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01/28/2011 - 4:06am Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Seriously, nobody cares about your personal vendetta against the Free Press. This thread has may be 3 relevant responses to your post, none of which actually agree with you. The rest of them basically make fun of you. You're not going to change anyone's mind about the Free Press at this point, so why don't you just let it go. Or at the very least, can you go blog about this on your own site or something?

01/24/2011 - 12:26am Chris Balas is a tool

I would second this notion. His coaching search coverage was an absolute joke and even that's an understatement. I really felt like I got better coverage from ESPN than his "insider info".

01/22/2011 - 4:46pm And I have a feeling that if

And I have a feeling that if the defense does get significantly better, you'll be one of the people here claiming that better defensive coaching had nothing to do with it and that it was all a result of an extra year in the system.

It's no secret that Obi Ezeh couldn't figure out where to line up for 3 years. Even with Demens, we consistently saw him lining up too close to the DT and getting swallowed by an OL. We saw the defense constantly taking bad angles, missing lots of tackles partially due to poor technique, and not communicating coverages properly. I would argue that most of that has to do with poor coaching than youth. Over RR's tenure, we've unquestionably struggled to develop our defensive players (please don't bring up Mike Martin as a counterexample).

01/21/2011 - 1:15am Not to bring back repressed

Not to bring back repressed memories, but we probably would have landed Frost and Hart this class had RR stayed and both are 5 stars.

01/03/2011 - 12:05pm We get it.. you hate the Free

We get it.. you hate the Free Press and any journalist that doesn't support RR in general. Let it go, big guy.

Or at least stop posting about it.

12/12/2010 - 1:59am Fucking hilarious. +1!

Fucking hilarious. +1!

12/10/2010 - 5:04pm Flying in from SFO (San

Flying in from SFO (San Fran), absolutely stoked!

12/02/2010 - 4:35pm +1

Does it support


Does it support GameCenter?

11/30/2010 - 6:03pm I still don't understand why

I still don't understand why people like that show so much. It's not even really a debate show. They usually agree with each other, but just try to yell and talk over each other. Though I have to admit, there's nothing better on TV at that time so when I'm faking a sick day, I watch it too.

11/29/2010 - 12:40pm Conference record. Signature

Conference record. Signature wins. Stanford's admission standards for athletes. Yeah, you get the point.

11/28/2010 - 8:56pm I would be interested to get

I would be interested to get a comparison of how many possessions we got for these games. I would imagine they are higher than against the bad teams since the OSU/Wisconsin/Iowas scored on us more. That and what everyone else said... points.

11/24/2010 - 11:34pm He did not have a Michigan

He did not have a Michigan offer, ever, as far as I know and I challenge you to show that he did.

Didn't mean to imply in my reply that he had an offer. I thought that he was going to get an offer but never did once the Boren family turned on RR. FWIW Rivals also doesn't list a Michigan offer for Zach Boren.

Also, that looks like a link to his profile on Scout. I couldn't find the article that claims that Justin Boren left Michigan because Zach Boren didn't get an offer.

11/24/2010 - 10:46pm Do you have any concrete

Do you have any concrete sources for stating that Boren left because Zach Boren didn't get an offer? I was under the impression that he was going to get offered soon before the whole Boren fiasco.

11/23/2010 - 4:26pm Also, he interviewed for the

Also, he interviewed for the J-E-T-S before they hired Rex Ryan:

11/23/2010 - 1:48pm The type of offense doesn't

The type of offense doesn't determine how good a team is going to be or whether or not they have a "puncher's chance" to win. A pro style offense can score just as many points as a spread offense and can get athletes in space just as much, if needed. At the end of the day, as even RR has said many times, it's all about the players on the field and not necessarily about the scheme (and of course about the other 2 phases).

Harbaugh is doing a great job at Stanford.  But a spread team beat him, and is the best team in the conference.  If the unthinkable happens, I will support whoever is the head coach, but I would really prefer a spread offense.

That's a silly thing to say to try and strengthen your case. Stanford's talent level isn't even comparable to Oregon's. With the exception of Andrew Luck, I would take Oregon's 3rd stringers at almost every position over Stanford's first stringers. And if you want proof of the opposite, USC was able to dominate Oregon with a pro-style offense for many years. Pitt beat WVU in 2006 running a pro-style set. But that doesn't mean that either style is better or doesn't work.

11/21/2010 - 1:50pm Have you been to a Stanford

Have you been to a Stanford game at Palo Alto? Even in rivalry games, it's barely half full. I'm ALWAYS able to buy tickets when I get there and pick up almost any seats I want. That's why he would leave... nobody at Stanford truly cares about football. Also, if he resurrected Michigan football, he would almost become the next Bo and his massive ego has to love that.

*Disclaimer - I'm a big Jim Harbaugh fan and actually even agreed with his anti-M comments when he made them (and yes I've read Brian's response to that). 

11/20/2010 - 3:34pm Agree on all counts. Stonum

Agree on all counts. Stonum was carrying the team on his back for a lot of the second half with his returns as well as his catches. Overall, I was really happy to see the team fight back in the 2nd half.

One more positive, RR decided to onside kick early in the 3rd quarter. Though we didn't get possession and looked totally uncoordinated, I liked the call.

11/04/2010 - 1:36am Without a doubt.. Dick

Without a doubt.. Dick (David) Chesney. The guy had the worst inferiority complex on campus, possibly because he went to State. He constantly felt the need to try and show people that he had a phd. He was also a total asshole. In EECS 281 in our semester, he took down lecture slides that were already online because some smart guy brought a camera to class and was taking pictures of his lectures (right in front of him, might I add). And he constantly threatened to fail seniors at 496 which was a total dick move IMO. Overall the worst and biggest douche of a professor I've had. I think I knew more than him back when I was in school.

10/04/2010 - 7:23pm If only Tony Fadell had not

If only Tony Fadell had not retired!

09/22/2010 - 1:14am Can't tell if you're being

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but don't right-footed kickers prefer to kick it from the right hash, like Garrett Hartley's game winning kick on MNF yesterday.

09/15/2010 - 2:55am Child Please
09/14/2010 - 10:07pm I wanted to know this as well

I wanted to know this as well and couldn't find a good answer. Unfortunately, I don't have Big Ten Alternate, only the main one so it sounds like I'll have to catch the UMass game somewhere else... Ugh it's times like these that I wish I didn't have Comcast!

Also, where are people seeing that ESPN has picked up the Bowling Green game? I checked the schedule on ESPN and it still does not have any updates about which channel the game will be broadcasted on.

09/12/2010 - 12:20pm It's a little bit of a

It's a little bit of a stretch to conclude that ND would have WON the game if Crist was in for all of the first half. You're assuming that the UM defense wouldn't have gotten a bit more familiar with Crist and that the UM offensive play-calling would have been the exact same regardless of the score. Though to be fair, if I was on your end, I would definitely tell myself the same thing.

09/12/2010 - 12:35am Actually, I saw him

Actually, I saw him complaining on that one (in the 2nd half on a sweep to their left if I'm not mistaken) and I really didn't think he was held.

I did catch Roh and Martin getting held on a couple of occasions, but I also saw our offensive linemen get away with a couple of holds so I thought it just evened out.

08/28/2010 - 7:45pm Use the 'Find my Droid'

Use the 'Find my Droid' feature.

08/25/2010 - 3:53am #14 college bar?!? I can

#14 college bar?!? I can probably think of 14 college bars in the midwest alone that are better than Good Time Charley's. I mean I'm feeling the love, but that's asking for the site's credibility to be questioned. I guess I'll add that to my list of Michigan things to brag about.

08/17/2010 - 7:01pm Is it normal for me to feel

Is it normal for me to feel like crying?

08/09/2010 - 4:56pm Logic Schlogic

Get out of here Irish with that logic nonsense... Michigan didn't get him because we didn't want him or because of negative recruiting. Not because of Iowa being a decent place for a kid to go to school or because of the possible risk of RR getting fired in the middle of a recruit's college career. Nope.. it's definitely negative recruiting.

08/08/2010 - 9:41pm The starting QB by the end of

The starting QB by the end of the season will be DG because Denard and Tate will get hurt from running too much out of the Wolverine split and Hailmary formation. Or at least, that's what I gathered from my NCAA 11 season. On the bright side, my video game season also indicates that we will go 9-3.

07/24/2010 - 9:47pm -1 for not knowing Marissa

-1 for not knowing Marissa Miller.

07/19/2010 - 9:25pm And thank you for your

And thank you for your great post, TIMMMAAY.

07/05/2010 - 1:22pm I think it's real but it

I think it's real but it might just be an awkward angle. Her biceps are big, but not THAT big...

06/19/2010 - 1:17pm The Droid is "owned" (made)

The Droid is "owned" (made) by Motorola and runs the Google Android OS. And if your reasoning for getting the Droid over the iPhone is that "Google has their shit together", you clearly haven't been watching Apple recently at all.

06/19/2010 - 1:12pm I think your answer is pretty

I think your answer is pretty clear if you're sticking with Verizon. On the other hand, if you're willing to consider AT&T, I would recommend the iPhone 4. The App Store absolutely blows away the Android market and I actually like the fact that Apple controls what developers submit and advertise on the App Store. I'm also a bigger fan of the iPhone 4 pseudo-multitasking because it preserves battery life while generally giving the same functionality from a user's perspective (developer-side, not so much).

Other benefits to iPhone 4 include: Built in video conferencing, much better usability, iTunes sync'ing, better battery life, awesome display.

Things I like about Android: Wifi-hotspot feature is sweet, no approval for unsigned apps, Verizon, smaller learning curve for app development (though Apple's Interface Builder is absolutely sweet once you know what you're doing), FLASH.

06/01/2010 - 8:04pm Though Magnus has repeated

Though Magnus has repeated that at least 5 times, he does have some credibility to back it up (he's a high school football coach if I'm not mistaken).

05/12/2010 - 5:29pm Kobe's 81 point

Kobe's 81 point performance:

05/11/2010 - 12:26am Major props for this. You

Major props for this. You could have just ignored everything else about it and continued on, but the fact that you went back and retracted your statement demonstrates class and shows that you really care about the content you're putting out for everyone.

05/09/2010 - 1:03am No.. just... no.

No.. just... no.

05/09/2010 - 12:59am Most cities would be ecstatic

Most cities would be ecstatic to have their teams lose to the #1 seeds in the conference semis. Ah the problems with being a Red Wings fan...

If I had one complaint, it would be that Bertuzzi needs to take a hike. I would rather have a 6-3 240 lb enforcer than a shitty winger (who can't even handle the puck or shoot well) taking up a scorer's spot. If you think I'm taking it really hard, it's because I live in SJ and I have to hear about the Sharks for the next year.

Hey on the bright side, we outscored the Sharks 17-15 this series!

05/06/2010 - 9:37pm Actually, you can transfer

Actually, you can transfer songs that you haven't purchased through iTunes using Home Sharing. The only thing is that you have to manually drag them over (iTunes won't automatically do it.). You can thank the good ol' music studios for that.

04/28/2010 - 12:03pm My favorite Lloyd gem was My favorite Lloyd gem was after we had won an overtime game, a reporter asked "Lloyd, how does a win in overtime feel?" To which Lloyd responded "Same as a win in regulation. That's a great question by the way."
04/24/2010 - 12:09pm I have to disagree. That was

I have to disagree. That was pretty damned fruity. Especially that dude in the front of the camera..

04/24/2010 - 11:34am Times have changed and I

Times have changed and I really don't think this holds true anymore for a program like ND. I bet if Kelly went to a few BCS bowls and won some of them in the next 5 years, he would be considered successful. May be not a legend, but definitely successful.

04/23/2010 - 3:30am Brandon Graham was a 5 star

Brandon Graham was a 5 star coming out of high school. I think we definitely knew who he was...

04/20/2010 - 5:54pm Why is it disgusting? I

Why is it disgusting? I understand your point that he's a criminal, but that doesn't change the fact that he was once part of the Michigan family. It's pretty sad to see a young kid's life, which was totally going in the right direction not too long ago, spiral down to the point that he has to rob cab drivers and delivery-boys.

04/17/2010 - 2:40pm I think a proper baseline for

I think a proper baseline for comparison is Tate. If he looks as good or better, that should be pretty telling of the strides he's made.

04/10/2010 - 9:30pm *gasp*... he used naughty

*gasp*... he used naughty words ... Now we really know that he's not apologetic about cheating on his wife.

04/09/2010 - 1:36am Paul Pierce because.. I just

Paul Pierce because.. I just fucking hate him.

Andersen Varejao.

Obi Ezeh during football games in 2009.

04/06/2010 - 1:54am It is now, but it wasn't 6-7

It is now, but it wasn't 6-7 years ago (the first year Mastering Physics was used).

04/06/2010 - 12:13am This thread is awesome. I

This thread is awesome. I wish I had thought of using MGoBlog to ask my Physics 140/240 online web homework questions when I was at UM. I wouldn't have had to befriend so many random students in my class to check if they had gotten a hold of someone that actually went to office hours to get the answers.