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09/14/2008 - 12:39am Good and Bad

I liked a lot of things about today. The offense played better than I ever expected minus the obvious turnovers.  Lets face it, they moved the ball at will almost but gave them the game on three fumbles (the lateral, kickoff, threet) and then grady's going in.  If they don't fumble two of those, I think we win.  Not to mention, they were down 21 in what seemed like a blink of the eye and they never quit nor panicked.  Couple things I'm wondering though from Rich Rod:

 Why put Sheridan in?  It seemed as if Threet must have been hurt and couldn't play but he came back in!!!  What was up with that move?

 Second, I know Minor has had some bad plays but he's a game-breaker and change of pace to McGuffie.  Was it me or was that cut-back over the center open every time for a guy who can go up the middle?  He hasn't given Minor the opportunity at all in the first three games to get in the flow of a game.  Even Brown today?! McGuffie played great but a different guy gives the defense something else to worry about and those guys can break it big.  That bothers me....

 Lastly, Butler should be suspended without question.  That is NOT MICHIGAN FOOTBALL.  It wasn't a late hit or physical contact that set him off. Rather some trash talk that he didn't like (hurt his feelings) and he was selfish enough to make the rest of his teammates and those who came before him look class-less and foolish.  If Lloyd were on the sidelines, he would've had the guy by the facemask and he would've known that he screwed-up right away.  Heck, RR looked like he was going to put him back on the field until they gave the official call.  NO PLACE FOR IT IN THAT UNIFORM.  I hope that's not the trend of this program.