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01/04/2009 - 5:41pm I think we've got a chance...

Army Hockey beats #2 Miami…

12/07/2008 - 1:08am saw him a month ago against Mira Mesa

I'd echo all of the comments here. I saw Tate about a month ago against Mira Mesa and would say that everything here is accurate. I'd also parrot the fact that Tate seems to not be an integral leader on the team, as most of the time he's by himself on the sideline and not involved with the line/backs/wr's or even pumping up the defense. I would think that the home-schooling/hired-gun might have something to do with that, but I generally think high school kids want to win regardless of someone's educational background. Will be interesting to see what role he assumes at the next level.

My observation against MM was that Tate looked to scramble at the first sign of pressure in the pocket (i.e., happy feet). That being said, he's probably conditioned to do that since his line is pretty porous and defenders are on him all the time. Should be a good prep for his upcoming years at UM...

I have a feeling that if/when he plays at UM, he's going to try to do too much w/ his feet and scramble right away. Given the significant uptick in talent at the D-1 level, he's not going to have the great success he had in high school (see also: McGuffie). That being said, he seemed to have good down-field vision and was able to hit guys in stride, particularly a very small darty guy (like Odoms) that he hit repeatedly over the middle for 10-15 yds a clip. Balls thrown (footballs, that is) were crisp and on target for the most part, so hopefully the impending Barwis-ization won't impact that skill.

My feeling is that we can expect a "Sheridan vs. Minniesoda" type of performance out of him during the beginning of his career, but probably only after a few games of experience under his belt. My instinct tells me that if he's the #2, his introduction to D-1 football will be eerily similar to pryor's at osu in that a starter from the prior year (threet) will get the starts for the first 1/3 of the season and he'll see some time in games where we (hopefully) build a significant enough of a lead to get him some playing time. Then, as the season progresses, he ends up splitting time and eventually becomes "the dude."

Then again, we also have Shav Beav in the mix (presumably) and I haven't seen him play yet, so this might all be crap...

09/16/2008 - 11:21am actually, i have...

...tried to keep my footing while engaged with a very big person under wet (but not gay--not that there's anything wrong with that) conditions.

my point was that our guy would step across and engage the nd lineman, attempt to turn to the outside and pursue as the nd rb runs a sweep, and then the nd guy tackles him from behind to prevent the pursuit (with great success).  that's not a footing issue from my perspective.

but i do see a larger point here.  a big east ref crew.  wvu is in the big east...

09/15/2008 - 7:33pm nd blocking. aka...

...tackling?  anyone else see the numerous times where our guy falls down with one of their o-line turds laying on top of him.  i know holding is probably a stretch for the home-town refs to call, but on more than one occasion, i saw a nd lineman all over our DE and essentially tackle him. it was egregious.

09/09/2008 - 11:48am whatever happened to...

the rocky and bullwinkle theme?  anyone know the reason?  is it because it is offensive to the native squirrels/moose?

09/08/2008 - 6:29pm my bad

should've said powlus (who is on the sidelines BTW)

bottom line is that i would prefer he suck, kind of in a yakety-sax brady quinn eating turf/jimmah getting crooshed by a D-line gang-bang sorta way

09/08/2008 - 5:08pm A rew reactionary guesses

1.  Chaz weis is going to stack the line against the run and force us to pass.  Because of our inexperienced line and inability to run up the middle, chaz will try to force us into the least preferred part of our game, i.e., the pass.

2.  Chaz will craft his passing offense to try to take advantage of Stevie Brown/middle dump-off LB pass coverage.  Our corners are going to be much better (arguably) than Man Diego St.'s, so the weakness is in the short checkdown that our LBs are having a tough time with, as well as anything where Brown would be involved.

3.  N(d)BC will make 36 references to Jimmah's arm-strength and how he's the 2nd coming of Joe Montana.  I'm hoping he actually turns out to be the 2nd coming of Rick Mirer.  BTW, I'm not sure how much more annoying the N(d)BC announcers can get.

4.  Jimmah's hair-line will recede another half-inch, and when it gets wet, we can see another 10 square inches of scalp.  Not that I'm wishing hair-loss on anyone, but dude, you can't fight heredity.  Shave that shit brah.  It'll help w/ the underage beer-pong as well.

5.  Hometown refs will call at least 3 phantom pass intereferences against us, and at least an equal number of phantom holds against us if/when we complete a pass.  Also, any instance where a play should be reviewed will probably not be.

6.  The scene in the stands can be be summed up in 2 words.  Paste-y.  Cottage-cheese (I realize I hyphenated that 2nd one).  A friend of mine is a domer, he refers to s. bend as Ice Planet Hoth.  I guess he means that if you're stranded alone, the only use for the girls there is to slit their bellies so that you can stay warm in their entrails until help arrives.

It's going to be ugly on the field and off.

09/07/2008 - 11:18am 4th quarter D motor

Is it just me, or does it seem like our D line owns the 4th quarter. When their O fatties are huffing and puffing, our D seems to be teeing off on them and getting much better penetration. I noticed this against Utah and how often Johnson was running for his life, and saw the same thing against Miami. Considering the huge imbalance in time of possession in the 2nd half, I'd say the evidence points towards eeeeBarwis having a significant effect on our ability to stay in close games. If the offense can get on track and pass with any sort of competency, that could help the run game (obviously the line has to block as well).

08/30/2008 - 1:19pm I'm surprised


I'm a bit surprised you haven't jumped on the opportunity to write "Utah Utes of Utah (We're from Utah!)."

This morning's slate of games is thoroughly un-entertaining.  As Teddy KGB once said, "I feel so unsatisfied."  Can 2:30 (CDT) just get here already?!

08/15/2008 - 6:38pm Thank goodness they didn't mention...

...Zingermans.  I was afraid I was going to have to wait in line to pay a shit-ton of money for a mediocre sandwich.  We're safe, at least until its parents weekend and all the folks from NY/NJ come in town.  "Oh, my, gawwwd, like, this sandwich is wicked good.  Bunny, do you need more gas for your Lexus SUV?"

08/11/2008 - 7:31pm Kicking Competency

According to an interview w/ Calvin McGee (via countdown "fluff" on MGoBlue), KC Lopata hit a 56-yarder, and Calvin thought it got tipped. Hoping we don't need it, but milkshakes and eeeBarwis have apparently hit all facets of the team.

08/08/2008 - 7:21pm Navarre is to Heisman as...

John Edwards is to "Father of the Year"

Maurice Clarett is to "Mother Theresa"

Unfortunately, my computer is missing the sarcasm key.

08/08/2008 - 2:52pm SI Fluff

Top 10 Michigan athletes of all time. I was a little disheartened to not see John Navarre on here.…

08/01/2008 - 10:29pm MGoBlue video countdown

MGoBlue is starting a 30-day countdown, with a new video each day. Day 30 starts off with customary eeeBarwis fluff.

Unfortunately, Carson Daly is not VJing...

07/24/2008 - 12:33pm oh

this was supposed to be a joke?  i had no idea...

next you're going to tell me there's no such thing as a fuck lion.

07/24/2008 - 12:10pm Sparty Cock Math

Parody or not, Sparty needs to get his cock math right.

In the first paragraph, he says "Coach Dantonio is going to step onto the field, whip out his nine-inch dick, and fuck a live wolverine in the middle of the field." Yet, in the fifth, he states "Seriously, keep your mouth shut, Hart, or Coach Dantonio will slap you upside the head with 12 inches of limp dick."

So, there are definitely a few freudian observations to be made. Does Dick Dantonio's member get smaller as it gets more rigid? My guess is that this is a metaphor for sparty football in that instead of "rising to the occasion," sparty football/Dicky D shrinks to the occasion (i.e., the "man-gina"--not to be confused w/ Mangino who has his own gravitational pull). This would be contrary to how metaphorical Michigan whips out a 20" metaphorical cock (in the shape of Braylon or Mario) and slaps sparty/Dicky D in the face, and wipes it off on their teddy bear.

I guess even in parody, there is some truth. Space bitches.