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04/03/2018 - 11:27am Really good thought.  Could

Really good thought.  Could be that!

The only other thing I've been able to come up with is that to Mo it was obvious what changed the flow of the game and he was upset about it.  His tone and body language just seemed chippy rather than down.

04/03/2018 - 10:00am Yeah, I for sure am not

Yeah, I for sure am not trying to fault Mo.  I'm just really curious what question he was responding to.  

And i know it's not 100% certain what he said, but it sure sounds pretty clear to me.  And if he did say something along the lines of 'how dare he ask that question,' what question do we think he was frustrated with? 

10/21/2017 - 4:04am Underrated post.  Sounds like

Underrated post.  Sounds like you have thought about/studied this.  Recommendations for where I can digest a bit more?  

10/15/2017 - 5:32pm We already tried Brady as HC.

We already tried Brady as HC.  But I guess we could try him as a QB coach...

10/14/2017 - 5:57pm I wondered what last weeks

I wondered what last weeks game would have looked like if we hadn't turned the ball over 5 times.

Now I know.

10/09/2017 - 12:46pm Totally agree with the

Totally agree with the 'growing pains' comment.  It stinks to lose to MSU.  It doesn’t mean the coaches are idiots and the future is bleak.  As fans, we always want to sacrifice long-term success for immediate satisfaction.

My thoughts after the game were:

We simply don’t have a great QB yet. 

We are not going to change scheme for O’Korn b/c we are building a system and are developing younger players into it.  Switching schemes for 6 or 7 games is short-term thinking. 

We are not great yet, but should be good enough to beat all but the best competition with where we are at the moment.  But we are not good enough to have a -5 turnover margin against that kind of competition and still win.

03/05/2017 - 9:37pm Sounds interesting.  I'd like

Sounds interesting.  I'd like to watch him play sometime.  Who does Irving play for? 

02/02/2017 - 9:43am checks avatar...
Is that you

checks avatar...

Is that you Bob?!  

01/30/2017 - 6:04pm What about when Harbaugh

What about when Harbaugh becomes POTUS? 

Will make things pretty tricky around here.  

01/29/2017 - 1:47pm I can't wait until they come

I can't wait until they come out with a cop show where both partners play by the rules or both partners don't play by the rules  

01/15/2017 - 7:04pm Users here, here?

Users here, here?

11/26/2016 - 7:04am just being /s.
look at time

just being /s.

look at time of post and title of thread.

Tomorrow is today!

11/26/2016 - 4:07am sad face 
...we really needed

sad face 

...we really needed him to start today!

11/14/2016 - 4:14pm I thought Pepper's would be

I thought Pepper's would be our starting QB?

11/05/2016 - 9:14pm OSU looks good.
And too bad

OSU looks good.

And too bad Sparty will be using all their practice time prepping to try to beat Michigan next year.

11/03/2016 - 3:28pm So it doesn't take any time

So it doesn't take any time or energy to interview for a new job, talk with your family about a major relocation and make a well-thought through decision?  

I'm not saying it lost them the game, but I also don't understand those who say it didn't have any bearing whatsoever on the preparation for The Game.  

10/10/2016 - 6:42pm Spate.  I'm sure he meant a

Spate.  I'm sure he meant a spate of QB's will be drafted this year.


10/09/2016 - 5:44am I mostly agree.
I understand

I mostly agree.

I understand you are excited, but the part about "a living, breathing opponent" was a tad too far, don't you think?  

jk.  Good thoughts!

10/08/2016 - 7:38pm ...and Peppers is still

...and Peppers is still running away from Rutgers.

09/13/2016 - 3:53pm Would another serious issue

Would another serious issue be that the young man has to resort to using a substance in order to feel happy or satisifed when he is supposedly doing what he always dreamed of doing with his life?   

09/02/2016 - 10:47am Didn't want to start a new thread

What are international viewers doing? 

I currently use my bro-in-law's BTN2Go login as well as a subcription to  will these be sufficient for this season?  (not sure what will happen when FS1 and FS2 start taking over)

Thanks for any help!

08/26/2016 - 2:58pm Very committed Christian

Very committed Christian here.

I normally do not discuss this kinda stuff online with strangers, but I found your authenticity refreshing.

I do not believe in the same God you do not believe in.

06/09/2016 - 6:24pm +1 for Murren.
Wengen - on

+1 for Murren.

Wengen - on the other side of the Lauterbrunnen valley - is my favourite!


06/08/2016 - 4:16pm Wait...
is David: David and


is David: David and The Sleeping Giant? 

I thought in the story, David was David and the Giant was the Giant and they were both awake?

Unless, it wasn't a spelling mistake and they just forgot the comma and we are The Sleeping Giant, but we are afraid that we are no longer asleep.  So this: "Unless you're scared you have awaken (comma), The Sleeping Giant." 

I have so much confuse.


04/27/2016 - 6:26pm So you are saying that

So you are saying that interviewing for a job that requires both a change in role  as well as a major geographic relocation does not involve any time or energy to consider?  

03/21/2016 - 3:47pm I hope not.  I feel like the

I hope not.  I feel like the main lacking piece with this team is somebody with a bit of fire.  

I don't agree with disrespecting authority, but we have a team full of nice guys without a killer instinct.  

03/18/2016 - 5:04pm crazy thought

what if we win and Sparty loses?  

02/26/2016 - 5:28pm Sports writers have it so

Sports writers have it so easy now with Harbaugh.  

All they have to do is follow every single thing he does and then write an article that starts out, "Best (insert Harbaugh action) of the (choose one of the following:  day, week, month, season, off-season)" 



02/16/2016 - 7:26pm I can't wait for the infrared

I can't wait for the infrared camera angle.  I don't need to seem them score, I just want to see how hard they're working.  

02/10/2016 - 3:37pm Yep, that's what I was on

Yep, that's what I was on about! 

But in hindsight, maybe Harbaugh would go with know, to make his point but still feign ignorance.   

02/10/2016 - 1:56pm How many stakes do you think

How many stakes do you think he has already gathered up for their trip to EL this year?  

01/31/2016 - 5:22pm For all the

For all the MGoLawyers...

Would it be possible for all the players who have had their careers ruined by the Detroit Lions to file a class action lawsuit?  

Someone could make a boat load of money and finally put the franchise out of its misery.  

01/24/2016 - 4:39pm I haven't watched the NFL in

I haven't watched the NFL in aaages...but tuned in and feel like I've missed a lot.

Jim Nance?!  Isn't the HGH and Peyton thing a big deal?!  Do teams gain yards running the ball anymore? And...Jim Nance?! 

So many questions...

01/14/2016 - 5:42pm Perfect!


And is this further visual evidence of Newton's 3rd Law?  That guy is like the anti-Bielfeldt.

01/14/2016 - 5:09pm That's the one!

That's the one! was worth watching again!

The crazy thing is that's exactly what my face looked like during the entirety of the second half of the 2014 football season.  

01/14/2016 - 4:46pm Great gifs

I couldn't wait for the gifs from this game...but it's missing the one I thought for sure would be in!  

Robinson sank a 3 (in the first half, I believe) and the look on the staffperson's face sitting on the end of Maryland's bench was priceless.

Anyone else catch that?

01/05/2016 - 5:04pm Well if you are pretty sure,

Well if you are pretty sure, then I feel a lot better about it now.  Especially if he was probably given the ok.

12/02/2015 - 6:52pm I respectfully disagree on

I respectfully disagree on many points. (I do enjoy most of your posts!) 

If Harbaugh happily knew his DC was interviewing during the week of The Game, then it's not the Harbaugh we think we know.  

Harbaugh's circumstances in SF were in no way similar to the circumstances here and now.

There is no way that contemplating a major job and geographic transition takes 0% of your energy, time and attention away from the rest of your work.  

People are not upset that he is going.  They are upset at the timing and circumstances.  


12/02/2015 - 6:44pm Yeah, I just keep thinking of

Yeah, I just keep thinking of Harbaugh's face during the post-game presser and wonder if he was thinking, "our defense just got their pants pulled down all game long, and it's because my defensive coordinator was already loading up the moving van." just does my nut in.  

12/02/2015 - 6:24pm I know a few have mentioned

I know a few have mentioned this, but it really frustrates me that Durkin was deciding on this during the week of The Game.  Even if the interview didn't last that long, you have to know he spent considerable time thinking about his options, talking to his family, etc.

It had to affect the game plan.  

And I wonder if Harbaugh is upset about it.  Not that everyone is going to stick around forever, but to me I don't think Durkin handled this correctly.  

11/13/2015 - 8:30pm announcer

is this the 'boom goes the dynamite' guy?


11/03/2015 - 4:53pm Since reading Endzone, I've

Since reading Endzone, I've often wondered about how often Brian merely has his finger on the pulse of the fanbase and how often he actually helps create the dominant culture of it.  

To (accurately) quote Forrest Gump i think, 'Maybe both is happening at the same time.'

It's a really unique ability and I think this article shows us why:  Brian believes in his stuff.  But he also believes in his ability to screw it all up for the shallow reward of fame.  

Thanks Brian!



10/21/2015 - 5:02pm So you're saying most women

So you're saying most women go into prostitution thinking, 'Hmm, should I be a teacher or a banker or a prostitute?  I guess I'll pick prostitute.' 

Better not think too hard about why these women have ended up selling their bodies because the answers may not be so easy to pass off as 'two consenting adults.'

By the way, what would qualify as a moral issue in your book?  

09/29/2015 - 5:47pm Jumpman football logo

Said this in a previous thread,

But I'd like to put forth a silhouette of Darboh's catch to Mr. Jordan as the new Jumpman for football logo!  

09/27/2015 - 6:01pm +1 for well played
- 1 for no

+1 for well played

- 1 for no religion on the board

09/27/2015 - 5:35pm Did you know?

A foal can trot and cantor within hours of being born?

Most can gallop by the next day.  

But they still prefer not to walk behind the cart.  

09/27/2015 - 4:09pm Fun to watch again!

Also, didn't want to start a new thread.  But is there anyway to campaign Mr Jordan to use the silhouette of Darboh's catch for the new Jumpman logo on football uniforms?  

The one from Ace's game summary would work a treat!

09/23/2015 - 5:57pm You forgot:  How important is

You forgot:  How important is it to score more points than the other much emphasis do you put on trying to win the footbal often do you stress to the players that they should wear their helmets with the faceguards pointing forward...

09/04/2015 - 4:00pm Yeah, I see what you're

Yeah, I see what you're saying.

09/02/2015 - 6:20pm In Harbaugh's mouth?

In Harbaugh's mouth?