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02/10/2013 - 9:21am @Rosey9, we are happy and you

@Rosey9, we are happy and you are correct, this contest will not change that one way or another.  There are 3 hours left.  We are down ~80 votes.  Luckily, since my wife and I are both two-time Michigan alums (undergrad and b-school for me, undergrad and law school for her) the prize of a $500 print isn't the end of the world.  @Michigan Arrogance, the couple in the lead is Kelly and Matt.  Based off the influx of votes the received I wouldn't be surprised if they effictively used Sparty's hatred of all things Michigan.  Good for them.  Anyway, we appreciate everyone's votes. Voting closes in 3 hours.  Thank you all, and Go Blue!

02/10/2013 - 12:28am Thank you everybody for

Thank you everybody for voting.  We are currently in second place just over 100 votes behind.   Here is hoping that we can be the on the left side of the Sports gif.

02/09/2013 - 1:46pm Sorry but we need help from MGoCommunity

I'm sorry to thread hijack but since I haven't commented much here since the haloscan days I do not have enough points to start my own thread.  My wife and I (both 2-time alums) got married in Ann Arbor last year.  As part of our big day we had pictures taken at the big house. Our photographer selected one of our pictures from the tunnel for a contest that he is currently having.  First prize is a 30x20 print.  We are currently in second place and need more votes by noon EST tomorrow.  If you could find it in your heart to click the link below and leave a a comment we would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance and Go Blue!


~Brian & Lauren

02/09/2013 - 12:39am Congrats!

Congrats!  What an exciting time for you.

09/13/2008 - 8:24pm I agree with Rich Rod...

I am disappointed but not discouraged... Michigan Football will be back!

I am also cautiously optimistic after this game. We GAVE this game to ND. The reality is that when we weren't handing them the game, the we actually had an offense. Threet looked much improved, as did McGuffie. Now I understand that ND sucks but the improvement in the offense gives me reason for optimism.

BTW, if I never see Nick Scheriden (sp?) throw another pass it will be too soon!

Go Blue!