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12/02/2016 - 1:11pm That's largely because no one

That's largely because no one else in the league is doing that. Who else do you know that's kicking people in the head and in the junk?

11/30/2016 - 12:04am Kirby Hocutt told the world

Kirby Hocutt told the world tonight that there's a real good chance Michigan is in if Washington or Clemson lose. His adamance about the razor thin margin between Michigan and Washington and also talking over and over about how it's the best four teams is a message to the public conditioning them to expect Michigan to be ahead next week.

What I don't know is what they'll do if both Clemson and Washington lose. If they're consistent with the top four thing, you almost have to put in the Wisconsin-Penn State winner since they've been clearly ahead of Colorado in recent weeks. But will they? Eek.

11/28/2016 - 1:06am In this case, they are

In this case, they are obligated to take the Wisconsin/Penn State winner if the winner isn't in the playoff. The winner would be considered the Big Ten champion, so that's the team that goes to the Rose Bowl despite not being the highest ranked conference team.

11/28/2016 - 1:04am At first I was thinking CFP

At first I was thinking CFP was a pipe dream for Michigan, but the more I sit back and look at it, why not? 

Look the goal of the committee is to place the four best teams. The procedures state that conference titles are meant as tiebreakers for similar teams. To this point through two years of the playoff, we haven't really had a reason not to follow this. Last year, OSU was better than Sparty, but Ohio didn't really have a profile good enough to prove it and so they had to take MSU. Michigan, though, will have three top-10 wins including both B1G Title Game participants. If committee thought Michigan was the No. 3 team last week, a double OT loss to Ohio State is not going to change that. 

Obviously the first issue is Washington. Maybe the committee says it's close enough between Michigan & Washington they have to take the Huskies. Even then, you could justify Michigan if you really wanted to.

My thinking is that if Washington wins, they (the committee) probably go the safe, uncontroversial route and take the Huskies. They could say Washington is 'similar' to Michigan and won its title. But if Colorado beats Washington, I think the college football world *could* be in for a surprise Sunday.

11/28/2016 - 12:19am This really isn't a money

This really isn't a money angle anymore than the pics being shown by OSU fans. The problem with this picture is that it's taken after Barrett was already falling backward. Watch videos and you will see at his most forward point, he was more upright. This picture is after he had already had forward progress (wherever that actually was).

He might have made the spot, he might not have. It was EXTREMELY CLOSE either way. But there aren't any angles out there that show conclusively one way or another.

11/16/2016 - 12:11am Actually it would be

Actually it would be incorrect to say the Rose Bowl is taking Michigan no matter what. In fact, if Michigan loses to Ohio State in the scenario you're describing, Michigan probably will NOT go to the Rose Bowl especially if for some reason Ohio State is not taken in the playoff (which in that scenario, don't kid yourself, Ohio is going to be selected).

You have to remember that the Rose Bowl has said they will generally take the highest rated team in the CFP rankings barring extreme circumstances. Last year, they took Iowa over Ohio despite only two spots separating the two in the rankings and that Ohio State would have been a better game for Stanford and a better draw.

If Ohio State beats Michigan and Penn State or Wisconsin go to the playoff, the Rose Bowl will select Ohio State because it will be ahead of Michigan. 

That will leave Michigan for the Orange Bowl, most likely, over the loser of Wisconsin-Penn State.

As I said earlier, though, Ohio State is going to be selected if they beat Michigan. So Michigan probably would indeed wind up in the Rose Bowl unless Ohio State gets in, but the CCG winner is left out. 

11/15/2016 - 11:49pm Honestly I'm not sure these

Honestly I'm not sure these numbers are accurate. Something's off.

Both ESPN's FPI and Sagarin give OSU around a 58% chance to win. The early spread by Vegas and various books, before the Speight injury news, was OSU - 4.5. which translates to roughly the favorite winning 60-63% of the time.

I know S&P is a different metric, but they all are typically pretty close. There's no way S&P would be off of all the other mainstream power ratings by some 16-20%. Just doesn't add up.

Edit: I'm looking at S&P and on a neutral field it gives Michigan a 3.5-point edge on Ohio State. However, homefield advantage for a game of this magnitude will be 3-5 points. There's no way the math supports Michigan being a 55% favorite. At best, it would be about 50/50. 



02/05/2014 - 2:55pm See post No. 177 for an

See post No. 177 for an explanation. The short answer is no, she could not block attendance to Sparty.

02/05/2014 - 2:00pm While it's true that a

While it's true that a recruit needs a parent/guardian signature to participate in the National Letter of Intent program if under the age of 21, he (or she) does NOT need a signature to receive financial aid.

The LOI is an optional program and does not have to be signed. It means the recruit can still be recruited by other programs until enrollment. However, a player could sign a financial aid agreement and still receive a scholarship by the institution. 

The parents can make it difficult on McDowell to go to Michigan State, but ultimately they cannot prevent it.

01/10/2011 - 8:09pm

11/24/2010 - 9:33pm I guess it's a good thing

I guess it's a good thing none of that stuff happens in Ann Arbor. 

Seriously though, it's my experience that if fans of both sides lay low and don't be obnoxious or call attention to themselves, it's mostly a pleasant experience. Most adult OSU and UM fans treat each other with respect. It's when you get mixed up in the student sections and outwardly cheer that it sometimes gets interesting.