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01/18/2011 - 6:38pm WAHOO! I hope he can coach a

WAHOO! I hope he can coach a D that doesn't have Ngata, Lewis and Ed Reed...

01/18/2011 - 3:50pm Im optimistic

I didn't think that Gene Chizik could coach at the level of "elite" national championship later you can see if everyone is on the same page (plus cam newton), championships can happen.  I think that the Michigan players are on the same page, they are determined and are all showing loyalty and commitment to bringing Michigan back.  With all the returning players and easier schedule we will be better.

I was excited as anyone when RichRod was hired because I was extremely bored of LLoyd's offense and took the defense for granted.  I thought we would always have the Michigan D plus RichRods explosive offense creating a superteam that would win multiple wrong.  I think RR will go back to the big east and do well because thats where he was the worst conference.  We killed the best team in the Big East this year.

I was a little suprised at the level of obsession over Harbaugh, I think he is a good coach and all but he also has a QB who is the number 1 draft prospect and he took 4 years to build Stanford with similar records to RR:

2007 4-8

2008 5-7

2009 8-5

2010 11-1

Ofcourse this is at Stanford where wins aren't expected like at Michigan...but I would be willing to bet that Michigan had the same level of talent if not worse than Stanford did in Richrod's first year at Michigan.

I'm optimistic about Hoke.  He may have been part of Moeller/Carr era but that doesn't make him the same.  Hoke made two teams bowl eligble that were flat out terrible when he took them over.  Now he enters as a coach of a team that is not by any means terrible,  a stacked offense and a defense without much success but plenty of experience.

I love the way he has handled the hire and the players are receptive of him.   Even with new management, so far, team chemistry seems to be really good and I think that is another huge factor to a successful 2011.  GIMME 9 Wins?  But like I said...I'm optimistic.