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03/03/2011 - 1:52am i wouldnt worry about atm with his recruitment

not only do they have 15 recruits already, they took back their offer to LB peter jinkens(one of the reasons why he committed to texas so early) and jinkens was probably higher up on their board. unless texas pulls off a miracld and drags tim cole away from atm, i imagine their recruiting at the LB position is done. 

03/03/2011 - 1:47am oh hey another texas fan on here, hi =)

i think hes a bit too slow to be a LB so im in the he'll-be-a-DE group. to be honest hes only really on the UT board(kind of) because hes current UT reggie wilson's cousin. 

03/03/2011 - 1:38am where did you hear that peter jinkens wasn't expecting

a texas offer? hes an athletic freak and is probably #1 on our board. unless u include kwon alexander(sec) or derek david(academics) on the texas board, which i dont for either. 

02/25/2011 - 5:15pm texas?

wanna explain? beause i would certainly put half-our-defense-is-suspended-for-the-year UNC above texas. 

02/14/2011 - 11:50pm i dont believe

i dont believe myers is on the texas radar at the moment. i wouldnt be too worried about texas getting in on his recruitment unless some of our other targets fall through. so you should have a very good shot at landing him

02/14/2011 - 7:12pm i agree and disagree

i agree that you dont have a pipeline to Chapparel. 2 players does not a pipeline make. i disagree when you say that pipelines are overrated. let me give you an example: Brenham HS in texas last year(2011) pumped out DE brandon alexander. he ended up going to texas atm over texas because atm was recruiting him for a much longer time. in the 2012 class brenham has 4 D1 prospects. two of them committed to texas atm a few weeks ago(troy green and adrian bellard). the other two are very high on texas's list: DT Malcom Brown and LB Tim Cole. brown is considered to be a atm lean because atm has started to build a pipeline at brenham. i think the problem with pipelines for michigan fans is that there arent a lot of high schools that produce D1 talent on a consistent basis every year. plus its hard to have an out of state pipeline. theyre definitely worth it IMO, atm is reaping the benefits. everyone can. 

02/14/2011 - 6:55pm i think nebraska's numbers are a bit skewed in that

they dont really want the top 10 players in nebraska because #10 probably isnt good enough to play at nebraska. which is why some(if any) would leave the state. 

02/12/2011 - 10:58am eh

texas tech QBs disagree with your last statemennt. 

02/10/2011 - 9:24pm lol

texas offered 31 players and got 22 commitments(71%). very nice estimate, much respect. and to be honest no one can really confirm whether david jenkins(LSU) was offered or not. point 3 is the most important to me because its so effective when used properly. however, hitting on your main targets is extremely important or youre left trying to make up ground on other recruits that have been getting recruited by other schools for awhile while you pursued option A. 

02/07/2011 - 11:31pm his older

his older sister is on the swim team at texas. Also, Harsin(new OC for texas, ex boise state OC) helped install the boise state offense at Chaparral HS and recruited brewer while at BSU. 

02/07/2011 - 11:27pm his

his(dixon) recruitment and lache seastrunk's were so confusing

10/25/2010 - 6:28pm change:

clay burton de-committed from ND and committed to florida. 

09/04/2010 - 1:34am honestly

freaking out about herbie picking uconn over michigan? lots of people are taking uconn. lots of people are taking michigan. get over it please. id love to see any one of you(no offense) try to be unbiased about michigan. hes obviously going to be biased towards ohio state. but picking uconn over michigan? thats probably going to be one of the most competitive games this week. honestly it can go either way. dont worry about people picking against you. it doesnt help uconn play any better. 

08/29/2010 - 1:18pm my #1 sleeper this year

is malcom floyd. if vincent jackson doesnt sign(and all indications point to him either sitting a year out or being traded) then the chargers #1 receiver will be malcom floyd. allll those passes that would make vincent jackson a 2nd-3rd round pick go to floyd. 


also, after selecting a QB ive tried to fill my final WR slot with a WR from the same team. so far ive managed to get flacco - boldin, rivers - floyd+gates, kolb - jackson, manning - garcon this year. hopefully it works pretty well for me this year. im mostly worried about flacco - boldin because of ray rice's efficiency both catching the ball and close to the endzone. but hopefully boldin gets some jump balls thrown his way. id also try to pick TEs according to QBs. ive tried to do thsi but failed miserably outside of my rivers/gates. i was trying to get kolb - celek and manning - clark but celek was picked one before me and clark was picked insanely early(it was my first draft of the year). 

08/29/2010 - 1:03pm lol

lets see him play in a meaningful game against a #1 defense before everyone starts drinking the cruz kool-aid

08/19/2010 - 7:19pm well

he just graduated from high school. yes. is he ready to step onto the field as a freshman and contribute in b10 games? well, if i had to pick a high school division to pick players from and had to field a football team made entirely of freshmen it would definitely be 5A football in texas. highest level of competition you can find. 

08/12/2010 - 8:54pm rivals

is redoing their top 100 and 250, itll probably be released on tuesday per bartonsimmons twitter.  so, jernigan might move up. he was working out with the slot receivers at a camp(i remember reading the tweet, forgot which camp), the dudes got some crazy agility/footwork

08/12/2010 - 4:32pm zettel

is going to be a DE, not a OG. he seems pretty set on it too. 

08/12/2010 - 4:30pm wait wait wait wait wait

no no no. jadeveon clowney is the #1 overall prospect. no debate about it. that being said, james wilder is a physical freak and has muscles on his muscles. 


oh and you can basically cross georgia off his list, its a FSU/UF battle. he mentioned FSU's assistant coach's ability to get RBs in the NFL, which kind of makes me think hes going FSU. before that comment i thought he was 100000% UF. 

08/11/2010 - 11:43am well coaching change

for texas would be losing DC will muschamp to some (probably SEC) school as a HC. hes currently the HCIW. im not worried about wen mack retires. i dont think mack is worried about wen mack retires. we're set for awhile(i hope). 


oh and its on irish =)

08/02/2010 - 4:31pm OR

their rankings deflate because rivals/scout get more readers from more schools if they have highly ranked UNCOMMITTED kids. lots of texas kids commit early and lose their opportunity to move into the 5* range because rivals/scout dont want committed kids where only one fanbase will read about them highly ranked. much more profitable to have uncommitted kids who take until NSD highly ranked so you have people from multiple schools checking the same prospect for updates on his commitment status. it goes both ways basically. 

07/28/2010 - 10:42pm id generally agree

with your analysis. the midfield didnt do a very good job helping out on defense but yes, the same problem that plagued the national team is killing the MLS all star team. 

07/28/2010 - 10:24pm nice catch

it was supposed to be a joke but apparently i was dead wrong. my mistake. honestly though, who would have guessed that colorado state has a pipeline to florida...weird.  i had no idea. 

07/28/2010 - 10:20pm holy shit gibson

wat a FK....jesus that was unstoppable.  fantastic strike. 

07/28/2010 - 10:13pm yes!

so excited as a man utd fan to see javier hernandez play.  he made me actually root for mexico. 


nice goal ching, should have made the US team to be honest

07/28/2010 - 9:13pm "how sure are we that hart is seriously..

considering michigan"


1. dee hart is seriously considering michigan

2. michigan state would never let a felon play on their football team.

one of them is a lie. 


(its #2)

07/28/2010 - 9:09pm would have

been nice to see javier hernandez play. hopefully fergy puts him in for the whole 2nd half. 

07/28/2010 - 8:47pm its MLS

all stars vs Man Us guys who hardly ever see the field. 

07/28/2010 - 8:23pm comment on the game:

ttech commit QB brewer STARES down his receiver. watch him, he doesnt really go through his progression. 

EDIT: oh and how did Ja'Juan Story end up on southwest? hes from florida. and quandre diggs is(i believe) on southeast. hes from texas. i dont understand that switch

07/28/2010 - 8:20pm i dont think

espn would have allowed him to do that. A) it technically would be recruiting by an alum(?) and B) they want to remain neutral on where recruits can go. 

07/28/2010 - 7:56pm ya i laughed

at the lack of attention to detail. i guess they meant to put FSU instead of CSU, colorado state doesnt really have a pipeline into florida. 

it was also funny wen after the first play texas commit onyegbule caught it and the announcer goes " with the catch" 


EDIT: oh and dear tom luginbill, longer shorts please. that is all. 

07/28/2010 - 7:33pm it was

very nice. good execution.      oh and nice catch, thrown behind him, good body control. 

07/28/2010 - 7:26pm dam

haha is fast. 100+ yard int return. i dont see how that was even 50% onyegbule's fault, brewer overthrew him pretty badly.


btw is any1 else watching? i dont want to be the only one commenting on this haha

07/28/2010 - 12:20pm well

instead of pointing out a myriad of issues i have with this ill just say this:

05 texas = 92

04 OU = 87

thats fucking bullshit. that is all. 

07/27/2010 - 5:41pm hes terrible with the media

its why he was suspended for his senior year, he panicked and lied to the NCAA wen in reality he did nothing wrong. 

07/27/2010 - 5:29pm sorry for the midunderstanding


07/27/2010 - 5:23pm yes it was jordan hicks

and he made a great decision =)

07/27/2010 - 3:03pm derek david's

older brother logan(JuCo) committed to TTech as well. could help keep david committed to tech. but god, i hope not. he was one of our top targets on the defensive side next year

07/26/2010 - 1:44pm Hell ya

U make room for both. I'm on record(I commented somewhere like 3-4 months ago) that Avery walls is the one prospect that i want Michigan to land. It was a like "if you could have any recruit commit...who would u pick" I said walls. He was on the Texas radar earlier in the year but we ran out of room for safeties/CBs and we both went our seperate ways. He's an intelligent kid who hits like a linebacker. Correct me if I'm wrong(I'm not going to pretend to be savvy with your defense's positions), walls fits perfectly into the spur(?) position. He could play CB too. Way too talented to let go.

07/25/2010 - 4:30pm OL

Angelo Mangiro to Penn state. Just happened today(a few hours ago)

07/25/2010 - 4:06pm Unranked on ESPN

Is the equal to a 40 or 45

07/22/2010 - 11:05am fair enough(again haha)

i agree that the school gets screwed by the actions of agents and players while the violators dont truly get punished. i just didnt want someone with a good head on his shoulders like dez bryant(even though im a texas fan, i love dez bryant. kids gonna be a stud in the NFL) to be compared to someone like reggie bush. 

07/21/2010 - 9:34pm dez bryant

got banned for a season for LYING to the NCAA about meeting with deion sanders.  he wasnt banned FOR meeting. he was banned for LYING. the meeting was actually perfectly fine. peter bean(PB) @ BON went to the combine and said he wasnt surprised that bryant panicked and lied about meeting with sanders. PB said that bryant was nervous throughout his entire interview, an extremely soft spoken young man. 

07/21/2010 - 5:58pm im at the same school as

QB jerry neuheisel who did some camps with thomas. he said thomas is gonna be a DB. period. im not saying that RB isnt a possibility but his best position has got to be DB. 


im not disagreeing with you that hart n thomas(who doesnt want double Ds....har har) would b a great great great great tandem/recruiting pickups out of 2 loaded states. i just dunno where to comment with this info so i replied to u. 

07/21/2010 - 5:43pm well

u can add people throughout the year so i see no issue with starting with 8. i dont care tho

07/21/2010 - 5:41pm ya i agree

injuries to key positions, say your entire offense in the biggest game of the year, suck =(


i think losing your qb is obviously the worst position to lose in CFB. you cant just plug someone in without some drop off. take forcier -> denard(not saying forcier is a lock to start but lets imagine), teams can press a big more without having to fear the deepball. teams will stack the box in fear of the run. change of pace switching of QBs wont happen. etc. 

07/21/2010 - 10:52am i think the idea of

"i love u too much to kill u" goes both ways for mal and dom. she had to give him the choice to kill himself, which he did for her while in limbo(til he cheated and did inception on her). 

07/21/2010 - 10:42am @ the children

well i think they HAD to be in the same exact position that they were throughout the entire movie for the ending to be so perfect. if dom walked through the front door and his slightly older children met him at the front door, then he spun his totem and it didnt fall, would ANYONE think that hes asleep? no. if u changed their position/anything else it would have been too easy to say "oh hes awake." 

07/21/2010 - 10:36am so

how do u explain the fact that he spun his totem after he went into the dream with ariadne and the totem fell? ya, he never spun it again after going to sleep after getting the chemist dude. but to the idea that the whole story was a dream: i just dont think so. a big point ive been seeing with most people who share this idea is that he just magically got to the places he needed to go. and so i ask you: if it was a 2.5 hour long movie, why would u waste more time needlessly watching him travel from place to place/all the other transitions that are posited throughout the movie? 

as for the idea that saito wouldnt actually be able to make one phone call and get him out of trouble: well....the dude owns an airline. i imagine if the owner of an airline called his lawyers, they could get an (technically) innocent man free. 

07/21/2010 - 10:25am i also thought it was a bit

"oh by the way...". however, i didnt think it was delivered poorly enough to be considered a mess up/possible knock. after all, hes not talking to mal. hes talking to his self conscious's projection of her. he has to be serious and convince HIMSELF that shes a "shade." that would be my explanation of the lack of emotion during that part