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04/09/2010 - 3:50pm I charted that and found some interesting values.

Some notes:
1. This is by total number of points from each location, not total number of scores.

2. I performed this for all 120 teams and I didn't have the exact data for the breakdown of which TD's were accompanied with made or missed PATs, converted or failed 2pt attempts. I therefore calculated the FBS average and added 0.930 points per TD. There is accordingly a rounding error with every teams totals.

3. Unless I've missed something, the NCAA doesn't record defensive fumble recoveries that are converted as TDs. TD interceptions are recorded. I assume they are grouped with the total TDs category.

Red Zone Scores (TDs, FGs, and XPs): 54.9%
21+ yard Off. TDs & Defensive FR for TD (incl. XPs): 35.2%
Special Teams TDs (incl. XPs): 3.92%
38+ yard FG: 3.39%
Defensive INT for TD (incl. XPs): 1.96%
Safeties: 0.00%
(XPs rounding error): 0.63%

What I found is that there was no magic "rate of points" from a specific location that indicated in favor or against success. In fact, Michigan's percentages matched up pretty evenly with Alabama's. Wisconsin found success with 79% of its points from the red zone. Rutgers found success with 46% of its points from the red zone.

Really, at the end of the day the best thing to do is just score more points than the other guy from wherever you are. Nothing earth-shattering there.