I'll be able to

I don't think I'll be able to join -- work has just been super brutal and I don't see me being able to get time off.

Jasmine might be able to join ya -- we both want to hang out with you this summer, it's long overdue.

Please keep us in the loop with the results of the commercial, and the ESPN stuff, it's all super exciting!

07/08/2016 - 1:59pm I've had it for a couple days

I've had it for a couple days now (sideloaded the Aussie/NZ APK, then got the official US one over the Play Store).

10/10, it has bugs and needs work on some features, but I absolutely love it.

Blue Team, because GO BLUE, duh.

Rumor has it the Big House is a Gym...

07/05/2016 - 5:44pm Supposedly, according to John

Supposedly, according to John U Bacon, both Denard and Devin Gardner stay away from alcohol nigh-entirely.

I could have sworn I've seen otherwise on South U once upon a time, but *shrug*.

If they stay away from booze, I sincerely doubt they do any of the "harder" stuff. Unless you get any prescription stuff involved, which there's a good chance he's on for any number of athletic reasons.