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12/26/2010 - 4:52pm NCAA 2011 Online Dynasty needing 2-3 more players

My name is Zach and my account name is Big BIGGIN69

Me and 2 other friends are playing our online dynasty over the entire christmas break and we are serious players who play all dam day and would like atleast 1-2 more players to join to get more user play into it to make it more competitive.  If you are interested and you are on xbox all the time then send me a friend request and a message stating that you would like to join the dynasty.

The dynasty is in year 2019 and we are about to advance to bowl games, so by the time any of youll join it will be 2020.  The difficulty is all-american with varsity recruiting.

You do not even have to reply to this post just add me and message me and I will get you in.  The only taken teams at this point are Arkansas, Texas, and Ohio State.  You may choose any team you like we dont care.  Just make sure you love to game and you love to play ncaa 2011

Again my user name is Big Biggin69, friend request me then message me, and again make sure you are on XBOX 360 not gay ass ps3.