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01/12/2011 - 9:53am My gut reaction is that

My gut reaction is that Brandon never really wanted Miles.  I think that visit was for show and just to explore all options before making his decision.   I would have embraced Miles but it was going to be tough with some of the "questionable" things he has done and our current status of being on probation.   I think once Harbaugh communicated his interest in the NFL Hoke became his number one "personal" favorite.  I think Brandon tried to get Harbaugh and thought he was probably coming.  Everyone is saying 5.2 million was offered, the rumor I'm hearing is that was the figure tossed out there, but that was for Harbaugh AND his entire coaching staff, not just Harbaugh's salary. 

Harbaugh was the best pick for many reasons which are obvious and Brandon saying Hoke was his first pick is spin IMO.  But he did not really want to come.  An NFL job without having to move and a lot of money won.  Hoke isn't a flashy hire but how many of our good coaches were flashy?   I want to have a great defense again and Hoke makes that at least a possibility.  Look at almost all of our great teams, they all had great defenses.   Its a cliche' but Defense wins championship.   Look at the MNC game.  They hype was all about both offenses.   It came down to defense and the team with the better defense won. 

Welcome coach Hoke, nothing but the best.   Beat Sparty, beat the Buckeyes and lets get rolling again.   GO BLUE!

01/10/2011 - 12:45pm If Brandon wanted to make a

If Brandon wanted to make a big splash with this hire Gruden would do it.  He certainly would have an element of unknown as far as HC at the college level so that would be the obvious negative.   But I don't think you can argue the intangibles he would bring to AA.  A lot of energy, positive publicity for the program and  positive momentum overall.  Something we really need at the moment.   Jim Harbaugh would have brought it without a doubt and I think thats a major reason most of us wanted him.  That being said I never thought Jim would be a for sure saviour of the program, but he was the best pick obviously.  But he was the right pick for this time in Michigan Football.  Gruden would not be as positive but would accomplish a lot of what we need right now.   That being said, I think its a pipe dream and I doubt its happening.  I would welcome the decision if it did come true.

My pipe dream candidate was history yesterday as I watched the Ravens dismantle the Chiefs.  JOHN Harbaugh would have been the best hire other than Jim IMO.   Wasn't going to happen even if they lost yesterday, but its not even a pipe dream possibility any longer. 

Its going to be Hokeamania, after everyone else turns us down. 

01/09/2011 - 12:58pm "Supposedly" as someone else

"Supposedly" as someone else mentioned HE expressed interest in the job previously.  His connection is that his Dad was an assistant to Bo when he was growing up and he lived in AA and graduated from Pioneer High School.  Obviously his brother was also a player for Michigan.  He also has three former Michigan assistants on his current staff.  He is obviously very familiar with the program. 

That being said, its a pipe dream.   Baltimore would have to lose today for it to even be a possibility (which I don't see happening) AND even then I would guess we had little to no shot.  But if they lose you would hope Brandon would have the search firm at least contact him to see if he was interested. 

01/08/2011 - 6:58pm I think Brandon thought

I think Brandon thought Harbaugh was coming and they had a semi agreement in place beforehand.   Then Harbaugh decided he wanted to try the pros and Brandon was left standing there in the wind.   We will probably never know for sure or will not know in the near future because if its the case it would completely undermine whoever we hire. The vibe I got in Brandon's press conference was that he was a little upset with Harbaugh.  I could be completely off base, but just my gut reaction when he brought Harbaugh up.

I think were Brandon may have failed is not having a back up plan if Harbaugh changed his mind.   I will still wait and see how it all plays out.  We wont know if this is an epic fail on Brandon's part for a few years regardless of who is hired.  Brandon is obviously an intelligent person, but I think Martin was/is intelligent also and we know how his coaching choice turned out.  

01/08/2011 - 11:57am I don't think its out of the

I don't think its out of the question but an EXTREME long shot.   I have said this on a few other posts but he "supposedly" has expressed interest in the job previously.   However, why leave a 12-4 team that may be bound for the Super Bowl?   It would be about timing and the ONLY way it would happen is if KC beats Baltimore on Sunday and they are out of the playoffs.  Even at that point, its still an extreme longshot. 


I think John would almost be a better hire than Jim.   But its not happening.  I'm reserved to Hokeamania in AA at this point, just hope it works out.   Not thrilled about it.  I at least hope he gets Loeffler back if he is hired.  Whoever it is, I will be in support and hoping for the best.

01/07/2011 - 10:47am Why does the Temptations

Why does the Temptations "Ball Of Confusion" keep playing in my head.  "Round and round and round we go...."


My work productivity is out the window this week.

01/07/2011 - 8:44am He has been rumored for the

He has been rumored for the job and "supposedly" has expressed interest in Michigan in the past.  I just don't see why he would want to leave a 12-4 Baltimore team that could potentially get to the Super Bowl.  Unless they lose to KC this weekend............... Go Chiefs????  ;)   Not familiar with the Ravens situation, is John happy with the management and owners there?  From what I have seen it seems like he is happy there.


John would be a great hire, but I cannot see it happening.   I seriously do not think our next coaches last name is going to be Harbaugh.   Either way I would be extremely happy if it were though. 

01/06/2011 - 7:39pm Stranger things have

Stranger things have happened! ;)  I don't think Hoke is a great hire, but I don't think he is as awful as a lot of people are making out.   Right now I would just like to have a coach in place and try to save recruiting and the remaining team as much as possible. 

01/06/2011 - 7:20pm I think it was reported that

I think it was reported that Harbaugh made some bad financial deals out in CA and a Stanford Alum helped bail him out.   So he isn't quite as rich as you would expect with a long NFL career and pension.   I think the money definately is a factor.   Harbaugh has a huge ego also, bigger than a lot of coaches, and being the highest paid football coach, period, feeds that and his pocketbook.   I don't blame him, but the way it appears he leveraged a possible Michigan offer into more money in the NFL is awful.  I think this is/was his one and only shot to coach Michigan.  If DB is still the athletic director if he gets fired from the NFL in a few years, I don't think he will be interested in Harbaugh.  Especially if they had some type of deal in principal and Harbaugh bolted on him.   Hopefully we are rolling anyway with whoever we hire and it wont matter. 

7-8 million (if the some rumors are true) for a coach is insane, Harbaugh is a good coach and he may be successful in the NFL, but no coach is worth that, especially a rookie NFL coach.  I think Ross just made a lot of other team owners unhappy as he is setting a new salary range for head coaches.   Right when the owners are trying to convince the players that they are hurting for money.  Not good. 

01/06/2011 - 3:49pm I had heard that same rumor

I had heard that same rumor previously.  Supposedly it was during the season though.  I half joked in another thread about John being interested because of this.   Again, like others have mentioned, why would he leave the Ravens??  They could be going to the Super Bowl this year.   But he would fit in that " you would not believe some of the people that have shown interest" rumor a month or so ago.   John would be a homerun hit, but I think is less likely than Jim coming and that is very unlikely obviously.

01/06/2011 - 1:56pm Maybe this is drinking the

Maybe this is drinking the cool aid or just wishful thinking.   But after hearing a month or so ago that people were contacting the Athletic Department about interest in the job that we would not even be thinking of and after hearing Brandon on the Huge show yesterday.  It really seems like Brandon has  a couple of coaches in mind that we may not even be thinking about that have expressed interest through back channels.   I have no idea who, but he really sounds like he has an ace or two up his sleeve.   Of course it could be all bravado and he is actually scrambling right now (also very plausible). 

I'm with most people, Harbaugh is the perfect fit for Michigan right now with the state of the program.  He would unite pretty much everyone in the fanbase and within.  I don't know if he would have been the "saviour" everyone thinks.   But there is no question he would have injected positive energy, intensity and momentum into the program right away.  Which is what we need right now.   Would he have sustained that?  Probably, but that NFL cloud would always be hanging there (remember Sabin at MSU every year?).  From all the rumors and what Brandon basically has said you can read between the lines that Harbaugh is not really interested in coming here.   I do not want a coach that does not really want to be there or is just using Michigan as a stepping stone unless he brings us a couple of MNC's and has a great assistant ready to take over for him when he bolts (Loefler?).  But it seems like he is using his alma mater as leverage to get a better NFL deal and thats pretty crappy if that is in fact what is happening.   

Hopefully Brandon puts us out of our misery soon and we are pleasantly surprised.   But it will probably be Brady Hoke and I will just feel meh about it.  Not great, not completely awful either.  I think if Hoke gets it I will feel better if he gets some great assistants in with him and he retains a good portion of the current players.  Whoever it is, I will support them and give them a chance as a fan.      

Go Blue! 

01/05/2011 - 7:50pm I think its time to get ready

I think its time to get ready for Hokeamania in AA.  Not thrilled if that is the choice.  But at a minimum we are the guys destination job and if he is able to pull it off he will be our coach for the next 15 years. 

Regardless, Brandon needs to take care of this ASAP as in the next week.   I think if Hoke is the pick we will know in a day or so.  Recruiting is shot already unless its a big splash name coming in. 

Also, maybe there are some NFL coaches/assistants that are still playing that he is waiting on?  Seems like someone from the Athletic Department indicated that there was interest from some NFL people that people would not expect a month ago. 


John Harbaugh??? ;)  Kidding.

01/04/2011 - 9:41am I will give DB the benefit of

I will give DB the benefit of the doubt at the moment (although it isn't looking great right now).  So far he seems to have done a good job as AD and is definately an intelligent guy.  However, as we all know perception is not always reality.   I'm sure he is doing what he thinks is best for the program in the long haul.  That could mean a less popular pick like Brady Hoke.  I think he is going to take some major heat though if that is the hire.  Unfortunately for Brady he is going to need to show improvement quickly or we are going to be right back where we are now.   It took him 5 to 6 years at Ball State, he obviously will not get that kind of time at Michigan. 

01/04/2011 - 8:51am If Harbaugh is not coming it

If Harbaugh is not coming it will definately be a disappointment.   I was an avid RichRod supporter up until the Ohio State and Gator Bowl beat downs.   The team is not improving and needs to go in a new direction.   I read some scuttlebutt on some other boards prior to all of this that the athletic department was hearing from coaches who expressed interest in the Michigan job that were suprising and out of left field.   Have no idea who those coaches could be or if it was just more internet BS.  I just would like to know who the coach next year is going to be so we can all move on and try to get fired up for next year.   If its not Harbaugh I think it needs to be someone that is going to be able to retain most of the offensive talent (IE Denard) or we are in for even more of a disaster in the next couple of years.  Lets just pray Dave isn't pulling a Bill Martin with this coaching situation.   Hoping for the best!

Go Blue!

09/08/2010 - 8:01pm From what I gathered from

From what I gathered from Rich's press conference he eluded to the fact that he would have liked to have gone deep on the passing but the swirling wind would not allow it.   Weather permitting I think you are going to see a few longer pass attempts/completions against ND this weekend.  Should loosen up their defense if they want to play up to stop Denard's running game.   So more passing, less running.  Just longer runs and longer passes.

Bottom line is IF Denard is hitting his passes and the line is blocking well their defense wont be able to stop our offense.  We have had great defenses in the past that have had problems with a mobile QB in the spread attack.  ND isn't any different.  Feels good to be on the other end of that one for a change.