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01/14/2015 - 4:47pm how bout the other other corner

Daydrion MF Taylor....

11/14/2014 - 5:07pm theres no argument either way

just opinion. And mine is that Leon was overrated as an all american corner. His longevity...we'll see. He played 5ish and been hurt the  past 2ish. Being an all american in a season is an opinion based on all sorts of variables.... stats, visibility, past performance, other players performance relative to the position, play calling, yada yada yada. Blake Countess was a freshman all american andlast year first team big ten with 6 picks... a lot for college. Still whenever hes in coverage.... im not too confident. Corners are really hard to evaluate. On one play they could get burnt and the qb throws it right to them.INT. Another play perfect coverage and the qb throws it perfect wr makes an amazing play. TD. Ive watched michigan for a little bit and theres always players that are over/underrated. ive always felt like he was one.

11/14/2014 - 4:29pm Ive got two


11/14/2014 - 3:53pm ill informed

i watched that guy play every down he was here. Jackson is one of the guys who falls under your guidelines which is exactly my point. Michigan gets highly rated corners almost every year that really dont pan out. He has had maybe one or two good years in the nfl and id bet that if cincy could go back in time they wouldnt have drafted him.

11/14/2014 - 3:41pm really

Im curious as to why you would think at this moment that either would be first rounders. peppers was hurt the whole year. Not a good sign at all and lewis isnt even the unquestionable number one db on a team full of crappy dbs.  A lot of fans put stock into how many of their teams players get drafted high which is hilarious. The draft is a bunch of ego driven old guys guessing which young guys THEY think will be good and obviously its just that .....guesswork. brady 6th round, griese third, henne third, grbac 8th...... tebow first.   hall shouldnt have been a first rounder but some coaches get obsessed with numbers.... speciffically the 40 which he ran an impressive 4.35. Why do so many people put so much emphasis on the 40 speciffically for dbs. Theyre running backwards most of the time and very rarely do they turn and run 40 yards. Just because a team has alot of first rounders doesnt really mean much. The 97 team had a TOTAL of three players taken in the first... woodson98 and backus hutchinson 01 I believe and they didnt do too bad as a team.  

11/14/2014 - 2:54pm he was overrated

and usually didnt play very well against the better teams

11/14/2014 - 2:52pm one of the

most overrated dbs Ive ever seen play at michigan. He was an all american basically by association.... back then if you played at michigan since you were a freshman then by your senior year.... all american. Ever since woodson it seems like basically every year michigan gets at least one highly coveted db and with the exception of ernest and marlin, they seem to always come up way short.... whitley, hendricks, boubacar, warren, emillien to name a few off the top of my head. Hope that leon can pull through these injuries and have a productive career in the nfl.... just wish he was the shut down corner at michigan that i had hoped he wouldve been

11/13/2014 - 1:34pm michigan figure skating

Everything else would just be icing on the cake

11/12/2014 - 4:16pm why?

Probably because some people realize that when you change your whole system on offense and defense it takes time and cohesiveness. Not emotional knee jerk reactions

11/12/2014 - 2:25pm tom lemming

tom lemming


02/09/2013 - 11:12pm Water


02/02/2013 - 4:24pm Why in this country are we so

Why in this country are we so intrigued with what other people do with their private parts. Could it possibly be that our sex lives are so boring and nonexistent that we feel we have to judge other people for stuff that we wish we could be doing. Food for thought. People sit here and judge this guy because secretly they wish they were him. Got a pregnant wife and a girl on the side while most guys reading this article haven't banged their wife since bush was in office. It's not our place to say what a guy should or shouldn't do with his one eyed Willie. Stop hatin

01/29/2013 - 4:08am Yes. Everyone cheats. It's

Yes. Everyone cheats. It's like the Tour de France. Even if you don't want to you almost have to if you want to compete. And if you think that michigan is above that then you're either young or very naive. I can still remember Mitch alboms fab five book where webber was saying how broke he was. Sure sure. His dad even said that Mississippi state offered his son 10gs to go there. Of course he turned it down because mighty michigan gave him 200gs. I still can't root whole heartedly for the bball team because of that. People are ganging up on the sec because they've won 7 in a row. You're mad and jealous so you scream at the top of your lungs foul. In reality where I live 2 of the top teams in the little 14 blatantly cheated just to win at all costs with the penn state cover up of kids being raped going on for a decade. Everyone will try to win at all costs because that's the society we live in. If you can get an edge on the comp do it and if its against the rules .... So what. If you get caught deny deny deny until it no longer serves you. I hope hoke is running things clean but even if he is do you really think that Michigans players aren't getting 100$ handshakes. Of course they are. Tell your daughter to watch blue chips and shell have a decent idea of how recruiting really is....everywhere. Confucius say: stop pointing fingers and worrying about others. Salvation redemption and integrity come from within. Of course cam got paid but when the shit hits the fan he and the coach will be so far away they won't even get a whiff. I've been a michigan fan for more than 20 years and I wish all this sec hatin would stop. Alabama just won 3 of 4 and beat the crap out of us so I suggest we just tip our hats with dignity not cry and whine that they're cheating like my girlfriends kindergarten class.