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11/18/2013 - 6:56am Texas has a better D than us

Statistically, it's true.

11/09/2013 - 7:48pm Nick Saban

Ok long shot here...if M can put up the funds to outbid texas, would Saban coach here? Stephen Ross and Saban have a relationship (I.e. Possible endowment). Saban has mentioned multiple times he is interested in coaching for the program that pays him the most...

10/19/2013 - 7:35pm Amen

I'm a fork and spoon operator in sector 7g. But I'm pretty good at NCAA '07. Hoke should learn to hit the square button more often.

10/19/2013 - 7:24pm Yeah Hoke and Staff plays like Lloyd, can't adapt, Borges should coach women's curling...

Hopefully we can all learn to have patience this week and realize our staff are intelligent football coaches that adapt. Thanks.

10/19/2013 - 7:22pm Congrats

Awesome performance

10/14/2013 - 7:55pm Omg stop complaining

It's one game. Move on. Cheer like hell on Satutday.

10/12/2013 - 9:56pm Let's All Calm Down

PSU played lights out football and took advantage of M's weaknesses. Let's take the loss like the leaders and best we are, and move on to next week when we solidly beat Indiana.

10/06/2013 - 8:37am Big WRs made the difference

I was at the game and Funchess and Chesson stood out as solid, big targets.

11/24/2009 - 10:48am Awesome work

I am a believer that RR will turn out to be (gasp!) a national championship team by 2013. I am stating this now, and will take full responsibility for this comment come 2013.

The reason why I believe in this is as follows:

1. We have talent. It's young, small, and sitting in the wings, but we have talent to be a Big Ten champ contender.
2. Barwis. He might be a jerk, but he has made a horrific O-line into something that can run a read-option run scheme relatively well. I think Barwis' conditioning program has been neglected in the past weeks (probably because the most improvement in this realm happens during the off-season), but think about the physical improvement some of the bovine lineman have made in the past two years (Shilling, Molk, etc.).
3. By next year, the Big House will be complete. It will be the crown jewel of the college football stadiums. This will lead to more fans = more maize in the crowd = more wins. (Ok, I admit, this logic might be a stretch, but home field advantage is a legit 12th man in Big Ten play).
Wild Card 4. A new AD with kahunas the size of Dan Dierdorf. Not that Bill Martin is a bad AD, but he was a typical 1980's Van Boven wearing country club member. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Martin a lot during my time at UofM. He was a great guy, and excellent sports aristocrat. He liked status quo, and was perfect for Lloyd. Now, since RR is a hot-headed, sometimes loose cannon of a coach, UofM needs an AD with the caffiene-induced personality of Barwis and the business mind of Trump. This will be a wild card, of course, but think about the trickle down effect. RR gets all he wants: night games at the Big House, opportunities to play games in big recruiting states (Texas, Cali, Florida), and pretty much anything he needs at which Bo would roll his eyes.

Sorry for the long response, but I have been thinking about what MCalibur wrote and needed to add my own two cents...

11/23/2009 - 8:56am What happened to Maize Out?

It is better to hear that those inside the stadium only estimated 5-10% of the patrons were actually OSU supporters. However, when I was in school, the Athletic Department made a big push to create "Maize Outs" much like the "White Outs" of PSU. These seemed to be quite successful, and it was apparent who "owned" the stadium that day. Actually, one of the most memorable "Maize Outs" was the last second comeback win over PSU in 2005 (even though the student T-shirt was blue that year, but that's another story).

Has the Athletic Department stopped sponsoring these events? I know the weather does not promote wearing the maize T-shirts that most students got this year, but it seems like cold weather venues like Camp Randall and Beaver Stadium both produce overwhelming blocks of red and white, respectively.

It could be a consequence of the renovations, or of a lame duck AD, but there needed to be some kind of crowd support during the game since it was, in fact, in Ann Arbor.

If the Athletic Department will push for getting a true home field advantage, than maybe it's time for the fans, students, boosters and alumni to start stepping up.

10/03/2009 - 8:39pm I completely agree

To be where the team is at this point in the season (4-1) is practically amazing. The realism is that Michigan will not be a top 15 team this season. With the inexperience and lack of talent in certain areas, Michigan is a top 20-30 team at best. Wait...this is the second season under the RichRod regime; being in the top 20-30 teams is impressive.

The other things to think about are these: 1) Although RichRod has been at the healm for at least one season, GregRob hasn't. Our defense is essentially in its infancy. These guys will learn the new system and should show the same improvements next season as the offense did this season.

Give it time. The coaches will recruit the talent they need to fix the areas that are weak. I can't wait to see what this unbelievably young team will do in 2-3 seasons. Now that will be stellar...