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08/30/2009 - 2:44pm Forgot to Say on Rosenberg

Rosenberg had better understand the gravity of his remarks and make sure he's got all of his sources documented.

It's one thing for him to say that Rod should have done a better job with due diligence on Justin Feagin. However, it's another thing to accuse the program of willfully violating NCAA rules.

If Rosenberg (1) didn't do his due diligence properly and THOROUGHLY, and (2) if his story does not hold up to the ensuing scrutiny that will undoubtedly follow - he'll find himself out of a job. This are extremely serious allegations. If Mr. Rosenberg does not have a good understanding of the rules, the grey areas, and the loop holes - he'll blow up his own credibility/integrity.

Rosenberg's work is increasingly taking on the tone of a biased malcontent - with a motive. He needs to get over the fact that Les Miles wasn't hired for the job.

08/30/2009 - 2:35pm Rosenberg & the Freep

FWIW.. I attend practices from time to time and was there at the most recent open media day. Rosenberg usually sends Snyder to cover practices. I've never seen Rosenberg there.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Mr. Snyder, you can't miss him. Without being derogatory, it's appropriate to have a perspective on him. At best, he's 5'6" and 140 lbs. Of the times I've seen him, I've always seen hium with a frustrated look on his face. He seldom interacts with anybody during these practices. The reporters that cover the U-M football sports beat are generally very collegial with each other.

The other thing that it may be helpful to realize is that many of the guys in the media are - simply stated - dweebs. Most haven't played competitive sports since 4th grade T-Ball. Consequently, they don't have a very good perspective on what it is they are "supposed" to be reporting on them. Beyond that, there seems to be a general absence of people skills.

I've got no doubt that Rod pushes kids up to the line. Many of Lloyd's kids simply weren't pushed and weren't required to compete for starting positions. Lloyd's system had a heavy seniority component to it. It's fairly well known that Lloyd told Gittleson & his assistants to back off on or around 2001/2002 because he wanted his kids to have a normal college experience. Lloyd's pracices weren't very intnese - Rod typically runs 3x the amount of plays in the same time. Bo would have loved Rod's tempo.

Folks, welcome to 2009. If you're not going to push up to this NCAA line and operate in the "grey" area, you're not going to compete with USC, LSU, Florida, Texas, and OSU. Take a look at Lloyds post 2001 bowl and OSU records and that shoudl give you a pretty good indicator of how well he was competing.