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07/30/2011 - 5:05pm simply capitalism at its finest

Let me preface this by saying that now I have season tickets and donate to the Victor's Club so if Michigan goes to the B1G Championship, I am sure I will be offered tickets.  I do remember what it was like to want to go to a game, and think, "How the hell am I supposed to be able to afford $250 a ticket for an OSU game."

However, what is the difference between buying and reselling tickets versus buying and reselling anything else (i.e. stocks, mutual funds, currency, houses/land, an antique car, or anything else that you hope to resell and make a profit.)  Maybe, I am crazy but I think there are only 6 or 7 states left that enforce scalping laws and Michigan is one of them, but Indiana definitely is not on that list.  Notre Dame has been policing their own tickets for quite some time now, and they still have a hard time doing it.  StubHub protects the identity of the seller's, and for good reason because they are the lifeblood of the company.  

I think StubHub is the future of ticket purchasing, and ticketmaster will be out of business in 20 years, because they missed the boat.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if companies like StubHub worked out a legal agreement with universities and sports franchises to at least purchase all single game tickets and assume the risk and liability for those tickets (i.e. selling them at a loss or profit, or not selling them at all).

10/10/2009 - 7:24pm I don't know what I would do

I would love to see an all maize outfit.... i think that would be insane

09/21/2009 - 7:48pm my take

I donated $300 this January to the Victors Club, with no prior giving history and I am not an alum. However, my father has donated money and held basketball season tickets throughout the 90's. With that said, I was given the opportunity to purchase 2 season tickets (renewable) and 4 non renewable season tickets. I took advantage of the offer and took all six, my friends are now eternally grateful. I talked with a guy at the Victors Club and having interned for a minor league baseball team in ticket sales, I have a little experience with how a ticket office is operated. The rep at the Victors Club seemed to want to say that next year they probably won't be able to fill all of the premium seating (seatbacks on the west side and chairbacks on the east side, and in doing so some deals might be available if you wait. With my brief experience in ticket sales I will tell you one thing that is very apparent. Season renewals were really low as evidenced by them offering OSU, ND, and PSU tickets, albeit in a package with other games. I really believe that this is part economy and partly due to last season. However, everyone is going through it, MSU is going to put Michigan single game tickets on sale for the first time in 10 years. I really think you should wait it out, you will probably be able to purchase those seats in December or January for a discount. I really believe that a lot of schools dug their own grave with some of the outrageous seat donations required for good seats. They can't go back and lower the amount, because then everyone will want a refund, or wait until the last minute in the future. But on the other hand most fans can't afford to fork out an extra $500 or $1000 per seat for great seats. By the way I got fairly good tickets for my renewable season tickets, I sit directly in the middle of the south endzone row 40, exactly what I requested.

09/20/2009 - 7:57pm couple corrections

pretty sure Indiana runs the pistol, not a pro style offense at all. Second, Indiana has played nobody, expect them to go winless in the big ten, they beat E. Kentucky by 6, Western by 4, and blew out an awful Akron team. Expect the exact same as what you saw this week v Eastern. Michigan will run the ball a lot, and when you average 9.7 per carry as a team, you should never pass, NEVER. I just don't see how this is a big game. Michigan should roll Indiana all the way back to Bloomington. Let's not be so pessimistic. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!

09/15/2009 - 8:44pm maybe I am off base here

Call me crazy, but I think this year reminds me a lot of 2004 with Chad Henne. Chad came in and performed way better than a typical freshman. But over the course of his 4 years, I felt like his improvement year over year was not as dramatic as say John Navarre, who went from very shaky as a Junior to an all Big Ten performer as a senior. I think Tate will improve greatly every year. What I really worry about is injuries, he is a bit small. What I really think will prove Tate's success as a COLLEGE QUARTERBACK, is not whether or not he improves by leaps and bounds, but whether or not he has that "IT" factor. Tom Brady had it, Brian Griese even had a little of it. I thought Chad lacked it, as evidenced by a 1-7 bowl record and OSU. If you have the it factor, there is no ceiling. I don't know what "IT" is, but it makes guys love to be down 4 with 2 minutes and 80 yards to go. Let's hope Tate has "IT". So far so good.

09/13/2009 - 8:32am second that motion

My wife is the exact same way. She starts dancing and yelling anytime the piped in music comes. I think I might now be a fan of it, for the very reason you mentioned, my wife is a classic example of someone that would only cheer if we made a great play, but the piped in music brings a little extra. Also I sat right behind ND's band and it seemed like they were playing in between every down when Michigan was on offense, and a couple times they would play up until 20 or so seconds were left on the game clock. Is this legal?

09/13/2009 - 8:27am actually

Weis is 2-3 against us. His first year was 2005 with Brady Quinn. Sidenote I had flashbacks to that game when Tate fumble that snap on the goal line. Anyone remember Henne fumbling a snap and essentially it cost us the game? I love that we recovered that snap, even though no points came of it.

12/23/2008 - 4:33am couple things

First, it is very hard for a 18, 19, or 20 year old to go through exams, not play for a week and then play 2 games in 48 hours. I was at the game and thought much of the shooting attrition was due to dead legs.

Second, our three best players were 6-14 from three and 12-26 overall. Not exactly bad shooting, not great but not bad. For the record the three best are MH, LLP, DS.

Last but not least, Savannah State. I simply wont say anything else. It has to be exciting to get ready to play a FGC in a half filled Crisler on a monday night. The thing that separates this team from those of Amaker, is Amaker's team would have lost this game, without question. For those of you the follow bball closely. Everyone knew if M shoots less than 40%, commits 15 turnovers and gets 6 points out of their best player they lose every time under Amaker. So to compare this game to those of Amaker is probably not fair or worthwhile.

Remember, that nobody remembers how much you beat FGC by in march, and everybody knows that from the coach to the kids, the most important thing is that they won comfortably, with their best player spending most of the night on the bench and not having a particularly good night when he played.

12/21/2008 - 5:40pm think your dead on

no point in using it if you don't need it. However, I did get a slight bit nervous when oakland closed to 4, but they quickly pushed it back to 12 and the game was over.

12/20/2008 - 7:56pm anyone know the deal

with anthony wright, noticably absent today, and I don't remember seeing him on the bench.

12/20/2008 - 7:49pm you are so right

I remember my fiancee asking me last year why I like to go to bball games. I love the fact that we can nitpick our team. anyone think belein is a serious contender for coach of the year?

12/20/2008 - 7:47pm different view

I watched the game start to finish as well. I wasn't as concerned with the rebounding. I actually thought are rebounding was better than average. We outrebounded them 36-34 and lost the offensive rebounds 15-12. My bigger concern actually was the defense. We played very little zone. I assume that is because of a couple of factors, LLP's first game, Oakland started hot as well, Kangas can be a lights out shooter, etc. For Michigan to win they need to be able to force turnovers, they only forced five against a team averaging nearly 15 per game. The other disturbing trend was how easily we gave up post buckets to their center he had a career night, and that may have been a fluke, or a minor flaw in our armour. I dont know, kind of curious as to what everyone thinks. I think the teams we will struggle with the most this year are teams that can score consistently on the block.

12/14/2008 - 9:41am fun to watch

That makes it way more fun to watch. I know I read this earlier, but it really was hard to watch the Amaker teams, they had talent but would turn the ball over 20+ times against any quality opponent. That turnover ratio is what allows a team to be out rebounded by 10+ and still win. Turnovers and offensive rebounds go hand in hand. Get an offensive rebound technicaly is the same as if the other team got the rebound went down the court and turned it over to your team. The idea is really number of shots you can get in a game. If you don't turn the ball over but a handful of times a game, you negate the idea of needing offensive rebounds for extra shots. Of course this idea centers around shooting a decent percentage (like in the mid 40's) so if you break the game down it comes down to shot attempts and free throw attempts. Obviously the flaw in this argument is a team that catches fire, or a team that has an extremely cold shooting night. But again really fun to watch, I am actually glad I got season tickets this year. GO BLUE!!!

10/18/2008 - 8:12pm how much of a kick to the

how much of a kick to the balls does it have to be for cone?  basically we would rather lose by multiple touchdowns then play you.

10/18/2008 - 8:10pm oh yeah by the way ...

oh yeah by the way ... someone with knowledge of the 3 man front.  Is it common to stunt as much as Michigan did today.  It seemed like Martin stunted a whole hell of lot and psu hit a seam in the middle of the line time after time.  it would seem that with a 3 man front stunting would leave a gaping hole.  Just curious.

10/06/2008 - 7:12pm meant to say

why the playbook should not be contracted

10/06/2008 - 7:11pm like the perspective

The question I have though and why I think maybe the playbook shouldn't be expanded:

The offense is really young, their like freshman in 300 or 400 level courses in college. It sucks for that semester, and the results won't be a 4.0 but in the end the student, or in this case our offense will be much better in the long run. I think that richrod actually welcomes these growing pains like most great coaches that are changing an entire program. You have to break the wall down before you can rebuild it. And as for the Ohio state game, I still think this team might have a shot, although I am significantly less optimistic than before this weekend's event, and I don't have any real facts to support my opinion, its just a feeling.

go blue

10/06/2008 - 6:59pm correct me if I am wrong

I understand that Richrod is recruiting a different type of player and that was kind of my point, sorry if it wasn't clear. I love the Leon Hall's, MJackson, CWoodson and marcus ray types, but I also hated James whitley, todd howard, morgan trent's so there is kind of a wide range of talent on that list, just frustrated!

09/21/2008 - 8:30pm Quick Parlay

Penn State to cover; Spartans to cover; Northwestern and the points; ND to cover ... as for Michigan I actually thought the line would be higher.  I was thinking 8 or 9 and that would have been an easy pick.  I just dont think Wisconsin has the offensive fire power to blow us out, of course if we make as many mistakes as last game then cue the blowout.  But something tells me this will be a tight game, much like last years Penn State game; hopefully with a similar outcome.



Go Blue!!! 

09/14/2008 - 9:59pm big east crew

no doubt

09/14/2008 - 9:58pm definitely

a big east crew

09/11/2008 - 8:47pm I laugh everytime

I hear this and just laugh.  Michigan owns MSU both recently and over a wide spread of games.  Winning the last 6 straight and 18 of 25 in my lifetime does not make a rivarly.  One thing is for sure envy of big brother by little brother.