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04/18/2010 - 12:33pm good problem to have if we are discussing Tate vs Denard

CORRECTION: oops, didnt realize the fiancee had logged on and accidentally posted under her account.- goMichblue

Man does Denard look much improved out there, more poised in the passing game plus a serious improvement in the accuracy department. It looks like he was checking down to open receivers instead of just taking off like last year.

We need two options at the position and from an early spring look, we may have it.

I'm still betting on Tate to start against UCONN, a year of experience/starting and all that competitiveness/toughness can't be counted out.

04/17/2010 - 5:33pm yeah

I agree with alot of what you said, what is up with Forcier? Is he nursing an injury? Hope he gets rested up and ready. I missed a bit of the game though, we took kids and they wanted to get out of the cold. Went to souvenir shop and bought t-shirts. Ten bucks was a great deal. Cant wait to see what Devin and Denard do this fall. I still miss Minor rage.
It will kick ass if Justice Hayes comes to Mich, he is from my town, I've gotten to see him play a few games and he's quite impressive.

04/16/2010 - 8:13pm the most awesome thing ever

went to that site, pretty funny and addictive, you could waste alot of time on there, the kids loved it, thought it was hilarious. but speaking of addictive, mcdonalds vanilla cones, they are like crack

04/16/2010 - 7:47pm oops, meant to say the comic

oops, meant to say the comic book store on main st. i think its called vault of midnight or something like that. I have a son who has gotten me into japanese anime and my fiance's daughters love it also. We like bleach and naruto. So i guess im weird, a nerdy football loving girl. Im glad Johnny likes me the way I am :)

04/14/2010 - 9:25pm go to mden, get early lunch

go to mden, get early lunch on state street, coffee at starbucks, go to that cool comic book store on state, walk to stadium

04/11/2010 - 4:15pm Joe Namath

Just can't stand the way he looks with his flashy fur coats.

11/23/2009 - 11:03pm i let a few curses slip , im not a saint

like bullshit!!!! at the lack of calls. like the obvious facemask i saw and the ref didnt. but sometimes people use a curse as everyother word, it was just excessive

11/23/2009 - 10:59pm nice

thats pretty funny!

11/23/2009 - 10:58pm heyyyyy!

I was slamming the hills, i hate that shit

11/23/2009 - 10:57pm part two

just felt the post was pretty lengthy already, but there was a mich. professor behind us. He was the biggest asshole ive ever had to be within earshot of. He was making snide remarks about women and gay people and wanting to beat the shit out of the male baton twirler and blah blah blah.... i think he was just in love with the sound of his own voice. I couldnt believe he was a professor! So unprofessional!

11/23/2009 - 3:04pm not nice

my friend's daughter was born with down syndrome, shes very cute and sweet. be careful what you rip on. you could father a child with a birth defect.

11/23/2009 - 3:02pm redirection

when i previously worked at a day care center, I saw children get so excited about something that they made bad choices. For example, wet their pants when they want a cookie too badly. I would take this excitement and make them sit,calm down and paint an awesome picture for their Mom and Dad. In relation to this story... i saw alot of immature sickening behavior after this game. Redirect your anger and go pump some iron real hard, or donate more blood to beat the osu fans in that contest. Point something positive, rather than stoop to neanderthal instincts. It will make us Michigan fans look alot classier.

11/23/2009 - 2:26pm i went to google

type in wall decals, and click around for sports categories, i came across a really sweet huge mural of what at first looked to be the u of m stadium. I was really excited because, the view of a packed stadium when i first walk thru the tunnel is a sight that makes me quite happy. and i thought this would be an awesome thing to do for my fiancee in the basement of our first home together, it would make it look as though you are always at the stadium. but to my dismay, the mural decal was of lsu vs arizona state. but i will keep looking around, let me know if you see anything cool also. and you may be able to get something custom made too!

11/20/2009 - 1:42pm i feel ya

Im really sorry u arent able to go to mich. that stings, i too am aspiring to go there. i am changing careers and hope to finish nursing school there. Its so sad that tuition is so high.
I love ann arbor but most likel will be lucky to get into and afford u of m flint. keep your chin up, maybe someday when you are more established you can get a higher degree there. thats what im hoping for. i dont quite know the meaning of walmart wolverine, if thats where you buy your mich t-shirts... so the f what!!!? i have some form there and some from mden, and I love them all.

11/19/2009 - 11:43pm My fiancee is the original

My fiancee is the original poster. I've always enjoyed football but didn't quite understand all the specifics. it's nice to have someone patiently explain the details of plays. Its made me enjoy the game much more. I didnt know he was such a fan and almost instinctively as the first gift i ever bought him was a michigan hat for valentines day. Now game day is like a religious holiday to us. We love to go to a2 and walk around, shop at Mden, get a beer. Cheer like maniacs at the game and drive home listening to the recap on the radio. its like a mini vacation, something special that the two of us have really bonded over. I think i own more uofm items than him now, and also named my new puppy "Maizey" Its also become a weird kind of Pavlovian thing for me. Gameday=horny. So guys, if you want her to become a fan, do like my guy did and make game a happy event. I cant wait to marry my best friend at our special place.... The Big House!!!!