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08/18/2011 - 9:52am HJave to agree

Ferentz always seems to get more with less than any team in the league. They never get top name recruits yet are always hanging around the top..

11/30/2010 - 11:09am That's what he did

On the stiff arm, he pushed Pryor into a rushing RVB and Mouton both of whom did not contain Pryor on the other side. On the second play it looks like he took outside contain and was expecting someone to fill on the inside. Pryor usually bumps to the outside and I think that is what he was expecting. Playing linebacker all year in pass coverage did not help Roh at all.

11/30/2010 - 12:51am Denard gets Honorable Mention? What gives?

How does Denard win Offensive Player of the Year and only get Honorable Mention as QB? Wht gives?

11/30/2010 - 12:49am Unfair Post

This is a ridiculous post. The kid comes back from a concussion in the Wisconsin game, gets put back at linebacker again. What player has been jerked around with more than Roh this year by GERG. Kid has great potential and will play on Sundays. Let's talk about all the other bad plays in the game. It's a long list. Lots of people to pick on!

11/24/2010 - 2:50pm Roh got tackled with a helmut to helmut hit

You can see on the tape where Roh got blindsided on a helmut to helmut hit by a second olineman then fell on his head on a chop block. Heard that he had no memory of the last two drives he played in the first half. 

11/22/2010 - 1:26pm Addidias retro's were rejected

The team hated the retros that addidas made for Um this year. Too tight around the neck and didn't fit right. Addidas cannot get American football right!

11/11/2010 - 10:19am Agree

Agree...with the move of Roh to DE in the 3 man front, they should bring in Banks when they want to go with as four man front and move Roh to the WDE. Fitz or Obi on the end doesn't gi ve us much punch. A line of Roh, RVB, Martin, and Banks seems a lot stronger to me.

11/11/2010 - 10:15am Brian, please check your math on Roh

Since Roh is our guy out here in Arizona, we want to make sure his grades are correct. Brian, in totaling up the "+" s and "-", it looks to me like he was +10.5 and -4, leaving him with a +6.5. Please explain if I am wrong. Thanks so much for your UFR, it's great!

11/11/2010 - 10:12am think you're right

I agree that it is commonly taught that it is the responsibility of the ends to squeeze and shuffle on plays like this. It is the LB's responsibility to make this play.

11/10/2010 - 7:34pm More insight into Roh move

You make some good points. Have heard from insiders that Roh was put at LB by default. GERG knows Roh is better at DE and maybe it works best for the defense to have Roh at LB. After Penn State game, it is now known that Roh told GERG that he was totally confused and was not helping the team at LB. This forced GERG to move Roh to DE even though it may not be best for the team. Look how Fitz and Ezeh scored this game.

Great to see Craig much more active in his position..Made lots of great plays and will get nothing but better from here. 3 man front is still not great for him but his better than
LB. He is wired to be a WDE but the 3-3-5 does not have than position. 

10/07/2010 - 4:47pm Great Analysis

I've watched Roh since he was in high in Az and know his parents and coach. When he was recruited he was promised that he would not be put at LB, that he would be allowed to be a true DE. the kid is wired to attack off the edge. AT LB, he has time to think rather than instinctively attack. He is not wired to be in retreat. He is probably our best pass rusher and we are using him almost exclusively in pass coverage. Go figure!!

10/07/2010 - 2:46pm We are ruining Craig Roh

Brian - I can't agree with you more to ask why are we using Roh as a true LB. Last year he did great for a true freshman and he was  on the line 80% of the time. When he dropped back it was only to cover a TE. Since  Herron got hurt, he is a pure LB chasing down wide receivers. That is not who he is. I know his high school coach very well and they are very disturbed that they are using him this way. this 3-3-5 is ruining one of our best assets on defense. He is either a pure weakside DE or in a 3-4 a rush LB. Look what happened the first two games when we used him right. He was defensive player of the game at UCONN and you rated him +11 at ND. Since then he's been a LB, next he'll be a safety. Is this all happending because Herron got hurt??

10/06/2010 - 12:16pm We are in RETREAT

This scheme has taken  the fight out of our guys. We are in RETREAT rather then in ATTACK mode. How do you instill fanatical agressiveness when you are retreating on your heels most of the time.

10/05/2010 - 1:40pm why are we wasting Craig Roh??

It makes no sense to me how we are using Craig Roh in the last 3 games. He has great games in our first two games mostly playing on the d-line. Was leading our team in TFL's and scored +11 on UFR at Notre Dame. Then we decide to put him in retreat, mostly in pass coverage. The kid is a born DE, not a LB. Look at all the NFL draft sites and he is pegged as a 2nd or 3rd rounder but he is being severly misused. It is hurting our team and hurting his future. We are not using one of our best assets!