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04/08/2013 - 4:44am It would be great if he did

It would be great if he did join the rest of the Fab 5 and every other maize and blue faithful in Atlanta. I understand some of the frustration people have with him buthe was just a kid. People need to put themselves in his shoes and take a moment to really think about what they would have done in that situation. Growing up he didnt have a whole and there was a gown man offering him anything he wanted. Yeah he knew the rules when he signed his letter of intent but when your that young and you can have anything you want its really really hard to turn it down. I wish alot of our fans would really think about this and realize this happened 20 years ago and he made a huge mistake that I'm sure he regrets every day. To all the people that bash him you have no right to be upset with him. He didn't effect your livelihood one bit. the only ones that have any kind of right to be angry are his teammates and they all forgave him and are welcoming him back with open arms.

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!