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04/23/2012 - 6:00pm blocking a transfer to...

This whole Bo Ryan thing made me realize Lloyd allowed Boren to transfer to u know who.  I'm glad I saw it referenced here and I never realized it before.  It's just one more reason that as disappointing as the RR era was, Lloyd and Bill Martin were completely incompetent in finding a successor.  It should have been a 2 year plan.  Whoever was going to succeed Lloyd, we should have been recruiting for that system at least a year in advance.  Ok, old news, i'll drop it...

04/16/2012 - 6:39pm I attended the spring games

I attended the spring games in 1993, 2004, 2010 and watched the game on tv this year.  This was the most positive I've felt afterwards, although my expectations have been lowered.  1993 was so exciting that I didn't attend again until 2004.  The highlights of 1993 was Steve Everitt and 2 other graduated linemen standing on the top bleachers in the north end zone with their shirts off yelling at the players and coaches on the field.  1993 was a disappointing season, though.

The highlight on 2004 was Braylon Edwards going deep on Marlon Jackson and Gutierez overthrowing the play by 10 yards,

I thought Gardner was more impressive than most people thought and I wouldn't say Bellamy outperformed him because the 1st team D was far superior to the 2nd team.  My description would be that Rawls looked like an all american v. the 2s and a servicable back v. the 1s.  Gardner obviously started shaky, but I thought he improved as the scrimmage went and by the end he still looks to me like he can be very good for 2 years.

I thought the D potentially could be very good, I think they should be better than last year.  Countess looks like he's continuing to develop into our next NFL corner.  Our linebackers look good to me and our 2nd string linebackers could start for some Big 10 schools.  Jibreel Black still needs to learn the position but I think can be really good, and if we can find enough depth at DLine, I think this group has the potential to be pretty good.

Offensively, I'm concerned about left guard, but our line overall looked pretty good, especially Lewan and Schoeffield.  Gallon looks good, Jerald Robinson looks servicable.  I thought Fitz looked awesome.  He looks stronger, faster and more explosive to me.  but overall I think the offensive looks miles ahead of last year.  Even though we didn't show much, it looked to have an identity  of mostly spread with a staple of plays under center, whereas last year the O definitely lacked idenity.

If the players work hard all summer, Team 133 could really have a special season.  Let's hope...

"Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!"


04/14/2012 - 11:11pm Denard1

I'd like to give #1 to a big time playmaker, whether it's a wr, rb or qb.  Denard Robinson is one.  Plus, he's from the same area of Florida as Anthony Carter, the original #1.

04/14/2012 - 7:39pm great article

This was a great article, but I don't want to associate us too much to House Stark.  The series is awesome.  I did think of Alabama as the Lannisters at first, but USC under Pete Carroll would've been perfect I think.  Same colors.  Arrogant yellow-heads.  Wardens of the West.  King's Landing seems more like LA than Tuscaloosa.  Pete Carroll as Tywin Lannister.  Matt Barkley as Jaime Lannister, Kingslayer.  Lane Kiffin as the Imp, Tyrion Lannister.  Or Monty Kiffin as the Hound and Lane Kiffin as Joffrey.  Ed Ozeron as the Mountain. But who's Cersei?