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09/23/2012 - 1:28pm More Norfleet Stalking

Can we get a GIF of Norfleet stalking the goal line pre-kickoff? My wife characterized the look on his face as "caged lion". Can't wait for that guy to break one.

01/04/2012 - 1:45pm posted from iPhone

I'd like to see that embedded with the Muppets for special occasions.

12/22/2011 - 6:59am Those band kids sure know how to text

Crusty!?!  Take a look online if haven't actually been to the aquarium.  It's a truly unique space still in very good condition.  This $50,000, along with another grant they just won for fixing up the roof, would go a long way towards reopening of the tanks.  If anything, my kids need something to do on rainy days.  Think of the children!

As for it's worthiness, yes, those band kids sure know how to text.  I've been following this for weeks now (and voting as much as I can), and the aquarium had been as high as 11, but the other groups are persistant, and we have fallen quite a bit.

MGoCommunity is a powerful presence on the web, and with great power comes great responsibilty.  Let's do the responsible thing and beat those band kids!  Please vote... often.

12/21/2011 - 6:40am History Lesson

What do you mean "when"?  Prior to Sparty's little win streak here, UM had there own.  Except our streak was for six (6!) straight wins.  Our only gift was Mike Hart's "Little Brother" comment in the wake of the 2007 game... a gift that keeps on giving.

09/27/2011 - 8:33pm Key Play

Something happened along the way with the key play.  I remember being in college (94-98), and the keys only came out on offensive 3rd downs.  Now, maybe people still pulled the keys out on defensive 3rd downs, but I never heard em because we were all screaming in the student section.  In fact, I never knew people pulled the keys out on defense until years later.  Dumb as hell to do it on defense.  Maybe it used to work in the 40's or something.

They key play on offense is a whole other thing.  I also remember at least one third down, (It was a big one... Brian Griese to Woodson kind of big one) where the whole student section had their keys out, but everybody was silent.  All you could hear were thousands of keys rattling away.  It was like being in a quiet casino.  Pretty fantastic actually.

Am I mis-remembering here, or does anybody else share this memory?

09/27/2011 - 5:48pm the Band

Maybe this has already been noted in the comments, but I'd like to add that, while I don't want the band to be miked, they kind of have to be because they're not really much of a marching band when it comes down to it. (at least not in the get the kids off their seats kind of way that Neil Diamond seems to have mastered)

I don't know.  The Victors is perfect.  Let's Go Blue is great.  And the Blues Brothers is fine I guess, but remember that it first came around because it was a really popular, fun song at the time, and the band had a great number for it. (remember when they used to pile up at the final chorus?  I haven't seen them do that in a while)  Can you imagine them playing the 2011 version of that song today?  Not sure what it would be, but I think the Penn State band playing Seven Nation Army comes close.  They need some new material to add to their repetoire if they're going to supplant the piped in crap.

09/20/2011 - 11:12am Was RR "All In" for Michigan?

One the earliest criticisms of the hire was that RR was only using the Michigan job as a stepping stone to greater things. Was he? Did Bacon ever get the sense that RR did not want to coach at Michigan long term? If so, was that desire predetermined or did it come slowly, after he realized UM was not the right "fit" for him?

08/24/2011 - 6:28pm Both were incredible

Growing up, I assumed that over-the-top blocked field goals were the norm because of them.  Tripp was a great kick returner, too.

My favorite player from childhood.

01/20/2011 - 6:32pm Elvis to Desmond!

Was that 4th quarter TD the first touchdown pass between these two as Wolverines?

01/09/2011 - 9:34am slight shift

The slight shift from "know this" to "feel this" made me chuckle.  Nobody knows nuttin.

01/05/2011 - 4:36pm If Hoke = Missouri...

At this point, I don't see Brandon as I did Martin during the coaching search of '07. (caught with his pants down while sailing the Carribean). No Brandon is to coaching search '11 as Delany is to Big Ten expansion '10.
<br>Note the similarities:
<br>Clearly defined timeline that the media is too impatient to see through. (End of season review = 18 month review)
<br>Obvious fit who is reluctant to sign on due to pie in the sky dreams of greatness. (Harbaugh = ND)
<br>Amazing, unlikely option who is never gonna sign on. (Mullen = Texas)
<br>Eager beaver who obviously wants the job but who ain't gonna get it - hopefully. (Hoke = Missouri)
<br>And one very successful, single-minded leader who is in complete control, but who everybody thinks is screwing the pooch. (Brandon = Delany)
<br>My only question is: who = Nebraska?

12/04/2010 - 9:15am RR Player Support

Anytime I've seen any of his players* (current or former, heh heh) quoted about Rodriguez, it's always in this very appreciative almost loving way.  I think it's one of the things that has me pulling for RRod at Michigan.  He seems to be a really genuine guy (and I did not think this of him at the beginning**) who brings in really genuine players.  I hope he gets the chance to coach the team next year, and I really hope we kick some SEC butt on Jan 1.

* - This, of course, discounts the few grouches left over from Carr's last team as exceptions to the rule.

** - I'll admit, the Lion King references, the turtle neck at his first press conference, even this last bout with Josh Groban have always been a little too cringe worthy for my tastes, but it's growing on me.  (Of course, none of this means anything on the football field)

- edited to remove gratuitous Harbaugh comments -

12/03/2010 - 7:08pm Local Love

Currently washing down Supino's pizza with Bells Christmas Ale.  Plan to watch a G-rated movie with two kids afterwards.

Tis the season.

11/25/2010 - 12:10pm An interesting question, hypothetically

The unknown is how Rodriguez would have done at WVU if he'd stayed.  I think it is reasonable to assume that, with Pat White and Slaton coming back, Rodriguez would've had a similar season to his near national championship team of 2007.  It is also reasonable to assume that, with the weakening of the Big East since '07, his trend of 1 and 2 loss seasons would have continued as well.  So the questions is: would you pick a coach with multiple 10+ win seasons in a row over a coach who has one 10 win season to his name?  I have to go with Rodriguez on that one, based on resume alone.  (although you can't really go wrong with either resume)

Of course, the other side of that equation would have been Carr's influence over the hire.  If Carr finishes strong with a couple of Rose Bowl appearances, then he might have some more influence in the decision, and Harbaugh gets hired.  If not, and his teams had fallen into mediocrity, it's possible the AD would have been looking for something new for the program.  Vote for Rodriguez.

10/22/2010 - 12:25pm Your comments on leather jacket wearing journalists are...


He says so.

09/18/2010 - 3:31pm He was afraid of getting a personal foul

Quarterback faked running out of bounds. Mouton held up. (although the hit was probably worth the penalty) I had visions of Crable vs. Troy Smith on that one.
<br>Damned if do... Damned if you don't.

09/15/2010 - 6:48am I think...

Door number 2.

08/29/2010 - 8:53am Albom and jihad

Albom has been largely silent throughout the jihad.  Is this why he was given access for the interview?  I can't imagine Rosenberg et. al. getting it.  Also, why wasn't Angelique or Wojo called to do the interview?  It's not like Albom is known for doing at length interviews in print.  He usually spins his talks into... well, Mateen Cleeves type stories.  Seems like Rodriguez and the AD want the exposure of Albom for this article.

Also, is it just me, or does Rodriguez's talk about the empty cupboard in 2008 sting a little less than it has in the past?  Less controversial and more matter of fact.  Not that I've ever disagreed on this point, but the pill seems a bit easier to take now that Lloyd is officially retired from the program.  Maybe time heals all wounds.

08/29/2010 - 8:37am Hand size coefficient

Not sure how this affects the equation, but Tate's hands look HUGE in that picture compared against the other two.

Should we add a Hand Size Coefficient (Hf, Hr, Hg) to the equation?  How would this affect playing time against a good pass defense (Hf = 0.95) vs. a good run defense (Hf = 0.90)?  Would Tate be better on the sidelines in some circumstances?, where his tremendously sized hands could more effectively relay the play call? (Hf = 1.50)  Or should we disregard this factor, and only consider brim position?

08/27/2010 - 2:42pm My take as well

And I agree that this is the compromise.

It seems to me that through all the double speak, one thing has been clear from the beginning: The Big Ten is using historic performance as an the primary indicator of conference alignment.  If that is indeed the case, then of course Mich and OSU will be in separate divisions, because they are the two best teams, historically, in the conference. (Even when that formula only goes back to the addition of PSU)

Another thing, that I have only just now considered.  In other conferences, your divisional record is based on your total conference W/L record, not just on your divisional W/L record, correct?  If that's the case, then the outcome of The Game is still going to affect both teams chances of getting into the Conf. Championship game, right?

So for those two teams to play each other twice in a row, both teams would have to be at the top of their divisions, and still be able to sacrifice a loss en route to the championship game.  When's the last time The Game followed that scenario - 2006?  And how many of us were itching to get a rematch then?

08/27/2010 - 8:21am Memories are important things

And perception is a tremendous part of how those memories are perceived.

David Brandon played football for Michigan in the early 1970's - prime time in the history of the Game, the Ten Year War, and really the defining moment of the rivalry.  From 1968-1980, Michigan played Ohio State 11 times for the Rose Bowl, winner take all. (Bentley Historical -  11 times in 13 years?!  That's an incredible statistic.  One that is part of every Wolverine fan's DNA, and yet one that, at age 34, I was nowhere close to experiencing.

By 1980, I was 4 years old.  By the time I was really following football in a significant way, it was the late 1980's and Bo only had a couple years left to coach.  John Cooper was really the first Ohio State coach I saw in real time.  As you might guess, my entire experience of Michigan football, even as a fan, is very different than David Brandon's.

Since 1980, the Game has been played for the Rose Bowl, winner take all, only 5 times.  5 times in 30 years. From 1935 - 1968, the Game was played for the Rose Bowl, winner take all, only 6 times.  So, in the 64 seasons outside of the Ten Year War, the game has met the expectations of the Game exactly the number of times it did during that 13 year stretch.  So, David Brandon experienced the Game in a very unique way during a very unique period in its history, and most of the rest of us are left to ponder those times from a distance.

Now, the rivalry hasn't exactly gone away.  The 30 years since the Ten Year War has produced some great Games, and the rivalry, I think, has aged quite well.  17 times, the Game has had significant implications on the Big Ten champion and Rose Bowl. (again, Bentley Historical -  This is the Game that I know - occasionally taking on a winner takes all persona, but much more likely to be an 'underdog ruins the season of the favorite' type thing.  Again, think John Cooper.

What does this all mean for the future of the Game?  Probably not much.  Jim Delany is going to do what he wants.  David Brandon may be towing that line, or he may actually be expressing his own memories (perceptions) of the event.  Regardless, I fear that our voices may not be heard.  Regardless of that, I will continue to cheer on, hopeful that we take those bastards down year in and year out.

05/31/2010 - 9:27pm In the same boat but...

My wife and I are in the same boat.  Graduated from the U, lived out of state for a while, moved back home, and applied for tickets this fall with maybe 10+ points to our name.

Unfortunately, we did not receive a season ticket offer.

I did however just get an email this weekend for the "All In" ticket package.  We get end zone seats, different for each game, but you get the whole season.  I've not seen or heard of this before.  Has anybody else?

Of course, we bought them, and are looking forward to the season.  But I was a bit disappointed at not getting the season ticket offer.  Not sure if I did something wrong on the application, or didn't give enough of a donation.

I am curious to know what others experiences have been.  I've heard that ticket sales aren't as booming as they used to be, but that was most likely pure speculation.  I've also heard of folks (non-alum even) getting tix within two years of applying.  All I know is that I didn't make the cut this time around.

Happy to be "All In" though, even if I am sitting amongst a bunch of Badgers in Section 12.

02/27/2010 - 5:53pm Just saw that myself

It seems like a half-assed op-ed piece, and a really weird one at that. Did the Victor's Rally really stick in her head for a whole week? Suddenly, a pep rally at Michigan is cause for concern? And the great conclusion at the end of the article is yet another call to win more games? What gives?

It's like her editor made her write it, she didn't want to, and this is the column we get.

C'mon Detroit News, you've been better than this in recent years. Don't fall off the wagon now.

02/19/2010 - 9:20pm 1993 Rose Bowl

Michigan beats Washington after getting whooped the previous year. Tyrone Wheatley runs for 235 yards on 15 (!) carries and 3 TDs as a sophomore. Wasn't he hurt, too?

Undefeated season. (sort of)

All-time best performance by one of my all-time favorite wolverines. Wish I could've been there.

02/19/2010 - 9:10pm Biakabatuka

He just kept running and running and running, and at the end of the game, few people in the stands knew exactly how many yards he'd gathered up. When the public address announced the total, the Big House blew up. Definitely memorable. Good call.

02/19/2010 - 9:04pm Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

That PSU game remains the most dominant UM performance of my 20+ year fandom.

Game to trade?... '95 Purdue. I think I'm still defrosting.

02/19/2010 - 8:51pm Low Rider - War

Back in undergrad we invented a drink called the "Lowrider". It was a mix of blackberry brandy and Squirt. We thought it was special.

Now, whenever I hear that War song, I think of all the retching and vomiting I experienced as a result of that very bad, very misguided mixed drink.

02/09/2010 - 6:24am ARCH 322 & 442

For all the architecture grads (and students) reading...

First year design studio is a bear. 6 credits. Late nights from week one of the semester, and the workload only gets tougher as the weeks roll on. The information isn't the hardest I had to deal with, but the workload... oh the workload! Not to mention the constant barrage of soul dong punches that accompany the endless reviews and critiques you are subjected to throughout the semester.

Easily my hardest class. The good news is, you get used to it by your 8th studio (in grad school), and they end up becoming kind of fun.

02/05/2010 - 6:25pm "Coming From the Top"

Does anybody know any history on Gene Myers? He is the Sports editor at the Freep, and has been at the paper for about 17 years. I'm curious as to his ties to the MIchigan program, college degree, and any other potential reasons that he would hate on the current iteration of Michigan football.

That, and I love a good conspiracy theory.

02/05/2010 - 6:15pm Good Point

I expect a follow-up column from Rochelle Riley any day now.

01/28/2010 - 11:51am Charlie Weis didn't play,

Charlie Weis didn't play, right?

01/28/2010 - 11:35am Sh*t talk = Good politics

Perhaps all the talking DBs do on the field with WRs has given them the practice and skills they need to navigate the tricky political waters of coaching college athletics.

This is why there are so many former DB head coaches.

01/28/2010 - 10:29am Probably true

However, for argument's sake, the overall number of running backs that score high on the exam is probably much lower than the overall number of offensive lineman or quarterbacks that score high based on the difference in exam score averages. Therefore, if we assume that a high exam score correlates with potential coaching ability, than this would indicate that there would be many more potential coaches amongst OL and QB in the college ranks than running backs. This point plays out in the data as there are few former running backs currently coaching.

The part that interests me, though, is the number of former DBs currently coaching. DBs exam scores average in the middle of the pack of all players, and is similar to linebackers' average scores. However, DBs are disproportionately represented in the coaching ranks, even if they are just compared to former linebackers. (28 to 11) This can't just be the result of DB numbers on college teams. (Are there really almost three times as many DBs than LBs?)

Looking at this makes me wonder, if it takes smarts to be a coach, than is there some other kind of smarts than IQ smarts that college DBs posses that other position players do not have? Something that relates to being a successful college DB?

I often hear that linebackers are the quarterbacks of the defense. This comparison always gave me the impression that LBs were smarter somehow. (perhaps my own mistake) If smart players make good coaches, and the numbers seem to correlate this point, than why do DBs - with their middle of the pack Wonderlic smarts - make such good coaches?

01/28/2010 - 8:03am DBs second most?

Interesting to compare this spread with average scores on the Wonderlic exam.

I realize that coaching isn't all about a person's IQ, but there does seem to be correlation with QB's and OL at the top of the heap in both comparisons. The only apparent outlier with the data is that DBs seem to be overly represented in the coaching ranks in comparison to their Wonderlic performance. Perhaps there are required smarts to playing in the secondary that go beyond typical IQ smarts. (i.e. "football smarts"...)

01/26/2010 - 1:38pm Gotta admit, Texas would be a great and unlikely addition.

Although maybe not so unlikely...

IMO, the best parts of the article are at the beginning and end. In the Big Ten's previous expansion, they brought in Penn State. That is the standard by which we have to predict this expansion go around. Who else, but Notre Dame, would make this kind of impact and be even slightly interested/eligible? Texas works, although it brings up the notion of desire, so I'll add this bit of meager research to the pot:

The Wikipedia entry for the Big Ten claims that Texas approached the Big Ten about joining the conference back in the 1990's, and that the Big Ten was intrigued by the idea. The idea was dismissed, however, because the Big Ten had just incorporated PSU, and had put a 4 year moratorium on expansion. Hmmm...

Second, would the Big Ten bring in a slightly less than perfect university, with the prospect of Notre Dame ever changing it's mind? (I believe Frank the Tank uses the very apt term, "buyer's remorse" to describe this circumstance.) It is possible that this could happen with the financial reasons for ND joining already overwhelmingly in favor of the merger, and who else but a school like Texas could fulfill the role of "too bad Irish, you had your chance and we went elsewhere" type spoiler?

I'm not saying this will happen, or that it is even possible. But it was on this site that I first read Brian's thoughts on Texas joining. At the time I figured why not talk about a school like USC or Florida joining the conference instead, because it's about as likely. Now, after reading this guy, I'm slightly more optimistic.

01/22/2010 - 10:52am Mating Season

And then imagine what happens when all those Big Ten alum start to breed with each other. The college football offseason is a long one, and what else are we going to do with all that extra time on Saturday afternoons except re-populate the Rust Belt? Work?

01/10/2010 - 9:51pm Down with hydrogenated vegetable fats and 'palm oil'

Perhaps you should add lard to your list of healthy (in moderation) animal fats. It's back!

01/10/2010 - 11:08am Definitely a "folksier' quote than my botched attempt

Thanks for the correction, although a Google of the ad reveals the full quote as, "Look, our helmet's got wings!" Mea culpa.

01/10/2010 - 9:33am A little snake oil in the Baxter home...

"We've got wings on our helmets"!

12/28/2009 - 9:38am They have a veggie shawarma

They have a veggie shawarma that's pretty good. You should try it next time.

12/28/2009 - 9:30am Sadly left out of that GQ

Sadly left out of that GQ pizza review is the up-and-comer, Supino's. NY style. Local, fresh ingredients. It's in Eastern Market, and is my favorite pizza in the city. Don't think they quite have their liquor license yet. Though I hear they're working on it.

12/28/2009 - 9:27am TG&S?... don't forget about

TG&S?... don't forget about Motor City Brew across the street.

12/28/2009 - 9:24am Lots of good suggestions

Lots of good suggestions above, but I'll throw my hat in for Park Bar/Bucharest Grill on Park Ave. Good Romanian style shawarma and other tasty dishes. (watch the garlic sauce!) The bar is a cool place to hang out before/after a game, and they have tons of Detroit beer on tap.

Also, the quintessential Detroit sports bar, in my humble local opinion (IMHLO?), is Harry's Bar just across the 75 from the Park Ave strip. The best bar food downtown IMHLO.

12/17/2009 - 11:37am I voted for Lamarr Woodley,

I voted for Lamarr Woodley, Braylon Edwards, and Jake Long each once, and, as a CFB fan, have no moral or ethical issue doing so. Is he trying to argue that those three don't deserve the high number of votes?

12/11/2009 - 2:23pm How about the protection of

How about the protection of cooking staff, touring bands (those who don't already smoke), sound guys, maintenaince people, dealers at the casinos (oops, guess they don't count in Michigan), and anybody else who has to work in a smoking environment.

Anyways, what's bullshit about being interested in the health of waitresses? Do you believe that their health doesn't warrant a smoking ban? Or is it hard to believe that anybody would actually care about it?

I was a waiter in a past life. The smoking sucked, but I lived. I also grew up in a house with a smoker. (My dad quit when I was 15) About that same age, I went to the doctor for a physical, and he was convinced I was a smoker after listening to my lungs. It took some convincing, but he only fully believed my story after I informed him that my dad was a smoker my whole life until that point.

Yes, the ban is awfully convenient for me and my family, but I do actually care about the real effects of second hand smoke. Even on waitresses.

12/11/2009 - 2:02pm Perhaps this is because you

Perhaps this is because you are a smoker, but you fail to recognize that smoking nicotine is extremely harmful to one's body. It is linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer, pulminary disease, hyper-tension, periodontal disease, lowered fertility, cataracts, wrinkles, bad breath, etc. My wife is a doctor, and the first question she asks a sick patient is, "Do you smoke?".

Second hand smoke isn't as bad as inhaling the stuff directly, but it is linked to all of the major health problems associated with smoking. I'll say it again, this isn't about being "offended", it's about public health. Drunk people cause harm too, but only after they get behind the wheel. That's why that is outlawed too.

Perhaps it is not the supposed freedoms of the employee that's in question here. (and these, days few of us are free to choose their employer) Perhaps this is a question of the freedom of a smoker to exhale in front of anybody anytime. You mention that we all make sacrifices at our work, but few of us have to compromise our health at work because of somebody else's totally voluntary behavior. There are laws to protect people against this kind of stuff, ask OSHA. This law is just another in that same line of defense.

12/11/2009 - 1:39pm But this law isn't about

But this law isn't about liking or disliking others smoking habits in restaurants and bars. This aspect does make the law popular, even if one is politically opposed to it. But, contrary to many assumptions, this is not, primarily, about consumers and "the market".

No, this is a public health issue dealing with second hand smoke and workers. Ask the waitress at your local Denny's if she likes smoking or not. Doesn't really matter, because she has to go to work everyday whether she likes it or not.

I, for one, can't wait to go to all of those restaurants we've been avoiding since my son was born.

12/11/2009 - 1:36pm I believe that's the law in

I believe that's the law in Ontario now.

12/11/2009 - 1:26pm Sorry [edited]

I decided to post the link on a new thread.

12/11/2009 - 1:25pm Also just reported by the News...

Apparently, Jenrette was arrested twice, once in 2005 and once in 2008, for attempted burglary. His mysterious redshirt in 2008 for personal reasons was to attend to the court proceedings and first-time offender program following the arrest.…