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06/06/2011 - 11:48am Require Coaches to be "Compliance Certified"

Require Coaches to get NCAA “Compliance” Certification: Tatt-gate highlights a huge hole in NCAA process, which is coaches claiming “I didn’t know the rules.” The only reason Tressel got tripped up was he was dumb enough to send out emails directly contradicting that claim. The NCAA can eliminate these phony claims of ignorance by requiring coaches to get “Certified” by taking a centralized course from the NCAA (not local school Compliance.) Once they get Certified, then NCAA’s standard response to coaches is: we presume you know the rules. End of discussion. See my posting on this at

12/01/2010 - 6:58am RR "Bolting" to Miami or elsewhere

RR ain't "bolting" anywhere for one reason that everyone overlooks: he's still got another NCAA charge pending against him, at WVU.  And no one has noticed that the Charge (though it concerns the same too-many-coaches and too-much-practice charges which were admitted at UM) differs in one very significant way:   it  says that RR was TOLD by his own Compliance Dept about his violating the rules and he KEPT ON doing it. 

This is what's called -- if proven -  a KNOWING violation. Serious.

Nobody's touching this guy til that WVU thing gets resolved. He's damaged goods. It's also why DB ought to jettison RR now.

06/05/2010 - 2:01pm stadium/crisler

Rehabbing Crisler is just one more in the long line of lousy decisions by Martin: hiring Amaker;   hiring RR; putting in $1/3 billion lux boxes and not even widening the 18" of bench seating width which has existed for so long.

Crisler is such a horrible facility for watching a game (or gaining any kind of home court advantage), it deserved to be replaced before doing any work on the Stadium.  

06/05/2010 - 7:47am UM response to NCAA

Reading these responses, they overlook the central legal and factual issue faced by the NCAA:  Was there "lack of institutional control [LOIC] ?"   And the NCAA appears to have overlooked this issue, since they have not asked that the [still employed] AD Bill Martin to appear at the August hearing

So far, all we know about what Martin did or knew is some VERY vague suggestions that "I had no idea."  This posture ought to make the NCAA very curious, if they are really interested in the LOIC issue.  And they should be interested, particularly bec they apparently will slot UM into the "repeat offender" status, which ITSELF is evidence of LOIC.   And a determination as to whether there was LOIC necessarily involves looking at process AND oversight, with questions to the the Top Dog [Martin] like: 

1. Is Compliance a top priority for you?

2. Show us your monthly calendar, to demonstrate that [ie, meetings with top Compliance Officers, to review any pending issues; what and when are periodic summaries required to flow to you; what kind of spot-random audits are done?; review of docs, etc etc.]

3. Did you see any of this long train of emails from your Compliance people to AD staff, when they were sent?  If not, why not?  If you didn't, let's look at them all now, we'll go through each one, because we want to ask YOU if these are evidence of LOIC?

4.  Shouldn't there by a Compliance "release valve" person, in the office of the President [MSC] to allow people like Van Horn, etc to report when some Compliance issue becomes chronic, then acute?

My Point:  UM has shuffled B. Martin out the back door, in the dark of night, because its lawyers know that his oversight is EXCELLENT evidence of LOIC.

Finally, I think many of the posts above miss the point, because they all focus on what we have learned (in the past 15 years) to love: the "email trail."  But don't forget, these people work together. They run into each other (or, in some cases, probably, avoid each other.)  Martin meets with Labadie and Draper.  RR meets with Labadie and Draper.   Put the whole context together, and it's like the old AG John Mitchell (I think) line:   "Hey, don't kid a kidder" -- these guys Labadie and Draper aren't just lazy; they are DOING WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO, WHICH IS BURY IT.