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03/01/2011 - 1:31pm Jordan Taylor

I'm not sure many understand and/or appreciate just how good Jordan Taylor is.  She is absolutely freaking phenominal.  For anyone that appreciates baseball or softball, take a look at her year by year stats.  They are simply amazing, and she just keeps getting better.  0.68 ERA?  Sick.  71/6 K/BB ratio?  Are you kidding me?

Jennie Finch got lots of publicity back in the day because a) she was a great pitcher, and b) she's kinda hot.  Jordan Taylor is every bit as good, in my opinion. 

I'm very excited about the start for the UM Softball team and hope this is the year that they can take it all of the way.  They certainly have the talent to do so. Go Blue!

02/14/2011 - 11:13pm Agree, we did pull 3 kids

Agree, we did pull 3 kids from Trotwood in the RR era, and two were late grabs in Shaw and Roundtree.  WR A.J. Jordan just went to Wisconsin this past year from Trotwood.  I know we likely weren't looking for WRs, but I didn't even hear mention of his interest in coming here.  Also, I agree with you.  I certainly wouldn't say we're the favorites for Bam Bradley.

02/10/2011 - 11:18pm I hate to say this, but

I hate to say this, but watching his film, I liked him on defense better than offense.  Not saying I wouldn't let him play offense, but if we're trying to limit our WR's the next couple years, it'd be nice to go after the ones that could make a switch if we don't need them on offense.

02/08/2011 - 8:53am Graduated from CHS in

Graduated from CHS in 1991.

Go Elks, and Go Blue!

Also, to add more information on Ifeadi, he has been offered by Indiana, Michigan, Michigan St., and Boston College so far.  I don't think Michigan St. will ever be a threat for him and I can't see Boston College hanging in for very long either.  I would also discount Indiana, but like I said above, he has former teammates that attend Indiana, so you can bet they will be in his ear about IU.  In the end, I think it will come down to OSU (if they offer), ND (if they offer, and indications are they might), and UM (already offered).  It nothing else, I think Ifeadi will get plenty of attention from Hoke since Hoke's parents live 5-10 minutes from Centerville.  That shouldn't be a hard trip for Hoke to make.

02/07/2011 - 11:16pm Ifeadi Odenigbo

Hello.  I grew up in Centerville and live there now. That's where Ifeadi goes to school.  I made a post on Tom VH front page thread earlier today but will repeat since it appears some didn't see that.  For background on the high school, it is very Pro-OSU.  The same school that A.J. Hawk and Mike Nugent went to.  Also the same high school that 2011 commit Michael Bennett goes to.  Getting a Buckeyes offer to these kids truly means "you've made it".  A lot of that comes from the head coach.  His son graduated around the time A.J. Hawk did and was given a preferred walk on by Tressel as a courtesy to the school//coach, likely to try and establish a pipeline.  It worked.  The coach's son was hardly a D1 prospect. The head coach seems forever indebted to Tressel for that.  So, if Ifeadi does get an offer from OSU, I'd say it'd be an upset for him to go somewhere else. 

As for the helmets, Centerville has gunmetal black helmets with a circular gold 'C' logo on them.  They do not have wings.  The players earn "hitting stripes" and those are placed on the helmet in a 'winged' pattern.  If you look closely at the video, you can see different players have different amounts of stripes.  Bennett's helmet (#68) almost looked all gold at the end of the year.  Ifeadi wasn't far behind.

As for the pronunciation his first name is Ifeadi (if Eddie, only said quickly together = iffetti).  Last name is Odenigbo (oda,nigbo, also said quickly).

Having said that Centerville did have a DE this past year that committed to West Virginia (#8 Kyle Rose, no OSU offer) and has had 3 brothers (the Replogle's - Tyler, Matt and Mike) sign with Indiana (not sure if any of them were offered by OSU).  On top of that, there was a lot of good players in the GWOC last year, including HH Wayne QB Braxton Miller and Springfield LB Trey DePriest, so Ifeadi has played against some good talent.  His film is legit.  He's a physical specimen to look at, plays with a great motor, and has great quickness and speed for a DE.  I believe he could easily add another 20-30 pounds to his frame.  I believe his parents are from Africa.  I know his Mom is a pediatrician in the area and that Ifeadi really wants to become a doctor himself.  Academics will surely be important to him and coming from CHS, he will have a good academic background to prepare him well for college.  Grades will never be an issue with this kid.  I also heard that Indiana has already offered him as well.

I really hope that Hoke and Mattison push hard for this kid.  Not only would it be nice for me to be able to root for a hometown kid at Michigan (for once!!), but I believe he brings a physical game that would fit Mattison and Hoke's defense perfectly.  Go Blue!

02/07/2011 - 1:14pm Also, just so everyone is

Also, just so everyone is aware.  Centerville is in the same conference as Huber Heights Wayne.  That #5 in red that Ifeadi is chasing down is current Ohio State commit Braxton Miller, who is not slow by any means.  Wouldn't be suprised to see Miller start the first couple games for OSU next year while Pryor is suspended.  My point is that Ifeadi has played some tough competition this year so his film is legit.

02/07/2011 - 1:07pm Ifeadi Odenigbo

I grew up in Centerville and still live there today.  Let me give you a little background.  Players like A.J. Hawk and Mike Nugent came from this high school and went directly to OSU.  As was stated in the article, Michael Bennett is a current Ohio State commit.  Hell, even the current head coach, Ron Ullery's son, who was a borderline D1 prospect was offered a preferred walk-on at OSU (I think just to cement the pipeline). There was a senior last year named Kyle Rose who was also a DE.  He committed to West Virginia (OSU didn't offer), so I think we've got a good shot at Ifeadi if OSU doesn't offer, but if they do, don't be suprised if he goes there.  Not trying to be negative Nancy here, just giving you guys some background.  I will definitely try to get as much information from Ifeadi as I can and share it with you. Also, Centerville's helmets are plain back with a gold 'C' logo.  They don't have wings.  The players earn "hitting stripes" and those are put on the helmet in what appears to be a Michigan 'winged' pattern.  Wanted to clear that up as well.  I love Ifeadi's motor and the way he plays the game.  Would love to see him go Blue.  He's a physical specimen and I think he'd fit Mattison's defense perfectly.

01/24/2011 - 7:31pm UPDATE on Twitter

Bob Lichtenfels (?) reports that East St. John 3-star safety Floyd Raven told him that he did not commit to Texas A&M, despite reports saying otherwise.

01/20/2011 - 10:48am , and sinker!

, and sinker!

01/20/2011 - 12:49am I was thinking the exact same

I was thinking the exact same thing.  Totally reminded me of Boren's shady situation.  FWIW, and I don't know what can be believed, but I did hear that his grades weren't the concern or reason he wasn't taken to the bowl game.  I had heard that it was another "situation" that was deemed to be against team rules that caused him to be left behind.  Now whether that's pot smoking, or stealing a 10 year olds Razor scooter and riding it around on campus naked, I have no idea.  I think Tate needs to put his life back together though and grow the hell up already.

01/18/2011 - 1:40pm Very well said, and I

Very well said, and I completely agree with you.

01/18/2011 - 1:32pm Yes, that is likely enough

Yes, that is likely enough depth, with adding the 3 recruits, but who knows?  We don't even have a defensive coordinator yet!!  We don't know what defense Hoke is planning on running.  Hoke could continue the 3-3-5 that he ran in SDSU last year, or he could bring someone in that wants to run a variant of the 4-3.  Could be multiple looks and defenses.  I think a lot of those guys are "tweener" guys...guys that RichRod/GERG had as hybrid DB/LB types.  So I guess other questions will be (after figuring out which D to run): Which guys are you expecting to bulk up and play more of the traditional 4-3 LB spots (if that's what you are running).  How long will that take?  Which guys have the body type you are looking for now, but aren't performing up to your expectations?  Lots of questions remain before you can say we truly have the depth at each defensive position that we need for the defense we're running.

01/13/2011 - 3:14pm "Those who are friends won't

"Those who are friends won't be virgins."

01/13/2011 - 3:08pm i believe 'bringthewood's'

i believe 'bringthewood's' post was asking about Borges' fit with Denard, not Scott L's.  Obviously Loeffler has worked with many types of QB's, but I've tried to do as much research as I can on Borges, and I don't see anywhere where he's coached a QB with more than 400 yards rushing.

01/13/2011 - 3:03pm SDSU Special Teams

There was a thread on here in the past 3-4 days comparing UMs 2010 special team's numbers vs SDSU's 2010 special team's numbers.  I have no idea who posted it or what the thread was titled.  I'm guessing I've read over 150 different threads the past couple days.  If I remember correctly, SDSU's 2010 Special teams weren't that "Special", though.  I think they were middle of the pack in the country on punt and kickoff returns and had worse numbers than UM did in 2010.  That's just off of memory of that one post I read. 

01/13/2011 - 12:42am What you said is not true. 

What you said is not true.  Mallett was planning on leaving at the end of his freshman season, regardless of who the coach was.  He had already made up his mind that he wanted to be closer to home.  Don't you remember MULTIPLE reports BEFORE his first season (when he enrolled early) that he wanted to leave and they weren't even sure he was going to stay for his freshman season?  He was homesick.  He was out of his "comfort zone".  There's certainly nothing wrong with that.  And it wasn't Lloyd's fault, RR's fault, or Mallett's fault.  He didn't "abandon" the program, he was homesick, and wanted to be closer to home.

01/12/2011 - 12:45pm I hope this is true.  Reports

I hope this is true.  Reports are that Forcier is not enrolled in classes this semester, so that likely decreases our QB depth chart by 1.  Add to that the speculation that Denard may transfer and losing Gardner could be a huge loss for this program.

01/12/2011 - 12:37pm "Thanks," or "Thank you" -

"Thanks," or "Thank you" - 10.5

"Complete Football Team" - 4.5

"Hokemania" - .5

01/12/2011 - 12:35pm Yes, it's being carried on

Yes, it's being carried on the Big 10 Network at 1pmEST.

01/12/2011 - 11:59am Brady Hoke's twitter!/BradyHoke


He said on January 4th that his account got hacked and he had to unfollow/delete everything. The account has not been verified by Twitter (as it is for most celebs, athletes, etc).  He is only following Jim Tressel.  Yesterday when I viewed it he was also following Desmond Howard.  No idea if legit or not.

01/11/2011 - 12:40pm Coach

At this point I think it's fairly obvious that the choice is Hoke.  I know there are other names still on the board: Gruden, Malzahn, Patterson, but seriously, ask yourself, if we can't get a guy that played here, coached here, and was reported to take the job if offered, no questions, how can we expect that any of those guys can or will want to come coach at UM?  It's got to be Hoke at this point.

01/11/2011 - 12:14pm He's a sideline reporter for

He's a sideline reporter for ESPN.  Bryan Fischer a sportswriter for says he is a very trusted source.

01/11/2011 - 11:57am How pissed would everyone be

How pissed would everyone be if the LSU AD issued a statement saying that Les Miles has agreed to a re-structed contract that will keep him at LSU until 2016 and additionally, they've added Brady Hoke to the staff as a 'special advisor' to the AD.  I think Brandon would go kamikaze in that Domino's plane.

01/11/2011 - 11:54am How pissed would everyone be

How pissed would everyone be if LSU AD made a statement that Les Miles has agreed to a re-structured contract that keeps him at LSU until 2016 and additionally, they've added Brady Hoke to the LSU staff as a "special advisor".  I'd think Brandon might go kamikaze with that Domino's plane.

01/11/2011 - 11:40am Yeah, it was two (#1 and #3)

Yeah, it was two (#1 and #3) and then #2 came up while I was typing the post.  Forgot to change it.  I'm exhausted following this coaching search non-stop.  Cut me some slack, please.

01/11/2011 - 11:37am Two new tweets of interest

Three new tweets of interest (to me at least)

1) mikerothstein: Sitting outside Schemechler Hall.  Towncar with tinted windows pulled up about 10 minutes ago and is sitting there waiting for someone.

2) mikerothstein: This, obviously, could likely be nothing.

3) According to @ESPN_BIG12, Les Miles not in attendance at FBS coaches meeting this morning in Dallas but still scheduled to speak at 3 ET.

01/11/2011 - 11:11am Maybe we'll get word at 11:11

Maybe we'll get word at 11:11 on 1/11/11?  Oh wait.  That's now!!

01/11/2011 - 10:22am This was just added by Tom

This was just added by Tom Dienhart on Twitter:

'Michigan will meet with Les Miles and/or his people Tuesday, media reports indicate.'

Is this someone following up on yesterday's report that UM and Miles would meet today, or is this new and Brandon and Miles are planning on meeting again today?  Didn't Brandon fly back to AA last night?  Is he still there?  If so, where is this meeting taking place?  Do we know any tail numbers of any LSU planes? lol.

01/11/2011 - 9:22am Maybe Brandon is just giving

Maybe Brandon is just giving the team a summary of the events that have taken place so far.  Filling them in on who he's talked to, the conversations that have taken place, etc.  Then he's going to inform them that this is a process and that a decision can't be made in haste.  LOL.

I think you're right.  I think we're going to have some kind of news leaked shortly before or after 4pm, if not sooner.  I'm expecting to hear some news around 1pm CST.

01/11/2011 - 2:28am While I agree that there

While I agree that there isn't much, if any, competition for the recruits in Louisiana, and many of them have grown up with nothing other than playing for LSU on their minds, Les is familiar with this area of the country.  He played here and coached here.  I assume that he still has a lot of contacts here.  I know some of his recruits from the past couple years came from Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, so he has had some success in the area recently.  I really think he will continue to have success with recruiting.  That's just something we'll have to wait and see on.  We should get a small sample size of how much "weight" the Les Miles name carries in the next 2-3 weeks.

01/11/2011 - 2:15am I think Brady Hoke really

I think Brady Hoke really truly does love UM, but I don't think professionally he would do this.  He's enjoying success as a head coach at a school he just got to a couple years ago.  I don't think he just packs things up and moves to Ann Arbor to take a coordinator position, even if it was promised he'd be the coach in waiting.  And who's to say that Les would want him to the be DC?  I think it's only fair that you let the new coach pick his staff.  You don't want to put limitations on a head coach when hiring them.  That's never a good thing.  I think history proves that.

01/11/2011 - 2:07am I agree.  Recruiting is a

I agree.  Recruiting is a HUGE part of turning this program back around in a timely manner.  I think Les gives us a better shot at doing that than anyone else mentioned.  He is a familiar name to recruits.  He's known for winning.  He will recruit well for UM.  I feel better than Hoke would for sure.