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08/24/2013 - 5:24am  dude, i completely disagree

 dude, i completely disagree with you; jeremy has been said to be nothing but respectful and doesn't say things unless they have evidence. i don't understand your disdain other than he's an osu fan. Jeremy also said he is a good corner. just not what they were looking for. they're happy with webb, whom happens to be from Mi. what more do you want man?

and  most recruiting sites say webb is 5'11 or 6'0"

whereas most sites say crawford is 5'8" to fo 5'9"

like i said crawford seems to have very good instincts and can knock you on your ass. and i wish the guy luck. from what ive seen, there was never much talk on either side btw him and osu. i'm sure he's honored to be able to commit to a prestigious program like UM.

whew..i might've just thrown up a little bit saying that.

but once again good luck to you all and go bucks ;)

08/24/2013 - 1:10am Before everyone freaks out.

Before everyone freaks out. Im typing on my phone and the site doednt load very well on here.

08/24/2013 - 1:09am Wish the kid well uo in tsun.

Wish the kid well uo in tsun. But it really irks me how people will say his size doesnt matter. If he commiyed to tOSU or msu most eould say , whatever hes freaking tiny and will never make it.
The kid looks like a beast hitting.

08/21/2013 - 5:42am Its ohio state* you all may

Its ohio state* you all may remember losing to ohio in basketball ;). But anyways. It will be very hard for tOSU to go undefeated again. Especially if they have to play michigan twice. That would make me very nervous.michigan, i see winning 9-10 games. Honestly i wish you all would go undefeated until The Game, but you all have a pretty tough schedule.good luck to you all.

06/18/2013 - 4:28pm What's up guys? Im an obvious

What's up guys? Im an obvious buckeye fan and will try and take my scarlet shades off a minute. I do have to say I always thought gardner was a better qb than Robinson. I feel Robinson should have only been qb in wildcat situations. Because you don't have to be the fastest guy on the field to be a dual threat qb. But gardners accuracy is far superior to Robinson. As for the comparison to miller, they are two completely different animals. If you can't see the difference in millers athleticism to gardner then you aren't watching. And he needs to get better with his pocket presence and decision making. Id like to see what gardner does with a full schedule though. I hope he doesn't get hurt though, because you all dont have much after that at qb. And as for buckeye freshman receivers, there will be another playmaker in the hybrid/pivot position that was a late flip from Oregon named dontre Wilson whom I believe will definitely make an impact. Good luck next season, except for your last game in november.