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12/04/2008 - 12:25pm by now

I feel we all should be migrating to At&t or a dish of some sort. When comcast loses money they make a change. They are what you call a blood sucking Conglomerate , that cares only for the bottom line. Not who they serve or why... not who I'm giving the few dollars I have a month too... And I'm a lil nervous about the coaching search B. The man is an idiot granted, he did fire some of the best Coordinators in college football (Stoop:wr, English:defensive coordinator) in the name of loyalty idiotic. This year the D was suspect all year with virtually the same players from the year before. The wide receivers were droppers, ran poor routes and we softee with an extra e. He had no clue, not the faintest idea what Michigan Football is to the city of A2, the state of Michigan, the sport of college football, and Alumni on this planet and beyond... Its called the Michigan Difference, unmatched, unrivaled, without comparison. A Michigan man doesn't pass the buck, the blame to pervious coaches, he takes responsibility for his F ups. I know football and you can point to quite few coaching moves that has the University with 2-3 more wins... If he doesn't figure it out by next year with some clear changes I'll be the first to say fire his ass. As for right now In Rod I Trust, he brings the changes this program has needed for years, Starting in the weight room.. nuff said