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02/12/2012 - 3:07pm urban

urban will be fine, only wish uk had their talent. UM better hope urban doesnt lock down the talent in ohio, what would UM  do for a football team. he has a good staff to work with and the big 10 will need to step up, or he will dominate. and crybaby bret, wonder if he needs a new hankie.

02/12/2012 - 3:00pm urban

you all worry too much about osu. the talent is there, and the team will be fine. kind of wish uk had osu problem. hey would UM even have a football team if it wasnt for "the state of ohio"? good luck if urban locks up the talent in ohio.


02/12/2012 - 2:43pm uk vandy part 2

so deal with it. John Calipari has not been charged with anything and until he is, he will always be our coach at UK he is the coach of the century.  Before judging UK and their fans take a look at your arena and see how many banners you have hanging for championships like UK has.  By the end of the season we will have another one, so that is the way it is. We are the best and always will be so get over the jealousy and move on.  GO BIG BLUE. 

02/12/2012 - 2:34pm uk-vandy

obnoxious uk fans, really? have you all not a mirror? and do you ever look in that mirror? UM has the most obnoxious fans anywhere.