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12/17/2010 - 6:30pm terrific reference!  am a fan

terrific reference!  am a fan of hyperbole and a half +1!

11/23/2010 - 2:20pm National opt-out day is

National opt-out day is tomorrow the 24th.  What a disaster getting home for Thanksgiving is going to be.

11/23/2010 - 2:17pm This is a much better deal

This is a much better deal than Benoit.  To be fair, we definitely needed a good setup man, so we'll see how much of an overpayment that contract ends up being in an off-season where every new contract seems to be grossly overpaid.  I'm *meh* on the deal as long as he stays healthy..

11/22/2010 - 2:54pm   There does seem to be


There does seem to be an over-emphasis on charts/tables here at mgoblog.  I hope I'm not the only person who gets annoyed when I see tables that are poorly formatted and serve to complicate the presentation of otherwise great discussion (example?).  Graphics are a great way to break down the points in a meaningful and insightful manner -- on the other hand, assembling lots of rows of stuff with no particular focus is largely detrimental.

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11/15/2010 - 7:27pm would be great if they sold

would be great if they sold white jerseys.. look way better than maize or blue ones.

11/15/2010 - 4:16pm Is there any place that sells

Is there any place that sells the white soccer jerseys?  I know the soccer website has replica maize and replica blue unis..

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11/09/2010 - 8:00pm  

You guys are a fickle


You guys are a fickle bunch.  In my opinion, Roy has a point about group-think and mob mentality.  You're upset with him because he's being negative?  Last week, some guy who is kind of important around here did the following:

  1. FP'd a couple "state of the program" survey diaries focusing on whether/when/with whom Michigan should replace the coaching staff, 
  2. Compared the defense to the financial meltdown (2008), mentions it on a separate site in which he is paid for his articles,
  3. Wrote in an UFR that Michigan's DC should be forced out, and is as confused with his defensive scheme as most people,
  4. Penned "The Tenous Case For Keeping Rich Rodriguez," subject of which is far from complimentary

.. and that's just from clicking through a few pages of posts.  But you're right, there probably isn't any effect here on recruiting.  

I'm positive that recruits don't know Roy (above), and as far as his/yours/my comments about Michigan in regards to affecting the "perception of the program" -- pissing in the ocean, as far as I'm concerned.  Of course, some people have larger bladders than others.  You want to talk larger Impact?  Talking heads on the WWL or play-by-play analysts (who might be Michigan Men) talking about coaching changes, hot seats, and the like.

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11/04/2010 - 1:44pm lololol

umichjenks:  vindicated.  

11/01/2010 - 6:18pm For my part, I compare the

For my part, I compare the hiring of Greg Robinson to the worldwide financial crisis(Michigan fans: also good at perspective!), call him an idiot in four separate places. The most TWISsy of the four

Self-Link fail.  I believe this should point to the lehman brothers post.

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10/08/2010 - 8:57pm How is that top line

How is that top line looking?  As smooth as I imagine it?  I'm glad Hudler's off to a good start, hope he can keep it up.


:: scratch that, I see that Holmstrom got a misconduct.. ::

10/08/2010 - 7:29pm gdamnit


10/05/2010 - 11:26am This was my shirt for UCONN.

uconn shirt

10/05/2010 - 11:17am disagree on the sentiment

I think this is a bad development for the Tigers and Wings, unless he has a few partners in on the purchase.

10/05/2010 - 1:32am Hey, this is about 1000x

Hey, this is about 1000x better than the (possibly pending?) Mercyhurst recap post.  Ugh.

10/03/2010 - 2:10pm Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification.  If only you'd explained this to me before I posted, I wouldn't have had to ask such a stupid question.  

10/02/2010 - 8:01pm At some point, when is depth

At some point, when is depth going to stop being an excuse?  We had depth, and they quit the team in the face of very significant playing time.  How come none of that is put on the coaching staff?

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09/30/2010 - 4:49pm i recognize this from

i recognize this from arrested development.  classic!

09/30/2010 - 4:44pm agreed

The standard 100%-cotton (Gildan I think) blanks that UGP uses are not the best quality; good for maybe a few washes.

FYI -- though the "printed on" marker isn't present, the Brabbs shirt is printed on AA blanks.

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08/30/2010 - 7:48pm confirmed.

South is the official alumni club location, as of last season.  Previously, it was Hollywood Billiards (which I preferred); it still opens on Saturday mornings for quite a few UM fans.  Pitcher House in Redondo is popular, too. 

08/26/2010 - 1:24pm Is that the official logo of

Is that the official logo of mgoblog at the bottom?  Not sure how I feel about it.

08/25/2010 - 11:43am Guess I'm off base here.  Why

Guess I'm off base here.  Why buy a MBP without it though?  Cost is already high enough ...

08/25/2010 - 11:26am To BlockM's point, any

To BlockM's point, any macbook you buy will come with a SSD.  Pricing is about $2/gb for the latest generation drives. 

You could buy a spec-comparable laptop (core i5, 4gb ddr3, etc), buy a separate 2.5" SSD, and be out the door for $700.  Then, if you're really worried about boot times, you can go the hackintosh and install snow leopard.  Boot time of windows 7 with SSD should be sub-5sec.  There are limitations with SSD drives which you should research (you need to run a cleanup util every other month or so), but it is realistically going to be the largest factor in your boot time differences.

08/19/2010 - 6:50pm If you want designs on

If you want designs on high-quality blanks, look into redbubble for your design needs.  None of this gildan crap.

08/18/2010 - 2:55pm Woodford Reserve +1

Makes flying delta cross-country less of a pain.

08/12/2010 - 10:43am thumbs down

Some of these are terrible.  Would consider Impaler and J8nas, though.

07/11/2010 - 4:45pm A BME undergrad degree is

A BME undergrad degree is poorly suited for any sort of specialization -- i.e. tissue engineering.  You will have spend no more than 16-24 hours your entire 4 years learning about tissue engineering from the basic curriculum.  BME is essentially pre-med alternative classes (heavier math focus) and some extra engineering general courses.  If you're confident you want to pursue tissue engineering as a career, BME isn't necessarily a terrible choice, as you'll be in school until you get your PhD, at which point your undergraduate degree doesn't really matter.

Pro-tip:  join UROP or volunteer to do research in a cell signalling / tissue engineering lab.  The closest you'll find is probably in Takayama's lab (for BME), which probably isn't what you're looking for when you say "tissue engineering" (generally speaking, his research focuses on devices that allow for controlled cell differentiation / verification of that process, and not the actual cells themselves).  There is much more tissue-related research being conducted  outside of the BME department (i.e. by hospital professors), or more typically, with only cursory BME involvement. Also suggest looking at CMB or MCDB (not sure which is the graduate degree).

07/10/2010 - 2:50am Skip 115

MGoChairman might be right that Math 116 is the most failed -- in my day the AP credit allowed you to skip both 100-level courses; however, I do remember people talking about test averages in 116 somewhere in the mid-30s.  I can't quite conceptualize a passing grade meaning that you know a third of the material.  I think the failure rate is mostly due to the fact that 115/116 are weeder classes (as are the preliminary science classes -- orgo, physics) for any field that requires an aptitude in math.  13 credits is quite low so I expect you'll be fine.  Worst case, abuse office hours. 

On a semi-related note, you should SERIOUSLY consider a different path for your major.  I have a graduate degree from the BME department, so please trust me on this.  If you really want an engineering career in the biomedical field, avoid the undergraduate program (it's probably a nice boost if you're planning on the med school route).  You'll get a lot of breadth but no depth as an undergrad, and it severely limits your qualifications for a relevant job post-graduation.  From the corporate standpoint, why hire a BME "who concentrated on biomechanics" when you could hire a mechanical engineer?

07/01/2010 - 10:49am .. and the best part of the tailgate?

Franklin cider mill donuts + cider.  At least, non-alcoholic best part.

06/28/2010 - 11:22pm I'm pretty sure he was saying

I'm pretty sure he was saying "It popped."  I actually looked in the mirror to see if that made sense.  Think it's elbow related, could be TJ surgery :(

06/27/2010 - 12:02am Garbage which never should

Garbage which never should have been published.  Posthumous publication certainly gets you a leg up on the awards though.

06/17/2010 - 8:28pm He's a good coach, but you've

He's a good coach, but you've just described the world's greatest baby-sitter.  All that zen bullshit didn't really work in 2004, am I right?  Coaching is about being able to get a team to make adjustments.  He's almost never had to do it, and when he has, track record is sub-par.

FWIW, Gasol was playing at very close to the same level last year (all star alternate selection) -- I don't know where you came up with that statistic.  He's one of the top C / PF in the league; my top choice C in fantasy -- that picks in the money as long as he doesn't get hurt.  Seriously, though.. how stupid is Memphis?

06/17/2010 - 2:49pm Short answer:  avoid both. 

Short answer:  avoid both.  At 115k miles, you shouldn't pay much more than trade in.

06/10/2010 - 9:17pm and I thought this was going

and I thought this was going to be a sweet diary with RISK-type maps of conference expansion.  WORLD DOMINATION


edit:  Oops, repost 

06/04/2010 - 5:16pm Way bigger issue: legislation

Way bigger issue: legislation put forth by Michigan's Bruce Patterson.

06/04/2010 - 2:38pm I received 2 of the phones

I received 2 of the phones from Google at I/O this year.  One is being played with for work; I've sold the other online.  The phone is a nice one, though battery life is terrible.  Android 2.2 is a huge improvement over previous versions.

S has been a good short-term investment -- purchased shares in mid-May @3.50, waiting for a pop to 5.50 (half my position already sold at $5 last week, covering my investment).

06/02/2010 - 7:23pm Honda's had some very

Honda's had some very disappointing numbers come out very recently.  Just FYI.

06/02/2010 - 7:20pm Buick is a big player in

Buick is a big player in China, which has been the major market of growth for GM for the last decade or so.  Think of it as you would Lexus here state-side.  Pontiac definitely was getting rave reviews in terms of the performance/gear-heads (G8, etc), but they had trouble translating that into volume sales.  Buick has made significant strides in recent years (Enclave, Excelle, new Regal), along with some "performance"-tuned variants.  FWIW, most of these models are imported / rebadged Opels from Germany, and are very competitive with other low-tier luxury brands.

No one should be surprised by the end of Mercury; rumors have circulated ever since GM/Chrysler entered bankruptcy.  Poor quality products, lack of market share, and customer overlap within Ford (Lincoln and in part Volvo).

06/02/2010 - 2:59am Don't discuss this in your

Don't discuss this in your interview; it would be a huge mistake.  That is, unless he asks a soft-ball question like "how soon would you be available to start?"  Even then, the point is to tell the interviewing manager:

  1. Yes, I'm seriously interested in the job. 
  2. I'm currently employed, but I don't see myself there in 5 years; I like _____ aspect of your business and think I could succeed.
  3. The fact that I'm not jobless means you can't lowball me; in fact, you'll need to offer me some incentive to relocate my family and start over.

Typically, there are hiring regulations for how long a job posting must remain open to the public (maybe it's different in FL).  In all likelihood the company already has a timeline for when they expect to bring someone in (unless this is a temp position) -- you revealing that you desperately want to change jobs and your eagerness to relocate right away are probably not selling points here.  Above all, don't burn the boats with your current employer (this is not M basketball) -- you never know if there might be another HR issue.

Good luck.

05/22/2010 - 2:52pm Not to stir the pot

He's a good but severely overrated coach, having come into situations with ridiculous amounts of talent.  That being said, he was able to bring that extra push to convert a shaq/kobe team from being contenders to favorites and champions right away.  More a commentary on who he replaced (Harris/Rambis).  God I hate living in LA sometimes.

05/22/2010 - 2:37pm that extended nike / geico

that extended nike / geico commercial was sick

05/21/2010 - 12:24pm The amount of money they do

The amount of money they do have is quite large, but that is driven by private investment which indicates that the big guns think this type of work will be the next big play for energy.  Is it wasteful?  Possibly.  Definitely not useless.

I'd suggest that the you probably need to adjust your expected timeline for how long it should take to develop an industrial process for fuel harvesting based on carbon dioxide reclamation using algae.

05/21/2010 - 12:06pm Synthetic Biology

... was one of the more interesting seminar courses I took at Michigan (ChemE 4/696).  I wasn't a ChemE so I don't think there are necessarily any class prerequisites.  It's run by two professors (I only remember the one guy Woolf), and the intent of the class was to support the synthetic biology team in projects for IGEM.

Don't know if this is still going on, but quick google-stalk reveals:

Very cool stuff.