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09/26/2010 - 12:20pm Gallon

I was happy to see Gallon get his hands on the ball in the punt return game yesterday - FINALLY.  I know he has made 2 very boneheaded plays earlier in the year, but I thought this special team was our worst in the first 3 games.  I'm not sure if they are placing him too deep, or the blocking is just awful, but he hadn't returned a punt yet, until yesterday.  I think this kid is special and could be breastonish in the return game eventually.  Check out his high school highlight tape

10/11/2009 - 11:48am Totally Agree

I totally agree with RR's decision to let Denard run the team on the final possession. Tate has been great this year, better than we all expected I think, but last night he was acting like a little bitch. His body language on the sidelines and his constant complaining walking off the field pissed me off all night. If nothing else, I don't know if the final minute of a big game is the best time to teach a lesson, but RR let everyone know that he was in charge and no one is above the team. I think that message will be felt by everyone.

Side note, I was watching the Florida-LSU game during halftime of our game last night and they were commenting on the play that Tebow runs several times a game where he takes the shotgun snap, takes a few steps forward to fake a run, then steps back and throws the ball. The announcers said this was Tebow's most effective play. Now, I am by no means making a comnparison between Tim Tebow and Denard Robinson, but isn't that a play that we should adopt for Denard?

10/03/2009 - 9:08pm Maybe we lost because the

Maybe we lost because the announcers forgot to mention that Kelvin Grady is a former basketball player or that Denard Robinson, "hey, you know he doesn't tie his shoelaces" as the announcers have mentioned in every other game so far.

10/03/2009 - 8:18pm Stonum fumbles a kickoff then

Stonum fumbles a kickoff then fumbles at the MSU 10. Just when we could finally move the ball (up to that point) we turn the ball over. So frustrating. Did anyone else have a flashback to last year?

09/27/2009 - 8:00pm Penn State

Why is Penn State ranked ahead of us? 3 wins against cupcakes, and a loss to an unranked team at home. What have they proven? Shouldn't 4-0, with one win coming against the then-ranked #18 team in the country be ranked higher than 3-1?

09/15/2009 - 11:25am Yeah, Mallett running this

Yeah, Mallett running this offense would be a disaster. He made Threet look fast.

09/06/2009 - 6:59pm I root for MSU, PSU, and OSU

I root for MSU, PSU, and OSU to LOSE every fucking time they put on their pads. I hope they lose in practice.

09/06/2009 - 10:00am Yeah, I think it says

Yeah, I think it says something when coaches like Jim Tressel and Joe Paterno, as well as people like Kirk Herbstreit, Craig James, Chad Henne, Larry Foote, etc. etc., all of whom played in major programs, say there is no substance to this report.

09/05/2009 - 7:29pm I feel like 1,000 lbs are

I feel like 1,000 lbs are lifted from me! Any concerns from anyone?

Mine - safeties, D-Rob not selling the pass enough (afraid when he's in the game the box will just be totally stacked), and I am still nervous until I see Brandon Minor carry the football, although Carlos, Shaw, and Smith all looked good.

Anyone know if Gallon is expected to contribute at all on offense or in the return game?? His youtube highlight tape from h.s. gave me a boner for 3 days. If you haven't seen it, check it out (the highlight video, not my boner).

09/05/2009 - 7:22pm I thought he played solidly

I thought he played solidly guarding the flat, oftentimes lining up with his back almost to the QB. He played well. Wonderful day, but to point out something that concerns me - the deep touchdown pass. Woolfork cannot get scorched like that over the top, especially against Western Michigan.

09/03/2009 - 9:20pm More importantly, how old is

More importantly, how old is Rod's daughter?

09/03/2009 - 9:08pm I'm new to this site, where

I'm new to this site, where do you get the information about who travels to the hotel and who isn't dressing, etc.?

09/02/2009 - 9:23am Blueblueblue, very good

Blueblueblue, very good point. It's hard to imagaine several years ago we were pointing to an opener with Western Michigan as having so much significance, but you are absolutely correct. I'm a believer in Rodriguez, I really am, but if we lose this game, anything short of beating Ohio State will cost him his job.