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04/10/2011 - 8:52pm I loved Yost

Despite Michigan working BU that weekend, I loved every second of the Yost experience. I think it's hilarious that you wrote about the 'yip, yip,' because that's actually something we started doing about three seconds into his first shift at BU as well. Great hockey fanbases (at least, we used to be) think alike.

And I had a hard time not singing The Victors whenever the band was playing it during those two games, because it's always been a song that I love, not usually a song that is being played as my school's team is being run over.


Someday, I'm going to make sure I pull the same kind of weekend. I got to see my alma mater play at Yost twice and got to see my first Big House game that weekend (it was the Mallett game against Minnesota).

01/21/2010 - 2:32pm not that I think Lombardi's right...

...but I wouldn't mind if some more NHL-bound young men look at the BU part of his statement and come our way.

03/25/2009 - 1:24pm Madore

When I saw him early in the year, I was thoroughly unimpressed, but he improved a lot over the course of the season, at least according to the eye test. Much more poised, sounder positionally. He looks to be another excellent find, much like Fallon was.

03/23/2009 - 12:08pm you guys got a great break for hockey

Great bracket and an easier road than BU for sure.

The number one overall seed really didn't end up benefiting us. We draw a pretty tough tUoOS team in the first round instead of Bemidji, who we deserved to face. Then either North Dakota or UNH in a home game in the second. Kinda disappointing.

That said, we have a better team than any of those squads, and we should be going to DC. Tough draw or not, I'll be flat out pissed if we don't get through.

12/05/2008 - 2:02pm start winning for BU's sake

I mean, it'd be good if MSU would too, but holy god, can you start winning so our domination would be a good thing when it comes down to the Pairwise?

11/18/2008 - 8:17am I don't see it

We had a terror of a defense in 06 and Wells broke off that huge run and looked good in limited carries. This defense isn't close to that one, and Wells is even better than he was then. Shit, even last year the defense was better in the LB spots (where it wasn't all that great), and Wells killed us.

I can't see us stopping him, and even if we slow him, as mentioned Pryor too?!

I agree that the only way we win this is fluky turnovers and luck. tUoOS isn't all that great this year, but we're as bad as we're ever gonna be, so it could be really ugly.

11/10/2008 - 8:20am Woods probably starts now...

...but Crable is on IR with a shin problem (placed last week) so he won't benefit.

But yeah, Pierre Woods will see a lot of time. Hopefully he can come close to Thomas, who has been pretty damn good this year.

11/04/2008 - 2:33pm racist chant

I swear to god, you guys stole that one from us (BU). Ever since he arrived on campus, any Brandon Yip (he's Asian) penalty gets a 'you're a racist *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* chant going. However, by no means is this a bitchy, 'we did it first, so you shouldn't post.' Keep it up, enjoy doing it until Scooter has moved on. I think it's both mean and funny and kind of a perfect chant for that situation...adds just the right absurdity.

Also...7-2. That is all.

10/24/2008 - 8:40am I'm pumped

It's the one situation where I actively root against a Michigan team.

We've looked pretty good so far in all phases except the PP, so I'm interested to see how we fare against a team like Michigan with such a depleted defense. 

10/23/2008 - 12:07pm that's awful

Gotta feel for the kid. Sticks with Michigan despite never getting a chance under Lloyd (not criticizing Lloyd here, not even sure if Zirbel was more to blame for that), gets a new start with DickRod, embraces it and works hard and then gets hurt again. It would be a shame if he can't get back. Best of luck to him.

09/29/2008 - 1:25pm I missed the second half...

But I swear, it's not my fault.

My roommate had knee surgery this summer, and since I'm the only one of the three of us with a car, I carted his ass around a fair amount. As a thanks, he bought me a ticket to a Belgian Beer Festival in Boston that was, frankly, an excellent idea in most circumstances. On this day, it happened to mean I could watch, at most, a half of the Michigan game.

I'd be lying if I said a part of me wasn't relieved to be leaving at halftime. But I woulda watched to the end. So it was with a lot of joy and some disappointment that I received texts throughout the second half, updating me on the comeback, as I realized that in my rush to leave the house, I forgot to set the DVR. I couldn't believe I was missing the game...I can't believe I missed that.

But even though I didn't see it, I was proud to be a Michigan fan on that day (as I always am) and excited to read about it and see the highlights when I got home.

thanks, Brian, for an excellent post.


09/26/2008 - 3:17pm right?

I was 45 minutes away from home in college and when I left, you're goddamned right I missed my best friends and my family. That's just how it is.

This doesn't sound like a kid who's saying, 'I need to get back to Houston'...just a kid who's getting used to being away from home, like we all had to do.

07/17/2008 - 3:12pm I probably can't help ya

I probably can't help ya there. We had a small league (I think ten guys) all in Boston, all based on like a love draft and shit.

I think you'd have to start this on your own if you wanted to do's not horribly difficult to do though and I could probably show you some of the shit we did for it.

07/17/2008 - 12:28pm that sucks I really wanted Patch to anchor my college hockey fantasy team...fucking NHL has just obliterated my team, and I didn't even make the playoffs last year.
07/03/2008 - 12:15pm I'm inclined to agree that I'm inclined to agree that from that image, it doesn't appear to be a block M at all on the sides but just the number. The block M certainly wouldn't be an awful, horrible look, but I'd prefer to see them stick with the old style. Just seems more right to my eyes. Frankly, I'm just annoyed that the only blue no. 1 Nike jersey I could get from M Den is like a fucking 4x. I'm fat, but not nearly that fat.