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08/25/2008 - 1:20am Well, thank Christ we've got

Well, thank Christ we've got chitwonblue telling us what to think is funny and what not to think is funny. What happened to the Mealers was horrible and I wouldn't wish it on an OUS fan. What GA was pointing out was that deceased people are not normally referred to as "less fortunate". There's the gaffe, stretching it as it may be.

Here's the irony: chitownblue's blog - "Wolverine Liberation Army" (which I whole-heartedly enjoy) - has a post up entitled "Glorious Accomplishments of Socialism". It satires Castro's reign of terror, Zedong's oppression of the majority of the world's population, and Stalin's murder of millions. I ask you what do you find more amusing: an elderly driver making a mistake behind the wheel and tragically killing two people or numerous bloodthirsty dictators murdering and oppressing millions? Neither? Same here.

 The rub: I found the quote to be of some interest (and mild amusement at best) in  light of the whole deceased being described as "less fortunate" thing. I also found chitownblue's indignation about it quite ironic even though he didn't pen the post on his blog. I still love the WLA even though I know from reading some of the contributor's posts there and elsewhere that they are quite on the liberal side of things here at home. Satirizing communist USSR while supporting more government dependency, taxes, and the "gov't knows what's best for us" mentality by supporting the liberal politicians would be a lot funnier though, if it wasn't so damn scary. God help us all.

08/06/2008 - 3:29pm For the record I believe Daltrey played against someone who was supposedly deaf, blind, and mute (we'll say mute so as not to offend anyone) - he wasn't the one with the unfortunate afflictions. Of course, this in no way takes away from your argument so maybe I'm just being anal. Sorry. As you were.
08/01/2008 - 1:35pm Apparently my spelling skills

Apparently my spelling skills are impeccable but my comprehension skills lack in several categories. For some reason I thought you were defending the guy in the truck with the backwoods music. After slowly sounding out each word of your reply to mmm I now understand that you stayed on point and were merely saying that just because one dumb ass listens to KKK shit doesn't mean the WVU baseball coach is a cross burner. Was it really that hard?

Love the avatar. You'd think they could have photoshopped the hair off her chest, though. Damn.


08/01/2008 - 1:22pm Just watched the Youtube Just watched the Youtube link. Looks pretty stellar.
08/01/2008 - 10:36am How many racist songs do you How many racist songs do you hear on the radio (excluding rap)? Exactly. It was obviously a CD. It's not that ludicrous to assume a guy that bought or burned a CD with that crap on it just might be a tad prejudiced. If it actually was on the radio then that still says something about WV. Who would put that on the airways? That definitely has merit.
08/01/2008 - 9:55am What's with this place? Is it What's with this place? Is it like an Ed Debevic's where it's part of the schtick getting treated like shit or is this place more like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld where they're just assholes?
07/27/2008 - 6:34pm She's a pretty good looking She's a pretty good looking ginger but that dude just makes me uncomfortable. Sick! Gross! Where's all the hot blonde and brunette chicks?
07/24/2008 - 2:14pm Are we Duke lacrosse-ing this Are we Duke lacrosse-ing this one? I know there were some articles about the victim's mother saying this and that but has everything she said been substantiated? I just can't imagine these UI biggies are being this blatantly stupid if what the victim's mother claimed happened is true. This kind of obvious cover-up is almost too dumb to be true. I know it's the "in" thing nowadays to shoot first and ask questions later what with the shrill bloggers and Nancy Grace breathlessly damning all the scum unfortunate enough to be suspected of anything. Or maybe I'm just being devil's advocate here. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I missed the mark. Be gentle.
07/18/2008 - 3:04pm I was skeptical with the I was skeptical with the whole musical thing until BarwisAidMan busted thru the wall. Picturing every one's dancing motions slowly coming to a halt and Grady putting down the feather boa won me over. Great stuff - or so I thought. I'm glad Mrs Mason was here to steer me down the path of true hilarity. I'd hate to think I'd laugh at something that wasn't actually funny. Why waste your brilliant skills here in the blogosphere, Mrs Mason, when Saturday Night Live so desperately needs someone to show them what funny is? It's your calling. The country needs you!
07/16/2008 - 8:00am Barwis eats a live Mormon Barwis eats a live Mormon child. Priceless!
07/14/2008 - 10:26am "And if you think you've

"And if you think you've never been happy that someone died then you're either a hypocrite or a simpleton."

The reason I haven't been happy about some one's death yet is because you're still alive. Oooh! Free speech! Free speech! If you whine about me saying that you're a hypocrite!

Bleeding heart, hard - line fuck stains like you are what's wrong with this country. If everyone was a little closer to the middle - meaning hard lefts and hard rights  - we'd all be much better off.

Hey, I'm having a bad day. Could you go kill yourself?

07/09/2008 - 7:42am Ordonezm is awesome! In no

Ordonezm is awesome! In no way did he talk in circles or make an ass of himself. I think his BAC was nearing .281 when he wrote that drivel.

07/07/2008 - 4:21pm I'm merely saying that going

I'm merely saying that going a mile an hour over the speed limit and killing someone is a ton worse than driving at a .281 and not. I'm saying let's punish him for what happened - not what could have happened.

Oh - and I didn't mean to bust balls with the time-from-home. I just think that that really shouldn't have anything to do with it. Should they have let him go if he was 2 blocks from home instead of 14 (actually about 10) miles from home?

07/07/2008 - 3:25pm Wyoming is at best 10 minutes

Wyoming is at best 10 minutes from his home. Not to mention how do you know he was going home? You sure are a bunch of shrill m-fers.

It doesn't matter how far he had to go or how blitzed he was. It only takes backing out of a driveway to kill someone - drunk or not. How about every time you fist biters go above the speed limit? You sure as hell could have killed someone and had the book thrown at you to boot. Let's all take some deep breaths.

1 game suspension minimum but I do like the idea of incrementally letting him earn his way back with a series of goals to achieve. If he doesn't achieve them by the time the season starts then he just sits until they're all accomplished.