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09/09/2016 - 4:56pm Remove the Face Masks

Taking the helmet away is too dramatic.. Personally I don't like the idea of removing the face masks either, but if you want a solution, there it is.

Helmet would be a lot like a hockey helmet but would be an open face with no visor or anything.

But PERSONALLY, I am for the majority of football lovers that say these guys understand the inherent risks.. We are so soft as a society now.. Humans have a physiological need to compete within them, especially men.. And I am not trying to be misogynistic...It's certainly in women too...

All the Gladiator, hunter, competitor, comparisons hold water with me.. So I PERSONALLY say grow the F up and concussions are going to happen.. The higher level football leagues have done enough.. It is all out in the open now.. If you wanna play football then play.. If not, don't...

But if you want an answer that will change the game as we know it, that is to remove the facemasks.

09/01/2016 - 4:31am gofuckyourself!!

Whew.. I am clever!!

06/11/2016 - 4:33pm Got a nice Saturday planned

Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.

05/19/2016 - 12:46am Leaders and Best


01/10/2016 - 11:17am The Bogey Man!!!

The Bogey Man may not be real, but the Double Bogey Man is for sure, you're looking at him!!!!

12/19/2015 - 11:54pm Similar question

Floyd or Cooks

12/11/2015 - 10:56pm Unnecessary Comment

Unnecessary Comment #4 from Dill piece.. Hey man... Quit drinking and go to bed bro!

12/11/2015 - 10:54pm MgoDillon and his bad night

Unnecessary Comment #2... Did your GF break up with you tonight MGoDillon??

12/11/2015 - 10:53pm Don't worry

Mgodillon is having a bad night. Unnecessary comment #1

12/11/2015 - 10:52pm #3 unnecessary comment

Let's just enjoy what Spike gave us.. Have a drink and calm down big dog.

12/08/2015 - 11:38am Your welcome sir

Thank you, for recognizing the snark.  It's always good to start your Tuesdays off with a hearty cup of snark.

12/08/2015 - 10:55am I'm fairly certain

That the newspaper business isn't out of business because the lack of being able to adhere to the block quote rule. I think the Internet and information availability played a small part.

12/02/2015 - 5:07pm GMatt??

Is this a known nickname for Mattison, or just given to him for this thread?

12/02/2015 - 11:54am Can somebody catch me up

Sorry, I have filtered through a lot before asking this, but can somebody catch me up as to why Hackett is stepping down. Through a couple of posts, people have referenced retirement. Is it voluntary and Hackett is choosing to be done? I ask because it seems obvious, but why wouldn't he just stay and get the interim tag removed?

12/01/2015 - 11:50am Hmmmmm...

Where does the rarely seen "Double-Directional" State University fall on the hierarchy?  Southwest Missouri State? Southwest Minnesota State? Among others??? 

11/27/2015 - 6:26pm Go blue

24-19 Blue

11/25/2015 - 7:26pm Personally

I heard Oakland was still in play.

11/25/2015 - 4:18pm Not sure why you got downvoted

I honestly couldn't agree more..  Taking a middling big-school in a power conference does not seem to be the correct route for coaches..  Its hard to win and it affects your record too much.  Take a strong program in a weaker conference when those job open up, kill it, and you look like the next head coach guru..  Even RR is trending down now.  People love to hire the 11-1 (Insert MAC, AAC, team name here) rather than a 4-8 Power 5 coach. 

11/23/2015 - 2:52pm Agreed

On the healthy part... but also agree on Minor being a beast.... when healthy LOL

11/17/2015 - 8:14pm Wouldn't be surprised

That stat seems about right to me... A little troubling, but its nice to not have to hit the panic button anymore when seeing a stat like that.. Harbaughs got it under control.

11/17/2015 - 8:08pm Overlap

I am luke-warm on the overlap...Maybe I am the exception.  I find it hard to really get into basketball during football and I would LIKE to care more about UM hoops during Nov./Dec. but don't find myself following it closely enough since I was in Ann Arbor..  Either way, I will agree that its a great Tues/Wed filler!

11/17/2015 - 8:02pm Correct

You are correct, I use the term face-guarding more to explain that being turned towards the receiver heightens chances of PI, but yes.. You are correct, it is only written as illegal professionally.

11/17/2015 - 2:22pm Hail Brian!

The Best Damn Blog in the World!! TBDBITW!! Cheers to Brian, this blog has also taught me about 50 different meanings of acronyms, so of course its educational!

11/17/2015 - 2:11pm Exactly

I would say that it happens enough that run defenses recognize the risk.  Contain is there for a reason, not letting an HB draw get to the edge when the gap assignments are filled comes down to either the OLB's or CB's or even a Safety depending on the play call..  You are correct.

11/17/2015 - 2:06pm Dr. Seuss is the Man

“He should not be here, " said the fish in the pot. " he should not be here when your mother is not.”

11/17/2015 - 2:00pm Yes to increased likelihood but...

The risk/reward here favors a last second reading of the eyes and with minimal contact, face-guarding isn't going to be called.  If a DB always turned his head back to the ball, they would be getting burnt all day unless they are freaks ala Richard Sherman,,,,who still got hurt by it on Sunday Night in the Michael Floyd TD catch.

11/17/2015 - 1:58pm Quick Response

Thing 1 - Proper tackling and wrapping up in football is much harder than it looks, good RB's should be able break arm tackles or half blocked tackles and "bounce off" unless the DL/LB is a beast....... Thing 2 - Another task that is highly easier said than done.  Proper defense is having an arm on WR and being able to swing head back around for vision of the ball, but staying with a highly athletic WR who knows where they are going and you don't as DB is a task in and of itself.  It is coached that as a last resort, to read the receivers eyes as the ball comes in if the WR has a half a step on you.  Yes, it is more likely to be called PI, but if there is minimal contact, face guarding isn't a definite PI.

11/17/2015 - 1:39pm Double Negative Anarchy

If the "/s" isn't universally accepted, and someone writes a sarcastic sentence using /s, essentially saying I am being sarcastic about my sarcasm, doesn't that cross out the sarcasm within said sentence???  Anarchy reigns supreme!

11/13/2015 - 12:36pm Thats what she said.

Thats what she said.

11/12/2015 - 12:12am Not trying to argue

I too don't have an opinion on the matter but if the three coaches prior to a Bo didn't know they existed, then our population is a lot of coaches that I certainly don't mind disagreeing with.. If our extensive tradition without helmet stickers consists of basically Carr/RR/and Hoke... The the only part of that "tradition" I want to remember is Carr and Denard and I'll gladly take the helmet stickers.

11/11/2015 - 11:57pm I "present" the idea

Because it seems very clear to the obvious bystander that with Harbaugh comes helmet stickers.... Maybe he will change the size, maybe he will make them harder to earn, I don't know... But he obviously uses them, and the other coaches obviously didn't.. That seems pretty clear.. It's not my or your call as to whether they happen or not, it's Harbaughs... So there are threeways you can go once that conclusion is drawn...1. You can talk to Harbaugh about your disliking of the helmet stickers and demand that they be removed due to the fact that you think it will hinder recruiting. (This option is a little far fetched) 2. You can accept that with Harbaugh, comes helmet stickers and hope that recruits are at least somewhat logical and want to play for The University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, and the rest of the NFL experienced staff that we currently boast, despite the "helmet stickers", or 3. You can hate the helmet stickers, continue to let it bother you while you wish for the best of both worlds, and continue living your life... With any of these options, my guess is the helmet stickers are here to stay as long as Harbaugh is the coach and I for one would take that over some coach that chooses not to use them.

11/11/2015 - 6:51pm Agree but lets weigh the options...

Agree that unis, helmets, looks matter to recruits.  But other things that matter to recruits are winning, and coaches...  So I will happily take Harbaugh and the stickers over Hoke/Rodriguez/Carr and no stickers any day....  Both for my sanity and recruiting purposes..Plus we have Jumpman uniforms coming.. I think recruits will be happy with uniforms... The first time I hear a recruit say "I chose Oregon over Michigan and Harbaugh because of the uniforms"  I will retract all of this. 

11/10/2015 - 3:01pm No, no, its ok

Because its YOUR dog, that makes it ok.

10/16/2015 - 7:31am Ticket Support

I am a former minor leaguer who actually works for a very well established secondary market ticket firm.  I have data on roughly 70% of all venues within the big 4 sports and NCAAF, of course some of that data is company confedential, but if people need to know how, where, and when to buy tickets for UM or a couple other teams..Let me know.. [email protected]

10/16/2015 - 5:51am Well I guess,

to each person, goes their own opinion.  I for one am about the collective whole, The TEAM, The TEAM, The TEAM... no one person is better than the rest...  You deface the Block M, you are defacing every alum, important or not.. From Desmond and Woodson to the newest freshman enrolee.... You deface Sparty, it includes Magic, just as much as the random statue that resembles but is not fully designated...  But like I said, to each their own.. Thats why its a message board.

10/15/2015 - 8:02pm My issue with his statement

He said defacing the two iconic landmarks that represent the entire institution (UM's Block M and the Sparty statue) is "bad"... but Magic's statue... thats the WORST..   So in essence he put one persons statue above the things that represent the entire universities.  Absurd.

10/14/2015 - 4:49pm Michigan wins

UM 23-9

10/12/2015 - 4:45pm U.S.C.

USC, University of Support and Counseling.  Program Steps:  Step 1- Ignore Warning Signs...Step 2- Get addict to finally admit they have a problem...Step 3- Give Addict Leave of Absence to handle addiction.. Step 4- Fire Addict....   I am sure this will help him not want a drink tonight.

10/12/2015 - 4:35pm JUB

If ESPN is ahead of themselves after a 5-1 start and 3 consecutive shutouts.  How far ahead of himself was John U. Bacon when he titled his latest book.  Lets enjoy the week!  I for one, still think Michigan is back regardless of how one game plays out, even if it is against the East Lansing School for the Dumb.

10/12/2015 - 4:27pm Both Correct

You guys are both right here..  Yep, the cart is before the horse, yes, people will be bummed if UM loses.. But this is a message board, for MICHIGAN, if you can't beat your chest here, where can you?    The real record is 68-34-5...  and the record this year against each other is 0-0..  I am with Ijohn if he doesnt want to get ahead of himself, but I am also with the others if they do want to get ahead of themselves.

10/12/2015 - 3:56pm At least a couple!?!

I definitely agree that a 4th consecutive shutout is highly unlikely, but to go all the way to saying at LEAST a couple of TD's.  Thats a pretty big jump.  I would like to think that even with the uptick in competition that we can keep them out of the endzone for the majority of the game.        I can certainly see a TD or 2 out of MSU, but at LEAST 2 times to paydirt..  I dont know.  I think a very realistic expectation is 13..  Thats 3 trips to put points up in the redzone..  Even during our rought streak with them we have played D somewhat well with low scoring affairs..  I agree with the board in saying, lets hush about the 4th goose egg, but I do hold our D a bit more accountable than just conceding at LEAST 2 TD's...  Either way, not trying to argue, just found that wording a bit underachieving...  Go Blue.

04/15/2015 - 7:41pm I'll run it by him

I'll run it by him and see if he has a problem with it.  Nothing really too identifiable in the pic, just Oakleys and wrist bands so I don't see an issue, but I know players and how close to the vest they like to keep stuff as it pertains to social media.

04/02/2015 - 5:02am Relevant....But it needs to be said

Cool story bro.

Just all in all a:

Enthusiastic Story Unknown to Mankind!

04/01/2015 - 2:13pm Yeah.. for now

For now, yes, you are correct, there were plenty of years where we wouldn't even want an Iowa "cast-off"..  I understand both perspectives..  But lets go bright side, glass half-full here..  The floor argument about at LEAST having a competent B1G starter is the right perspective.. It gives us a measuring stick.  Without Rudock, its a guessing game as to where other QB's should be and when they are ready.

03/27/2015 - 4:07am Late to the Party but.....

Bro, I know I am late to the party here and nobody may read this on the entire site, but lets be real about this....  If you love your wife, and respect her without actually "tricking" her... you have about a 1% chance here.. and that may be overly nice on my part...  For multiple reasons... Her family, pay cut, economy, weather, mountains, Vegas...  The valley is literally a top-5 place in the nation to live these days...  And believe me, this isn't where I want to be.. but you don't see people coming here and then leaving... ESPECIALLY when the family is here.. 

There really is no help for you here in terms of a "pitch"..  because there really is no "pitch" that beats out what Arizona provides in the day and age of Air Conditioning unless you are in the best parts of California, Texas, the Carolinas, or Florida....

You are playing blackjack with a 2 and a 4... and she has a 10 showing...  And honestly, I would take the odds of the hypothetical blackjack player I just created...

BUUUT.. You have 2 longshot... as in the true meaning of the word LONGSHOT options...Here is what I would do if I was in your shoes and was deadset on making this foolish attempt.. These are 1 OR 2.. not both... this in my eyes is your only legitimate play....

1. Be brutally honest with her... ZERO trickery, you need this, you recognize all of the benefits of staying, but look into her eyes and tell her that this is something you NEED and ask/possibly beg her to give it a shot... Use the fact that once kids come, you wont have this opportunity for the next 20 years.. Its something you NEED and if she could just PLEASE give it a chance prior to creating a family.. If she hates it, you agree to be back in AZ..  (Option 1 to ME, is your best shot at the chance of actually getting her out there, if even for a year(and you better make that the best year of her life)...but once again, its a hail mary at best to keep her there.. lets be real, AZ as an economy, climate, location to ocean, Vegas, zero natural disasters, and in your case, family proximity...AZ really does blow Michigan out of the water in most UNBIASED peoples eyes..

2.  This one is even MORE of a long shot, and others had mentioned it.. But if you want to go the brainwash/semi deceptive route... As others have said... you wait til June.. let it get hot as hell in AZ... and then you take her up to Michigan and give it 199% to make it the best little trip she has ever taken....  The AZ knock is valid about being hot as shit for 3 months..  its warranted, accurate, and using the proof of that, in mid-summer is basically like you hitting on a 17 when the dealer has 20.. its the right play.. but youare gonna lose either way..

Also.. those earlier posters who are talking about poisonous snakes and "killer bees"... are you guys FOR REAL????  I thought this was an intelligent blog... Rattlesnakes live in forests too.. they are called Timber Rattlers, as well as many other species of poisonous animals..  I have lived in AZ for 22 of 31 years and never come across a LIVE rattlesnake...If poisonous snakes are the deciding factor,wow.. I feel sorry for the OP...That being said, I get why the OP wants to go back to Michigan.. sometimes I feel it too..  but the average person would call an AZ to Michigan move.. ass backwards.. especially when the pay AND the wifes family is also ASS BACKWARDS..

ANyway.. thats my take.. good luck finding that needle in the haystack... I dont envy you, you are going into a battle you can't win without a miracle or a hypothetical nuclear weapon....and I just gave you two pistols.. and believe they are your best chance.. I hope you are Jason Bourne brotha!!


03/16/2015 - 4:57pm Ahh.. No worries

Blame it on a case of the Mondays.

03/16/2015 - 4:42pm Just got done working out

Anyone up for a downvote off?

03/16/2015 - 4:18pm Ugh.. Really Bro..

Its comments and view points like this that actually take away from the money in Men's athletics. 

I don't think anybody, man or woman, argues what drives revenues in sports, but there is definitely no need to drop the gender issue.  There are plenty of mens sports generating negative income as well.

Moving on from that comment....

03/16/2015 - 3:52pm True as well...See example 1A:

Example 1A: Trey Burke

03/16/2015 - 3:48pm Playing Time

I totally get your point here.. But its a numbers thing..  Obviously I am dumbing it down here way too much because there is 5 years (with an RS) of eligibility.. and also those years are never used for NBA caliber talent but.... in vacuum...  If you are the 6th best player in the nation... why WOULD you go to Kentucky?